Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Who is the slackest blogger in the land.....

why that would be me for sure....
and guess what, I am not really
here now....lol.
Just dodging doing the dishes,
I have my back turned towards them,
maybe if I stay here long enough
some nice fairy will come
do them for me......
and maybe at the same time
all my dreams and wishes will
come true.
Not going to happen right!
so I had better go do them myself
be good and I will do a proper
post another time.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tricky Flis.......

Ah Flis is being a little bit tricky this month.
The photography challenge is a bit different.
It will be one photo only.
You need to show a picture of
your dream birthday cake.
It can be a google pic,
something you have made yourself,
something you wish someone
would make for you,
or maybe something you
had as a kid.
You have until midnight
Tuesday next week to
find the cake of your dreams.

Monday, August 23, 2010

It is that time of the month again!!!!!

bet I had you going with that one.
Ok, really it is that time
of the month though!
CC scrapping time over
It is hard to imagine that
another month has passed
already, just where has
the time gone, it feels
like the year only just started
and we are already passed
the halfway month.
But anyway, come on over
and check us out.
It all starts at 7.30 pm
tomorrow night (Tues 23rd).
7.30 Sees bons colour challenge
7.45 will be the reveal of the
sketch challenge
8.05 Bingo in the chat room,
dont forget to select
your words early
8.15 is time for the Scraplift challenge
(who will be lifted this month?)
8.30 Set the criteria for the DT
challenge (always fun)
and of course there will be
the photography challenge, where
there is a new prompt put up daily.
I have been thinking about the
photography challenge, why not take the
opportunity to experiment with the
settings on your cameras.
Change the white ballance, experiment
with DOF, shutter speed or something
you dont usually use, just play and
see where it leads you, you never know
you might just learn something to
share with the rest of us.
Enough already, I am rambling again.
So come on over to BONS
have a chat and a super week
of challenges and fun.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Check it out, I have scrapped and I am blogging

Woohoo, I have had these files in drafts
waiting to be posted or hours.
So anyway this is what I have
accomplished this month. Super slack
start to the month. Mojo has
been MIA, happy with what I have done
but not busting my gut doing it.
The cork board is not part of this Lo,
I couldn't crop right in without losing my bird.

This is for the 1,2,3 challenge over here
1. colour - yellow

2. word - sunshine

3 misting, coloured the flowers and

done the flourish.

This one is for KIU
must use kraft and yellow green and black.
August Write Now at Bons
Criteria; minimal pp, I only used white cs
a head shot of yourself, yep that is me
and pick a word and use it to journal about
yourself, my word is SHE
I hand cut some shapes and used glimmermist
to create my background, a bit of
doodling and wah-lah {sp?}, a
few odd embellies and there it is.
Since my printer wont print I have had to
use any photo I can lay my hands on,
this one was taken a few days before Zayne
turned one, it is very tongue in cheek,
I couldn't resist.

This is the sketch challenge over at Bons

Very country feel to it, not intentional

but worked out pretty good anyway.

And this is our very new, very special, very loved

new addition to our growing family.

Bryelle Maree Scobie,

Craig and Teeg's have blessed us with

this gorgeous little girl, she is just the cutest

little thing ever {I might just be a little biased}

but you know what I mean.

So anyway, not much to show for half a month,
but I am quite happy with it all anyway.
Thanks for stopping by.
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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

I scrapped...

I have finally got something to show
for the month. I have had a couple
of half done Lo's hanging around
for weeks, just staring at me, daring me
to finish them. Trouble was they
were wrong, couldn't work out why
until a day or two ago.
So yesterday at work I fixed them,
I took to both of them with my scissors
and remounted them and felt
much better about them.
The first one here of Jed was on Kraft,
way too much white space, so I cut it
back and remounted it on the green, added
the touch of red? and there you have it...
done. Cept I would like to add
some journalling, but my printer is
on the fritz, so that will have to wait.

This one of Sophie, was just wrong, wrong
wrong, had no idea why, then it hit me,
too much pink, so I trimmed it down,
stuck it on the white c/s added that little
touch of colour on the side and that was
all it needed.

I {heart} this one.
so simple, so quick but so lovely.
I have used a bit of paper from last
months girl kit at Bons,
just that paper, using the bracket from the
cut off piece at the bottom, a doiley,
some Kaiser rub-ons, bit of string,
a flower and some hat pins.
How bloomin simple hey.
Bet I cant do another just like it.
{always wanted to add that somewhere}

So now I had better do the challenges for
the July CC. They are pretty damn good
this month too. Cept for the one using red,
but I can do that now, so all is good.
The photo prompt is a bit hard today, something
pink, be it food, flowers circles or what-ever,
I just done know what to do,
and my camera battery is flat, so
better charge that up asap.
Thanks for stopping, if you have stuck with me
til the end of this ramble thanks!!!
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Sunday, July 18, 2010

July CC.....already

Tuesday 20th.
The timetable is as follows;
7.30 Start
7.30 Bons Colour Challenge
7.35 Free online class with Nic P
7.45 Sketch Challenge
8.05 Bingo
8.15 Scraplift Challenge
8.30 Challenge the DT
and of course there is the daily
photography challenge.
A new prompt is added everyday,
get out of your comfort zone,
challenge yourself to come up with something
interesting each day.
Where has the past month gone?
I cant believe it is time for the July
CC over at Bons.
Why not come on over and join
in the fun.
If you want to join in, please
go and register before-hand, meet
a very nice bunch of ladies,
chat a little and be inspired.