Friday, October 23, 2009

Hi, I am still here. I have been so slack lately,
too much effort to log onto this. Especially
when it is chucking a wobbly and wont let me
sign in. Ah well, never mind I am here now.
I have been whale watching most days
since we got home. The poor things are camera
shy, as soon as my camera is turned on
they dive and forget to come back up
again, so needless to say it has taken
me a few days to get some decent pics.
I have taken some other random shots while
I have been waiting though.
I thought there might be some in front of the
Blue Pool the other day, so I raced
down the steps to take a pic, not until
I turned around to go back up did I
remember how steep it is and how many steps
there are. I think there is ninety something,
lucky I stopped part-way.

I spotted this cute little lizard up the top
near the viewing platform, he was very obliging
and let me take his pic.

A couple of nights ago I thought there might
be a whale jumping off Michael Lerner Lookout.
I am s*#t scared of heights, so it was
quite brave of me to go there.
I took my life in my hands and went out on
the track, sounds good, but....
the track is about 2 foot wide at it's best,
rather steep, with about a 15 foot drop
on either side with not much decent
foliage to break a fall, being sandy
it is a little shifty under the feet too.
I took a deep breath and told myself that
some idiots will do anything to get a
pic of something, it didn't make me feel
any better about what I was doing but I did
see a whale (a long way off).
Here are a couple of the pics I took whilst there.
Looking back towards Bermi.
Looking back up the track.

Looking down the track towards the ocean.
I stopped when I got to this point, way to
scary to even think about tackling.
I held onto a tree for dear life while I took this pic.

A different day, looking back towards town, the water
was so clear and such beautiful colours.
I took my Polaroids off and took a pic through them,
they make the colours so much better.

Today I got to take pics of the whales up close,
but first I had to show you this, it was stunning.

Oh, and this, the camera was sort of pointed in the
wrong direction, the whales were higher up. Lol,
too busy yapping to see what I was doing.

Obviously I have taken these while standing on
the bank. This mother and her baby kindly
came in very close. I wish I could have gotten some
better shots, it was getting dark so these are as
good as it gets for today.
This one was coming right out of the water
until I pointed the camera at her.

The tell-tale splash that shows you where they are.
The sound of them hitting the water is quite loud
when they are this close, and they tell me if you
are snorkeling when they are calling to each other
that it is almost deafening.

This one and his mate were lying on their backs
tale slapping, pity I missed getting them in sync.

I have heaps of photos I would have liked to put here,
but I thought you most definitely must be getting bored
by now, so here are just a couple of faves for now.

Phewww....Marathon post there.
Must not be so slack, yeah right, I keep telling
that, but then I don't listen.
I have other pics from Zaynes birthday,
and the holidays, but I think I have
tortured you enough for now.
Oh, yeah, I finally got a new washing machine.
I convinced the Man of the house that the
other one was past saving. I think the
neighbours were getting sick of the bone
jarring grinding noise that was coming
out of it, I could hear it 60 mtrs away.
Now I have to work on getting a new toaster,
ours is temperamental to say the least,
I decides on a daily basis how it is going
to cook the toast, warm bread or charcoal.
The handle wont stay down unless
I call it a Poofter...any other name
and it pops right back up again.
I tried talking nice to it, but that didn't work at all.
Cripes, look at the length of this post, sorry
peoples, I do get carried away don't I?
Thanks for stopping by,
I have Lo's but will load them another time.
Seeya, be good.


CreativeMe68 said...

OMG I so love it when you are back here and sharing your beautiful photos! Love the whales!!! Ohhh it makes me feel so happy, but it is funny at the same time to be thinking that you are some idiot just taking a pic!!! I would call you a photographer!! Keep them coming you know I love them! PS I am sorry I haven't sent your RAK!!!
Can you tell me which range you like from Q1??? Bye for now, off to Townsville Luv Shaz xoxo

Pauly said...

GREAT PHOTOS!! Hangin to see your layouts too.....c'mon get uploading!! LOL