Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June CC Layouts..

Yay, I scrapped!!!
And I am happy with all of them.
First is Bons colour challenge -
use black and white, light blue,
green and cream, 2 or more
knots, different spots and this saying -
This story means the world to me.

Flis' sketch challenge.
I was not sure about the background,
but now it is finished I dont mind it
at all, not sure about the stamping
using glimmermist, but everything
else is good.

Skye's scraplift, this month she
chose a Lo of mine to lift.
I didn't know how hard it would
be to copy something of my own.
I love how this has turned out,
the pic does not do it justice.
Love the piccy of Tani too,
she is one gorgeous kid.
{even with the blue lips}

and this is my photo for today,
the prompt was comfort food.
I went to the supermarket on my
way home from work and snapped this,
I was so embarrassed that I nearly
ran out of the shop, and no
I didn't buy anything while I was there.

The optical illusion is doing my head in,
I promise the pic is straight and in proportion.
Thanks for stopping by and
checking out my stuff.

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Saturday, June 26, 2010

June CC photos...

A couple of pics from the past few days...
I have only a couple to show you,
not having a great time with the camera
at the moment, I forgot to centre
the focus, and all my pics are crap.
So anyway, this is Tiff eating a
Caramello Koala so that I
could take a photo on Thurs, for the
crop, the prompt was guilty indulgence.

Frid was a quote, something to do with
winter and bare trees, and woolen
jumpers, so I sort of went with bare
trees, and these amazing red flowers
trying to do their best to make the tree
look warm. Lol.

Just a random pic of a dismembered tree
at the bottom of Tilba hill, the council
or someone was trying to do something with
it, other than savage it I am not sure
what it was supposed to achieve.

I was just playing with picasa to see if I could
load these pics, I could not even sign into
blogger yesterday, I will do a proper
post some other time.
Thanks for visiting.
Oh, and I hope it is warmer at your
place than it is here, very very cold today.
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Monday, June 21, 2010


WooHoo, I loaded these in super quick time,

then blogger chucked a spaz

and kicked me out....twice.

Anyhow, these are just a couple of

the pics I took on Saturday arv

at Wallaga Lake.

Love the sky and all the different

colours in the hills of the next two.

They were taken about 20 mins apart,

such a difference in colours.

The next two were taken facing the other

way, through the lens it was

hard to tell where the water ended

and the sky began.

They are pretty crooked but I lost

too much of the pic trying to edit them.

I hate double spacing..........

Now what have I been up to lately.

Not an aweful lot I am afraid.

I did go and do a course with Adult Ed

for 3 days last week.

What did I learn, um, that I

already knew what they were teaching me,

that I really would like to have windows 7,

and that I really would love to have

a laptop so I could play with it at work.

Is the course going to magically help

me find a paying job, not likely.

We done Word, Excel and Outlook.

Unless there was an office job somewhere

it is not something that I will be

using often.

Did I already mention that I

HATE double spacing.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

So slow......

I was thinking it was time
I got my act together and loaded
something here....
That was until bigpond decided
I have over used my monthly
quota and put the breaks on.
We have never gone over
the alotted monthly allowance,
so I am not sure what is going on.
I can tell you it is bloody
annoying though.
So I will just have to tell you all
that there is another awesome
CC on over at Bons..
It will be starting on Tues 22nd,
around 7.30 pm
and runs for a full week, so
if you are a slacker like me and cannot
finish a LO in an hour or two
this is the CC for you.
There will be the usual challenges
for you to do, the photography
challenge {I hope},
Bingo and lots and lots
of chatter. If you would like
to join in for a fun week
get on over there and register.
See you there if you decide to join us.
I will make an attempt to load
some photos in the next day or
two, I think I would get
very annoyed if I tried to do it
tonight. So have a wonderful
night, glad you stopped by for
a visit, be good.