Sunday, May 31, 2009

Day 132/365
No sunsets today, I am not sure the sun
even came up, it was a miserable day here.
Windy, cloudy, and very cold.
This photo was taken at the Blue Pool
looking back towards Bearres Beach,
the waves were monstrous and
rolling from way out past the usual breakers.
I finally got a photo of the Gallahs out the front
of the shop. Not a great pic, but hey what ya
gonna do on a day like today.
I forgot to add this one last night, the verdict
on the toffee apples was a collective YUMMMMMM.
I don't know whether to believe the girls
(not mine) or not, but they said they had
never had a toffee apple before.
I didn't get to taste one but they looked
pretty yummy.

In answer to a question in my comments,
the black background is a piece of
fabric I have had for ages,
it is some sort of brushed velour
or something, it works well as a background.
I took the portrait shots outside on
the veranda. I set up my own studio.
I used a bed frame to hang the fabric, with
a blanket underneath to stop sun
shining through, and another
piece of fabric, a lined curtain piece, to
reflect the sunlight back towards the
girls faces, I hung that on the clothes horse,
and there you go, my own special studio.
Not a lot to keep you interested today,
I worked, only had a few customers,
finished one Lo, almost finished another,
which I will photograph in the morning,
and that was my day.
Thank you all for the comments that you
leave me, and thanks for popping over
just to look, I too am guilty of looking but not
leaving a comment all the time.
Until tomorrow my faithful friends,
may you all be happy and healthy.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Blog Hog Coming Up

Day 131/365
We had the most miserable day today,
rained on an off for hours,
we did manage a bit of sunshine
a few times though.
I have lots of photos to share today,
these ones of the sun shining through
the clouds at about 4 this arvo,
in no particular order.
The middle wharf, I was actually looking for
something interesting on the boats to
take a pic of, this man very
obligingly stood in the right spot just as I
clicked the button, made a better
pic than anything on the boats.
This one was taken when I did a 180
after taking the photos of the sun.
Looks like a totally different day, looks
like the sun is out and the world
is beautiful.
Sheri and her friends had a sleep over last night.
Today they willingly let me take photos.
Thank you girls for giving me the
opportunity to practice portrait shots on you.
I absolutely love this photo of Sheri,
her eyes are amazing.
Sheri and Maddy
Sheri and Darrie
Darrie and Maddy
Group shot.
Another group shot.
Sadly her other friend Claire had to go home
early this morning so we didn't
get a pic with her included.
Next time, I promise.
I could have added so many more photos,
all the girls look beautiful in
in every one I already culled
the ones I wanted to load, I would have
been here all night otherwise,
and I am sure you don't want to see all
of them.
It is still raining here, hopefully it will
be filling our water catchment, it was getting
a bit low. Tomorrow is supposed to
be a better day, fingers crossed it will be.
That is it for me tonight, I will be
working again tomorrow so I should
already be in bed.
Thanks for stopping by to share my day
with me, and Shaz thanks again for
the blog award.

Blog Award

Yesterday before I left for work I took
a minute to check my blog,
while I was at it I did a little blog hopping
and look what I found, the delightful
Shaz had nominated my blog for
this very cute award,
it certainly put a smile on my face,
made going to work that little bit easier.

Now I am not sure how many people I am
supposed to pass it on to, so I will
sellect 5 of my favourites.
Thanks Sheri for showing me how to paste
a link, woohoo, major acheivement there.
Now I just have to work out how to
add them as a gadget!
Thanks heaps Shaz,
your blog always puts a smile on my face.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Day 130/365
Ah, another day at work with nothing to take a
pic of. So what did I do, I went out the front,
and took a pic of the mower man, nice to have
someone to do the lawns hey.
Then I took a pic of the bird nest up the top of the
phone pole, lucky there are no birds
there at the moment, they would have been
blown out of the nest.
Um, then I found this double bloom on the bush
next to the shop.
Sheri made these Toffee Apples last night.
She has some friends over tonight, I don't
think they need a sugar high though.
Don't they look super yummy.
Sun-rays over Peak Alone.
It was looking pretty good.
Wonder what the sun was setting behind,
it made this awesome shadow going up the
centre of the sky.
You can tell which direction the sun was setting.
If you know what you are looking for, you
can see the fire towers on the top of peak alone.
Woohoo, tomorrow is Saturday and I get to sleep in.
The girls had better not be noisy all night, or I wont
be a happy camper.
What do you have planned for your weekend?
I don't think I will be doing too much.
Other than the washing and general
That is it for another day, just
another sunset and some spur of the moment shots.
Thanks for dropping by, I will catch you all
again tomorrow.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Day 129/365
A little ray of sunshine.
There has not been much sun to talk
about lately.
It was shopping day today,
so I stopped to take these two photo coming past
Wallaga Lake.
I moved along the road a little bit to take
this one, I think it is much nicer than the
first one.
The next two photos are almost the same,
same boats, same harbour, same background,
different colour in the sky, I am not
sure which photo should be first.

That is it for the days photos.
How depressing is it to go do the grocery
shopping these days.
I am finding that I am buying less and less
each week but my bill is getting bigger and bigger.
The quality and/or quantity of
some of the usual things I buy is not the same either.
Chocolates were on special today, have
you noticed the new boxes they are in,
the chocolate inside has shrunk by 50 gram,
but the price of each block has risen by at
least 50c. Do the manufacturers think we
are blind as well as dumb.
And what is with the new bottle that my
detergent comes in. It no longer has a handle
to hang onto, just this shape where your hand
is supposed to fit, huh, what a joke, I now find most of
the time that I am using two hands to lift the stuff.
I must be tired, I am not only raving, I am whinging too.
I had better get my self to bed and
have a good sleep so I am awake for work in the morning.
Thanks for dropping by to share my day,
I will be back tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Day 128/365
Just a couple of pics today.
I don't think I like winter, there is not
enough sunlight each day, by the
time I get the camera out it is almost dark again.
Never mind, it just means I can give the
locals something to talk about, ie the crazy
lady with the camera.
I pulled up in the main street to take
these sunset photos. One of the shop
keepers asked what I was taking a photo of.
I told her the sunset and asked could she not see it,
she just laughed and shook her head at me.
I love the misty look of the pine trees under the palm.

And just for the hell of it, I took a photo of the
girls netball hoop.

Ok, I am not very interesting tonight.
So I will just say Happy 18th Birthday to Vicky's
daughter Jess, hope you celebrated in style.
I am not sure what I will come up with tomorrow,
I wish we had a waterfall somewhere close by,
I would love to see how I would go getting a pic of that.
Thanks for stopping by, please feels free to leave
a comment for me.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Shaz, I do have photos! Look under the Lo's.
Here they are, the two Lo's I have for show and tell.
The colour is not true, night time photos, yuk.
Sheri hates this photo, she thinks
the Lo isn't too bad though.

I played with stamps for the chippie letters,
I like the look of them.
I also played with the flowers, I didn't
want to use just ordinary flowers so
I curled the edges, makes them look shabby.
work this arvo, I have this great stash
of rub-ons that I never get around to using.
I went really simple with this Lo, a bit
bright, but I guess I have to use these papers
sometime right.
Oh yeah, and I put the blue flowers through
the cuttlebug, pretty cool, hey?

Now that is me done for the night.
Hope you have all had a great day, and
hope tomorrow will see the sun
shining on us all.
Thanks for visiting.
Day 127/365
Bermagui is boring at night.
I wanted to get a photo of car lights at night.
Huh, right, in almost an hour there were
maybe 15 cars.
Tiff and I ventured to the bridge before dinner,
and wouldn't you know it, I forgot half
of the tripod, so this pic was taken looking back
towards the main street, whilst the camera
sat on a table, and I don't think there was
a car in sight.
This is another pic of Wapengo St, I zoomed
in a little closer to get a better pic.
While we waited for a car I snapped this shot,
I think a car came across the bridge just
after the photo was taken.
I moved a little bit to see if I could get a better
perspective, and look cars going in both
directions, not that you can tell by this pic.
So I gave the bridge up as a bad idea,
and went to the park across the road from the shop.
This is a bit out of focus, I suppose the water motion
was making the boats move.
But I like the pic anyway.
This photo was taken from across the street from the shop,
looking towards the main st. There really were not
many cars about.
I got home just as it started raining, again.
It would have been good to get the bridge with
the lights reflecting of the wet road, ah well,
I will keep that for another time.
I have a couple of Lo's to share, I just have to
get a photo. I will see if I can get a decent
photo in a little bit, so I might be back shortly,
in the mean time I hope you all enjoy my
view of Bermi at night.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Carried away with the camera again...

Day 126/365
Sorry, I did it again.
I got carried away with the camera.
I had plenty of time to kill around 5 this arvo,
Sheri had to come to town for music, and
it is not worth driving home for half
an hour. So Tiff and I checked out the bridge,
and went for a
walk on the breakwall.
Then back to the bridge to check out the lights
of passing cars.
A boat and trailer crossing the bridge at
sunset. We were standing on the sand
next to the river.
I think the sun had just dropped below the
horizon in this one, not sure though.

This one is when we were walking along
the breakwall.

I set the tripod up to take this, the wind was blowing
so hard I thought everything was going to
topple into the water, including me.
Still not happy with this, but I think I will
have to wait for a non-windy day to try again.

I set the tripod up on the edge of the river,
I was really trying to get the car lights as they
crossed the bridge, but the sides of the bridge
are way too high. I think I will have to try this one
again as well.
This one nearly worked. I caught some of the lights.
It was not really dark enough either.

The lights look like stars.

The water is nearly glowing in this one,
and the lights are great.

I am really enjoying playing with the different
settings on the camera, so come on everyone
get brave, take the camera off the auto settings
and play. Make sure you have a tripod, cause it beats
shutter shake. Most of my pics today were taken
using the shutter button, set to something like 10.0",
not real sure what that means though.
I also played with the ISO, and also the white balance (I think),
and I am thrilled with the results.
Thanks for visiting my blog, please leave a comment
and tell me what you think of my pics,
I am really liking the latest ones.