Wednesday, February 17, 2010


for the loan of his awesome camera!
I truly appreciate the opportunity to
use and explore the Nikon D90.
I must say I am totally in love with it.
I took so many photos and found
that the majority of them were
brilliant. I played with the different
settings and got a feel for the camera.
I found it extremely easy to use,
and discovered a few things (via google)
that I would not have known otherwise.
I am looking forward to having some
photos printed so that I can see
what print quality is like, unfortunately
I will have to wait until I leave town the get
them printed, they are way too expensive to get
them done here in town.
So again, a huge thank you to Theo,
I really appreciate your generosity.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Monday, February 15, 2010


I took these photos yesterday, between

showers....not sure of the settings on

them, cause I was just testing the zoom,

the focus and the flash.

I have tried to keep the photos similar.

The Nikon seems to take darker

photos, I will have to check the exposure

settings, if I can find them. Lol.

Pretty hard without a manual to check.

Thank heavens for google.

1. Nikon P nuetral, using flash

and natural light from the window.

Canon same settings as above.

2. Nikon P mono with flash and

natural light.

Canon same settings as above.

Pinched Tegans idea of getting rain
on the flowers, only cause they were close to
the house in case it started raining again,
which it did.
3. Nikon P mono. No flash, zoomed in
on flower and manual focus.

settings as above.
4. Nikon


5. Nikon P standard,
zoomed no flash.

Canon settings as above.
Even though the photos are pretty
much the same size file etc. when
adding the border they are different.
When using LV on the canon the auto
focus does not work. The nikon does.
When using the manual focus
the Nikon on smooth and easy to use,
the canon was jerky and harder to work out.
I wonder if I remembered to take the
Polarizing lens off the nikon????
not sure.
I think I had better take a note book
with me the next time I am playing
and take notes of settings etc.
Just need for the rain to stop.

So much rain....

and nowhere left for it to go.

This lovely fountain is coming from our dodgey

downpipe, it rusted through ages ago and

nobody here can be bothered to fix it. Lol.

I parked my car half out of the shed last night

thinking that I would not have to swim

this morning to take the girls to school.

What a laugh that was, the water was

was forming a pool around the car,

and part way up the yard.

This is the little river that was running down the

side of the house. It is getting a bit mushy

trying to drive out of the yard now.

These next 3 pics are of the golf course.
Totally covered in water as far as you can see.
By this arvo the water was across the
road, too deep to drive through, so I had to
I got a call from the girls school in Narooma
this morning, the school was flooded and
they were sending kids home. My
girls opted to go to a friends place until
I could get there, so they needed my permission.
The school is on the side of a hill and it
is hard to imagine the amount of water
that must have been around for them
to send the kids home.
The girls said it was not in the classrooms,
but was past their ankles (over Tiff's brand
new shoes) on all the paths and was gushing
down the steps etc, so that they
couldn't move between classrooms.
It is still raining now, so don't know
what will happen tomorrow.
School photo day so hope the school
is open. We will have to find out
before 8, as the bus leaves then.
That is it for now, I will be back
in a while with some comparison shot
from the 2 cameras. I have only taken a couple.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Bon is having another cybercrop,
starting Tues night 16th Feb.
Why not pop on over and see
what is going on.
It is not hard (I promise).
The timetable is
8:45- Sketch Challenge
9:05- bingo
9:30- Scrap Lift challenge
If you like photography there
is a daily photo challenge,
so many wonderful photos
to be seen.
Looking forward to seeing some new faces.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Fabric mini album,

I will load the pics of my fabric mini album here

because I dont have Photobucket to load

them to the gallery at Bons.

I had a great time doing all the challenges

over the past 2 weeks, I had no hope

of doing the lot but I did get a few of them


I used heaps of old products while doing all the challenges,

maybe I will need to do some shopping now. Lol.

I threw this Lo together before I headed off to

do the grocery shopping yesterday, not

sure I am happy with it, but not too bad I spose.

and this one I started at a bit after 10 last night,

was so much like a ready steady scrap, so much

pressure to get it done, but I am glad I did,

I love it.

Criterias were, busy background paper,

3 photos, 3 word title, something

handmade and transparency, oh and part

of another challenge was to use yellow ribbon

or fabric on a lo. I also used a paper doiley

and some versa ink to make a mask,

absolutely love the way it turned out.

Ok, that will do me for now, thanks

for visiting, call again soon, Lol.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Been trying to ring my mum
to wish her a very happy birthday,
seems she is eating out,
Super Chef Craig is cooking
for her. Very spoilt I think.
So Ma if Teegs has the puter on and
you can see this, Happy Birthday,
And I will try to ring you later.
Hope you have had a good one.

Hi Bloggers, just a quick update before I head

off to bed. Here are the photos I have

used for the photo challenge over at


Tiff creating on Sat arvo,

something she loves to do on a regular

basis, I am forever picking up

bits of paper with bits of art on them.

Sunday, my usual stop off at the bakery

produced this pic, makes me hungry

just looking at it.

Monday, I look at the clock a gazillion

times everyday, so I took a heap of pics and

put them together to make this. Pity

the clock is never actually on the right time.

Todays pic, I wanted to take a pic of my

scrapping mess when I am in the shop,

but someone forgot to put the

memory card in the camera,

so I took this photo while I was trying

to sneak up on the blue wrens that

were everywhere, they are too quick

for me.

And finally the two Lo's I done

on Sunday while I was at work.

The first one is a scrap lift from

Boss lady Bons Lo.

It was gorgeous and easy to lift from.

Not at all sure I like this, but it is done,

so I should be happy with it.

and this one is the Feb sketch challenge

set by Skye, a lovely sketch and

I love this LO, my dodgey pic

doesn't do the Lo justice, I love it.

Nearly forgot, I am working on a mini

album for the challenge too, I have

almost finished it, and am quite pleased

with it, have not done one of them for ages.

Will hopefully get a pic or two of it tomorrow.

I had better get off to bed now, past midnight
again, now wonder I dont want to get up
in the morning.
Thanks for coming over for a visit,
much appreciated.
Catch you again sometime.
Be good.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Some of the things I

{heart} today....

1. Of course I

{heart} my girls,

Sheri and Tiff mean the world to me.

and of course I love Tara, Craig and Mark (Scobie)

as well, pity I cant find a pic to add here.

2. Today I {heart} seeing this, we had so much

rain yesterday that Cuttagee lake opened.

It has been closed for about 2 1/2 years.

It is totally awesome to see the water

flowing under the bridge.

instead of looking like this, I took this

only a week or two ago. It looks great but there is

not water.

And here is the water heading out to sea.

This is the road that the girls travel

everyday to get to school.

It is the Wallaga Lake Rd, they had

to close the road this morning while they

opened the entrance.

3. I {heart} painting masking tape to use on

a Lo, something I have only just discovered.

Thanks Tara for pointing me in the

right direction with this. Love it.

4. {heart} the cards I have done for the

card challenge, something I dont usually do.

Took ages to complete them but I am

glad that I did.

5. I {heart} all the fun and games we
are playing during
at Bons. The DT's are doing
a brilliant job of keeping us all in
suspense with some of the challenges
and I am sure there is no way I
am ever going to get even
a part of them done, but it sure has
been fun trying.
Thanks team for all your hard work.
I have now edited this twice, to include a
photo and to get rid of the double
lot of double spacing.
Thanks for putting up with my