Monday, March 30, 2009

Day 62
I have totally messed up my photo's.
I added the border and saved them without
taking notice of when I took them, so
I will just have to do a general upload
and hope that I have them in the right order.
A mailbox on the way to Bega, early morning.
Day 63
The sun setting amongst the clouds.
Day 64
A mailbox on the way home from Canberra
on the Monday after picking mark up.
Day 65
A bottle brush with the early morning
sun filtering between the leaves.
Day 66
The boats in the harbour across from
the shop. The sun was behind the clouds
and this was the best shot I took for the day.
Day 67
A beautiful bottlebrush in the next
neighbours yard. Tiff had the job of
feeding Nigel for the night, so I took advantage
of Rosie's great garden.
Day 68
The Black Swans swimming on Wallaga Lake.
Tiff and I stopped on the way home from shopping
on Friday. They would not swim close enough
to get a decent pic.
Day 69
I was supposed to be having a sleep-in,
but I woke up at 7am, so I raced into
town to the Blue Pool to catch
the sun rising over the still water of the pool.
Wonder am I totally addicted to sunrises now.
Day 70
Hope I have not messed up my numbers yet.
I really should be in bed, work is really slow
and I am getting so tired that I have nearly
fallen asleep a couple of times. How
embarrassing if someone catches me snoring my head off.
I finally managed to catch a bird in flight, coming in
for a landing on the bird feeder.
Day 71
A not so brilliant pic of a ? something.
The flower was so little I am amazed I got
so much of it in focus.
Ok, I hope I have loaded all the pics and that
I am up to date now.
I will try to be better from now on.
Catch you all tomorrow (I hope).
To everyone that has left me a comment, and
to those blogs that I have visited and been
too slack to comment on, my apologies, and thanks for
the comments and I will try to catch up with
comments of my own.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Oh boy, how slack am I?
I have been here for a look a couple
of times over the past week, but
have been too tired to
add any new posts.
Update on my man. I retrieved him from
hospital on Monday, hard to believe he was
as sick as he was, even the doctor could not
believe how quick he bounced back.
They have put everything down to a dose
of tonsillitis and an allergic reaction to
one of the medicines the doc prescribed.
The two combined morphed into a super bug,
and knocked him about something shocking.
Glad to say, other than a bit of recovery time to
regain his strength, he is as good as new.
I will make an effort to load my photos tonight,
as long as I can keep my eyes open long enough.
I am still doing the shop by myself until I think
Mark is up to taking over for a few hours a day.
We are not going to risk a repeat performance.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Day 59/365
The Macca's sign coming into
Cooma on Wed, after our visit to Mark.
Funny I could not find a thing to take a pic of in Canberra.

Day 60/365
Ho Hum, another sunrise. I am starting to think
it is about time I got to sleep in. Ah well, I am
sure a few early mornings are not going to hurt me.

Day 61/365
So smokey around here today, they are burning off
somewhere, strange time to be doing
that, it is reasonably warm and the wind
was gusting a bit today. They must know
what they are doing I suppose.
Here is a photo looking out the front of the shop today,
and the one I took the other day, I could not even see Drom today.
Update on my man, they took the ventilation tube out today,
so he will be moved from the ICU to a ward,
maybe tomorrow, if they can find him a bed.
He will have to stay in Hosp for up to a week more, but
at least he is on the mend.
They still don't know what caused all this fuss,
the Doc said we may never know.
Anyhow, if I am going to go see him in the morning
I had better take myself to bed, I have to
open the shop early, and wait for a friend to
cover for me, then I will be off like a rocket.
Be checking in when I have more time.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Quick chat tonight. Photos from Sat
to today. Been so flat out, haven't had time to
scratch myself, so I am making a quick post today.

Day 55/365
We had the Seaside fair on Sat,
pity I had to work, I really didn't see any of it.
We nearly missed the fireworks, it was raining so hard
we really thought they wouldn't be on.
We raced into town in time to see the last 1/2 dozen
fireworks, we managed to park right under
them, that was a bit scary, they seemed so close.

Day 56/365
Sunday we had a quick Sunday drive to Canberra to see
Mark in Hosp. 3 hrs to get there and 3 hrs back, and about
3 hrs in the hosp, made for a long day. Up at 6am to do the
shop and home at 11.45pm, felt like I was
a teenager again, Lol.
These funny looking things were in the fountain
in the foyer of the hosp. Beautiful fountain wish
I had of taken photos in the daylight.

This is the intersection outside the hosp, I tried
getting a good photo but I suck, but you get the idea.
I took a photo of Mark but it is too scary to show on here.

Day 57/365
The boats across the road from the shop with Mt
Dromedary in the background. I didn't pick up the
beautiful pink sky, it was really pretty.
Day 58/365
Today's pic was taken on the way home from
grocery shopping. We raced over to Narooma when
I finished work, I had no food in the cupboards.
This is the sun setting over Corunna Lake, Mum
and Day thought I was a bit mad pulling the car
up on the side of the road and hanging out the window
just to take a pic of the water. But hey it is a lovely shot,
what are you gonna do, hey!!!!
Can't let an opportunity go bye.
Quick update on Mark while I am here.
He is still in ICU in Canberra, more abscess's are forming
and he is still on ventilation, they were hoping to
take him off that today. No idea where the
abscess's are coming from or where they started, bit
frustrating. We are going up to visit him again in the morning,
I am lucky to have a great support system here
that allows me the chance to do that,
otherwise I would have to shut the shop for the day
and that would make Mark worry and he
would never get better.
So if I don't get a chance to update tomorrow,
it will be because I am still driving all over the country.
See you all later, be good.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I have a daily photo to share with you all,
but I have a headache and really
cant be bothered loading anything much here
at all. I hope I will get a chance to
do it tomorrow, after work, after
I have gone somewhere to
do some shopping, after I have
played phone tag with numerous
people in the hopes of finding out what
they are doing to Mark next, after I have
got the washing off the line, after I have retrieved
children from various friends houses,
after I have been to the garage to
put more fuel in the car,
after I have fed the children,
after I have tried my best to answer
questions relevent in a month (not now), etc,
but not necessarily in that order.
So fine people it is goodnight from me,
hope to load pics tomorrow.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Day 54/365
Ok, I was not going to bore you with another
sunrise, but cripes, how could I not show you this.
When viewed full size the colours are,
um, brilliant, metallic, um, cant think of a word
for it. I promise I will try not to take
a sunrise tomorrow.
Actually we are supposed to have an electrical storm
tomorrow, so I might get some electrifying shots, Lol.
The Seaside fair is on tomorrow, so it will either be stinking
hot or stormy. After work I will venture onto the hill
and see what the sculptures are like.
Identity Crisis.
This Mumma bird and her babies were across
the road in the park when I got to work
this morning, they were amongst the
seagulls, and stayed with them most of the day.
First I thought they were a Cockatoo, but they don't
have the crest, they thought they were seagulls, but
didn't have the right colouring, Lol. After a quick email and
phone call to a friend, I have found out they are
Short Billed Corella's. Not something you see
a lot of on the coast.
As you can see I was able to get really close
to the Mumma to take this photo.
I was like 2 foot away from her
before she decided I should not be there.

News on Mark for the day, he has been transferred to
Canberra. He is in intensive care up there now.
Depending on the test results he may be in
surgery again tonight, but probably tomorrow.
They told me don't worry about coming up
cause he is heavily sedated and wont even know
I am there, so at this stage it is a cast of
phone tag with the doctors, who have been
brilliant and kept me up to speed as
best they can.
Ok, best get off here for now, short post has
turned into a newsletter again.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I cant help myself....

Day 53/365
I just cant help myself, how could I not load a few of
these pics. Lucky I am self employed, I sort
of deliberately made myself
late for work this morning, this is what early risers
get to see everyday, I usually catch the sunsets,
cause I am not a morning person.
I would have stayed long enough
to get the suns reflection on the water, but I thought
that might be pushing it just a bit.

Anyway, I have had a big day today. Work in the early hours,
then a trip to the hospital, then back to work this arvo.
Apparently Mark was sicker than I gave him credit for.
He has been operated on, and is under sedation
in the ICU. He will have to stay over there
for a few days at least.
Hope I can find something to take a pic
of tomorrow, I am missing the birds, hope
they don't forget me.
See you all tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Photos and Layouts.

Day 52/365
Here's proof that I was out of bed before the lights came on.
I missed seeing the sun rise over the ocean, I was half
hour too early, but I did catch it over the top
of the town. I even raced across the road and
got a few shots in. It is amazing how many different
colours you can catch in a short period of time.

I guess I will be seeing a few sunrises, if
Mark is not better in the morning he will
be going to hospital, that is if I don't take
him through the night. He would not
go earlier when I offered. Which
means I will still be opening the shop for
the next few days.
I finally finished these Lo's that I started days ago,
more from the RSS challenges, I don't think
I will get them loaded over there though.
This first one is the 'Quote Challenge'.
Had to use the quote, a circle and hand-cutting.
I could not really find a pic that was suitable, but I
like this one with the girls sitting with
their heads together studying something,
they were being annoying 5 mins before this.
This next one is the ebony and ivory challenge.
Funny but it has not got any white on it, other than
the photo.
The challenge was; black, pink and green,
Lots of hand-cutting and gems.....
I splashed paint on the cs to alter it, there is not much
you can do to disguise black.
Everything is a lot straighter than it looks in the pic,
funny how the camera does that sometime.
Ok, I really should be doing something else now, like
folding the washing, so I will catch you again tomorrow,
or sooner if I come back tonight.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Day 51/365
It is not midnight yet, and I am loading my
photo for the day. A really quick photo
that I snapped while waiting for my pizza.
Little fluffy things, in front of the steps
at the boat ramp.
Bad Mumma today, I didn't even think about cooking
dinner. I have been awake since 4.30, started work
at 6.30 am, finished work at 6.15 pm, raced home
loaded the washing machine (oops I better go hang
that out), finished doing the dishes that Mark
started, so I figured a take-away was the
way to go.
Now I have loaded the photo
for the day, and also a pic of the Lo
I finished at work this morning, not the best photo
of it, bad night time light, but you get the picture.
I checked out the challenges at RSS, this is what I have
come up with for the negative space challenge.
If I was not so tired I might even go on over
there and introduce myself and submit this
Lo, and the other two that I just have to
add photos to. I think I made it crooked on
purpose but it looks worse in the pic.
That is it for now, I will check in later and see
who is doing what. I had better go deal with
the washing and then do the dishes (again),
everything else can wait. Hope Mark is better soon.
Spose I will be awake before the sparrows again
tomorrow, another long day ahead.
At least I get to take my scrapping with me, not
many people could get away with doing that.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Day 50/365
Forgive me for the lateness of this post.
I have just helped Sheri make a mini
album for her friends Birthday tomorrow.
I will maybe load some pics of it tomorrow,
I am not playing in photoshop at this time
of the night. 6am is going to come way too quick
as it is. I have been up since 5.30 this morning,
I was going to take a nice morning shot on
the way too work but the sun was not even up then.
So instead I give you......
Another bird.
This one belongs to Cindy. I had to go
collect oysters tonight, and she took
Tiff and I in so I could take his photo.
She told me what he is, but memory like
a sponge and I forgot straight away.
But he sure is pretty.
Anyhow, I have to work again in the morning,
so I will catch you again tomorrow.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Day 49/365
Oh dear, I just had a seniors moment.
Wrote the whole post and forgot
to publish it, so here goes again.
I nearly didn't get a photo today,
I worked all day, till nearly 6,
then had to run back into town
to buy salad makings.
Anyway, I ducked into the bush
along the main road, I was going
to take a photo of the waves crashing
against the rocks but could not see them from
where I was. I did however notice this
flower thing along the track. I could
not decide whether to use the colour
or the sepia shot, so I have loaded both.

I almost finished 2 Lo's at work today,
but I didn't have a photo to use for
either Lo, so I will try to finish them
in the next day or two.
That is it from me for the day,
so I will catch you again tomorrow.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Day 48/365
So much for my plans to scrap today.
First I slept in til just after nine,
then got the washing done and on the line.
Took this totally random photo of a feather.

We got chips for lunch and went to the park to eat them,
where I took heaps of photos of seagulls.
Then I took the girls to the beach for a swim
and got sunburnt on the face.
Came home and talked to the parrots,
while I took photos of them.

Think I had better take a snap of two
of the girls, they will think they are not my models anymore.
Not that they will complain if I don't take any of them.
Cooked dinner and that is it for my day.
I promise if it is not too busy in the shop tomorrow
that I will try to scrap something.
Mark has a cold, so I might have to work a few
days straight, you know what men are like
when they get sick, Lol.

Friday, March 6, 2009

A nearly completed Lo.

A nearly completed Lo,
I started this last Friday or maybe before that,
I cant even remember.
It is not quite finished, I want to put a
No. 3 on there somewhere, but
I have to find one first. I am sure
I would have a chippy one somewhere.
The photo is not brilliant, I took it
tonight after work, the light wasn't the best.
I would like to do a Lo
of my boys too, but lack of
photos makes that a bit hard.
Day 47/365
Today's pic, is just a quick one of the
bridge. I had the camera on the fireworks
setting in the scene mode. I took
some more using the night landscape
setting but they didn't have the nice crisp
lights (stars). And they all
looked pretty crap. So this is it.
Not sure about the bed, it is
way too high, I felt like I was going to fall
out of it all night. I guess I will have to learn
to like it, I just hope it is sooner rather than later.
That's it for today, I promise to make more of
and effort tomorrow. Thinking some
of the challenges at RSS look interesting,
might have to give them a try, no promises though.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Day 46/365
Another day, another bird.
This one is a Pee Wee, he was outside
the shop this morning. Not as tame as the birds
at home, he would not let me get near him.

A quick wander around the paddock tonight produced,
A knot.....from the rope swing.

some dead leaves, with the sun coming through
the trees behind them.
Well we got the new bed today,
it is a foot higher than the old one,
hope I don't roll over and fall out, Lol.
I will reserve judgement on it until tomorrow,
but I can say at this stage it is not looking good.
I think the fitted sheet wont stay on,
and the mattress is going to wander,
the man assured me that would not happen.
We will see!!!!!!!!
Loving all the wonderful photos that are appearing
on everyone's blogs.
It is interesting to see what others can see through
the lens of their cameras.