Monday, April 26, 2010

Tell me what day it is, I am so lost....

having a long weekend,

is screwing with my head.

So is this double spacing on blogger.

Anyway, prompt was B/W,

numbers or sequence, I went

with B/W, and being Anzac Day

decided this little eternal light

thing from the epitath (sp?)

would be good.

Todays prompt was way different,
it was surrealism, had an apple,
some bugs and cutlery and some
other bits and bobs.
So I have gone with fruit and something
close to a bug. This is a little shrimp
in my friends fish tank this arvo.
These couple of photos are from
yesterday too, check out the brilliant sky.

Love this one, you can see the moon,

a bit of a rainbow, clouds, rain,

blue sky, seems to have it all.

This one was looking out the other way,
at last after a week of no sunset, I got this.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Here is an update for Tegan {slave driver}.
Not much to report, been really slack
and not doing much at all.
Weather has been crap for days,
hardly any blue sky at all.
I have been taking photos for
the daily comp, the prompts
really are great this time around.
Fridays prompt was a Black and White
pic with red highlights.
I thought about adding this random
bike that was near the park,
but then spotted this little doll in the
Village Store, so I played with photoshop
and edited like mad. Pretty cool hey.
Yesterdays prompt you could use
wood, striped socks, feet, shoes
or something else?
I went with the wood.
I used this pic that I took early in the day,

Really wish I had of used this one
that I took when I picked Sheri up
from work, heaps better pic.
I have done some scrapping but
didn't have the right photo
to put on it, so just finished printing
one now to take to work
with me. I am not
doing much for Anzac Day, being
Sunday it is my work day :(
I put the orange flower and some
others onto thumb drive to show
the lady at the Motel and she
was so impressed she wants me to
come and {try} take some pics
of the rooms to use in her web thingy
and on brochures advertising
the place. Not sure I am up to
that sort of thing, but I am willing to
give it my best shot, I have seen
what the other fella done, so
the bar is not set to high to start with.
That sounded nasty, just the pics
he took were washed out and didn't
look inviting.
Look at the time, 10.30 already
I better think about getting
ready for work, I have to hang
around and wait until Sheri
gets a call about work at lunch,
I should already be in there.
LOL, means more time to waste for me, Yay.
So have a great day, hope your
weather is good, and I will
catch you later.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

No Scrapping.....

actually I have scrapped, just have not taken a pic.
At least I dont think I have, hmmm
not sure now.
And I have not taken a lot of photos
either, my littlest model is being
very unco-operative, too busy
being hard to get on with to have
a photo taken.
So I will bore you with the photos I
have taken for the photography comp
at Bons. First prompt was bright colours.
Last minute job this one, threw some
icing on arrowroot biccies and
added 100's & 1000's.
Second prompt was a pic of an awesome
sunset, take something from that, the colour,
the sunset itself, a silhouette, or group of people
(they were in the photo).
We are not getting great sunsets at the
moment, so I borrowed a flower
from the motel, Graham gave me permission,
and scooted over to Bruce Steer Pool
to take this pic, pretty rapt with
the way it turned out.
This was my second choice,
feeble looking sunset in the background.
A practice shot with the 50mm lens.
Gotta love the effect. This is a tiny
little weed from out the side, it was about
as big as a little fingernail, but you get
the gist of what the lens can do.
Same lens, and a picture of my
reluctant model. She yawned, sneezed,
shivered, turned away, you name it
anything so I could not take a pic.
This was the best i could come up with.
Thanks for stopping by,
please come back another day,
and see if I have got my lazy self
on her and done another post.
Catch ya on the flip side.

Friday, April 16, 2010

New Camera....Nikon D90

Ok, in all my excitement the other night

I forgot to actually tell you what I got.

Silly me.

I got a Nikon D90 with 18-105mm lens.

I looked at the twin lens kit, but

decided to get something a little better,

figured if I was spending that sort of money

I should get quality to start with, I am sure

it will save me money in the long run.

Somewhere down the track I will look

at getting a longer zoom but that can wait

for the time being.

So I have charged the battery and

am ready to go, and wouldn't you know

it the girls have both gone awol for

a few nights, who can I practice on now.

I did snap a few flower pics when

I went to feed a friends chooks.

I love this little bee, he looks so busy.

I am no gardener so I will say

this is a red flower,

and this is an orange one, hehehe,

I know I am hopeless.

So today I thought the sun is out,

should be a nice sunset, bah, stupid

clouds rolled in at 5 o'clock, so

I just got a couple of the beach and walkway.

Hope the girls realise I am going to drive
them crazy when they get home tomorrow.
I cant wait to have a real play.
While I am here chewing your ear, how
about popping over to Bons Scraps
on Tuesday April 20th @ 7.30
for this months CyberCrop.
There will be the usual fun and games
and lots of chatter in chatzy.
Come and play Bingo,
have a go at the
Sketch, Colour and Scraplift challenges.
Flis will be running this months
free online class on the night.
Her sneak is looking pretty good too.
So come on, why not join in the fun.
Thanks for stopping by,
be good and I will catch you again
another time (hopefully tomorrow)
with some scrapping (if my mojo shows up)
and photos.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Scary Much.....

I paid for my new camera this morning.
I think it would have to be one
of the scariest things I have ever done.
Have I done the right thing....
I can tell you I had to take
a very deep breath before I confirmed
my purchase.
I am going to own a super duper
fantastic camera, and I am
stoked, cant wait for it to
arrive. It might be here tomorrow
but more likely it will be Wed
Thurs at the latest.
Patience, patience, but yay,
how totally exciting.