Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day 160/365

I really don't have anything worthwhile today,

I worked all day and didn't really get a chance to

take a photo. I wish I had of thought to use

the video to capture the clouds,

the sky was a pretty blue, and these

angry looking black clouds were just flying

past. We were expecting winds up to 30 knots,

I don't think they were that on the ground but up

high it was going very fast.

Sheri has set me a photo task for tomorrow,
I am not sure how I will get on, but
I will do my best, I wont say what it is
in case I cant do it, and have to bum out.
I have got a whole lot of end of year bookwork
to do first so I will see how I go.
Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for the comments
from yesterday, I agree they were pretty good
pics too, puts these feeble efforts to shame.
Be good, enjoy your night,
hope one of you won something on lotto.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Day 159/365
I made an effort today to take a better photo.
I am getting sick of the sunsets outside the shop,
so I borrowed Marks Ute and Sheri and I drove
out to Wallaga Lake to this cute little jetty.
We have taken photos here before, when Tara and
family were here. I was a little disappointed today,
I really thought the sun would be in a better position.
I am very happy with the photos that I did get though.
So in no particular order here are the photos
from Wallaga.
A man and his dog rowing across the Lake.
Same man, same dog, coming back again.
Sheri on the end of the Jetty.
A random leafless tree.
I even took the time to climb up a little hill, to take this
photo of the harbour. The colours were really pretty.
Update on the big fish that are being caught at the moment.
Reportedly there was an even bigger fish caught today,
something like 130kg.
And the young fella on the boat yesterday looks
like he has a record, his fish weighed 84 or 86kg,
beating the previous record by a few kg.
He is only a little fella, the skipper said
he would be lucky to be 35kg wringing wet,
so one massive effort from him, and
a job well done.
So that brings me to the end of another day
here in paradise, wonder what tomorrow
will bring. I will be at work so probably not much.
Thanks for stopping by, be good and
I will catch you again soon.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Day 158/365

Again with the double spacing, what is with this blog.

I had to put up another Bluefin pic.

This one beats yesterdays one by about 8kg,

which will be a record, not sure if Aussie or International

though, either way pretty special,

as can be witnessed by the victory arm being raised

above the anglers head.

The fish laying on the ground weighed 126.7kg,

the one hanging weighed 127kg,

he certainly was one happy angler!

Sunset from a different angle.

These next two were taken looking

back over Bermi towards the ocean.

The sun had gone behind the clouds looking out

towards the mountains, but it was still

making the clouds and sky light up across the ocean.

Tiff thinks this one looks like a Dinosaur.

I cant see it myself.

And lastly, it has taken me a few days,

but I have finally finished this.

I don't like the title, but could not think of anything

I wanted to put there. Pretty hopeless when it

comes to journaling or titles, think

I flunked English at school, maybe I should have

taken more notice of the teachers.

This is my baby girl, it seems like only a couple
of years since I had her, not eleven.
She is growing fast.
These kids of mine are making me feel old.
Oh, look, back to single spacing,
I do wonder what is happening up the top there.
OK, enough chatter about nothing,
I need to go do the dishes, I am going to sack
the dish fairies, they wont do their jobs at all.
Thanks for stopping by, and any comments you
leave are most welcome.
Hopefully I will be back tomorrow, so
until then, have a great night.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Forgotten Lo's and Photos. Yay.

First I had better show you the Lo's I forgot

to load the other night.

Oh bugger, double spacing again, I tell

you it is really starting to s#*^ me

up the wall. I have already deleted this post twice

for the same reason. If anyone knows how to

fix it, jump right in and tell me.

I am not too sure about this one, it is Sheri and her friend Darrie.

Before I laid into it with the embellies and all the doodling

it was absolutely blah, I think I have managed to

make something OK out of the mess.

This one, I thought I would keep it simple and

use up some more of the rubons that seem

to breed in my scrapping bag.

It looks heaps better in the flesh.

This one I totally stuffed up. Someone

please take my gel pen away from me.

I put those bloomin arch things around the circle

and then it was too late to move the retched things.

And the little letters down the side are just wrong.

Oh, well, just have to learn from this and go

easy with the pen.

Day 155/365
The Church Spire at Narooma.
Nangudga Lake on the way home from shopping.
I really like the reflections on the water.
And for this one, I stopped where the fishermen
launch their boats into the lake, I wish
I could have capture the ripples on the water better,
they looked like steps.
Day 156/365
Oh, look, no more double spacing. Lol.
These minuscule little fungus things
were on the drive behind the car,
they are that little that I nearly trod on
them without seeing them.
I had to pick the grass a little as the
camera would not focus on them.
This is the sun shining through the lamp-post on
the drive going into the motel.
Day 157/365
One of the local fisherman with a rather large
Blue Fin Tuna, this was hanging on the gantry
when I went to the shop this arvo.
They said it was 1 kilo below the existing record weight.
I have never seen one of these before so it was a
pretty special sight. I think they said it was 119kg,
or something like that.
Same fish better angle. I asked Mark what
it tastes like, he said a cross between a yellowfin
and an albacore, so it would taste pretty good.
We have been eating a lot of fish this
week, the fish are going mad, most boats
are throwing most of the catch back because
they already have enough.
As I was walking away I turned back and could not
resist taking this photo, the clouds look pretty awesome
amongst the rigging. That flag is on the boat showing
they caught the big fish.
Ok, I have to stop typing now, I have been told to stop
typing so noisily, they cant hear the telly. Lol.
Sorry for being extremely slack and
probably not commenting on everyones blogs,
I will try to do better.
So thanks for dropping in to visit.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Huge post, lots of rambling.

I am having a little bit of trouble taking

the photos off my memory card, Ulead is just shutting down,

so I will load the pics that I have ready. Now
I have double spacing on this thing, the wheels are falling off

everything. I seem to be locked out of my emails today too,

must be all the bookwork I have been doing over the past

couple of days, the computer cant keep up with it. Lol.

Day 151/365

This rather disgusting photo was on the way

to Narooma on Sunday after work, it was dark,

it was raining, so I changed the settings to allow

more light in, the whole photo is really pixely.

Day 152/365

I took this photo looking out towards the sea, with

the sun setting behind me, it was bringing

out some amazing colours in the clouds.

Day 153/365

Tuesday on the way to work, I made a mad dash down to

the blue pool to take a pic or two, silly idea,

do you know how many steps there are, probably not!

I think I counted 98 steps from the bottom to the top.

I am too old and too unfit to be running up and down that

many steps. I did manage to get a nice pic, though,

even though I nearly fell on my butt slip sliding across the sludge
in the little pool to get the right angle for the photo.

This is an extremely random sort of shot, the council man

came and put this thingy on the water main outside the shop.

I made him leave it on while I raced and got the camera,

I am sure he thought I was a bit of a rabbit.

And being a Tuesday meant that I got to see the sun setting

over the harbour again. I am sure you are having
withdrawals from the lack of sunsets lately, so

here is a pretty basic one. There were hardly any clouds so

the sun didn't have the same omph as usual.

Day 154/365

I raced into town to grab the paperwork from the shop in the morning,

and I could not resist a quick hop across the road to

take this photo of the harbour, the colours were awesome.

I had to come back into the shop just after lunch and

spotted this amazing photo op, the sea mist

drifted in between the hills, making everything look like a painting.

It only lasted a little while, so I am pretty stoked that I got these pics.

Last night there was an electrical storm going on all around us,

the light show was pretty good, I was not getting a good photo

from home so decided to go to town to get a better shot,

and wouldn't you know it by the time I got there the storm

had nearly passed, so this is my only shot with a lightening

bolt in it. I will now be looking out for a storm again,

in the hope of getting a decent pic.

I will keep trying to load todays pics, so I might be back later,
be good, thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Okay, I have been getting real slack lately,
just cant be bothered signing in to load pics.
Slap my wrist someone!
Day 148/365
Thursday morning before we left for Merimbulla
I spotted this little family on the bird feeder.
It is Mum, Dad and over indulged baby.
You should have seen the stuff it was getting away with.
Cheeky little thing. I took this standing in the front door.
After Sheri's AMEB test we went to Slack Mac's for lunch.
Must say that stuff never tastes any better, YUK.
There were all these little sparrows there,
they were that fat it is a wonder they got off the ground.
This was taken over the railing at Macca's.
I have cropped the rubbish out of this photo,
houses on the hill, etc.

Sheri got an A (honors) pass for her music.
She lost points in the general knowledge part,
the tester asked different sorts of questions than
the one last year, and she knew the stuff but
was thinking of the stupid names they use at school.
Ah well, she still did extremely well, and we are
so proud of her.
Day 149/365
Friday on the way to work I stopped to see the sun
rising, it hung below the horizon so long I gave up
and went to work. This is taken at the headland.

Then by the time I got to work it was rising,
but it was behind the trees, so I had
to walk across the road to peek through them.
I played around with the settings again
to gauge the difference, this first one is on
the scene-sunset setting.

This one was like an instant later using the
Auto setting. I like the colour in this one.

As I was closing the shop I noticed the sun
was peeking out of the clouds, this is the only
photo I took, my battery died.
Day 150/365
Today on the way home from shopping we stopped
at Camel Rock. I can not get a decent photo of the rock,
my photos always turn out looking pixely.

Just as we were about to leave I turned around and
seen this awesome rainbow, I cant get a decent pic
of one of them either. I think this was taken using
the aperture setting on 4, the rest were
either too dark or too light. The rainbow was almost full,
but I could not fit it all in the photo.

Ok that is it, caught up again. Huh right, it
is like the washing just when you catch up you have
to do it again.
Sheri has some friends over for the night, and it
is raining and they are just about to go light the
pile of sticks we gathered this arvo.
I am thinking I had better go supervise.
Thanks for stopping by and leaving my
some love, I have tried to catch up leaving
comments, if I have missed your blog I apologise.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A photo or two and a Lo.

Day 146/365
A not so brilliant day in Paradise,
we had rain and it was cold all day,
and I didn't take my camera out in the rain.
I think I should look after it a bit better
than I do now, it will be a long time
before I can get a new one.
So for today my photo will be of the
Lo I finished at work.
The white at the back is not part of
the Lo, I shaped the edges and had to put it
onto the white so it would show up better.

Day 147/354
Was a little better weather wise today,
the sun shone for most of the day,
it was not really any warmer though.
I took my trusty camera out into
the paddock again to see what I
could find. One lonely Dandelion standing all
by himself. Not the best close-up
shot but I like the effect of the black and white.
Then I wandered a little further and found these
Toadstools, they were tucked in under the horse fence.
It was a bit hard to get a good photo of them,
did you know that it is hard to get a close-up
using the flash, you end up with a shadow because
the flash originates from one side only (at least
it does on my camera). Therefore
I have cropped just a wee bit out of the photo.
That is it photo wise. Tomorrow Sheri goes
to Merimbulla to do her music exams.
Hopefully she will get to play on the
mini grand piano again.
I will try to get a photo of her playing
it after the testing.
Tiff gets home from Sydney tomorrow.
She has been away since Monday,
she is on a school excursion.
My baby did not look big enough
to be heading off into the big
wide world without her mummy with her.
I think mum might have worried more
than the child did though.
OK, another day has come to an end,
and it is very late (again), so
I had better get a wriggle on and go to bed.
Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate
your leaving me your love.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ah, I have access to my blog again.
For some unknown reason I was unable to
sign in the other night, and I gave up in
frustration. Yesterday I was too busy
playing scrabble on Sheri's facebook to even
think about coming over here, thanks Tara,
I told you I would become addicted, Lol.
Day 144/365
I stopped to take this on the way to work
on Sunday morning, the sun looked
as if it was making a path to
Montague Island, you can see the island on
the horizon if you click on the photo.
Ho, Hum, another sunset.
The colours are amazing, I wonder does
the sea air have something to do with
the brilliance of it.
I wish I had a panoramic setting on the camera,
I couldn't get the whole horizon in,
the sky was alight right across as far as you could see.
Day 145/365
This is one of about 4 pics I took yesterday.
It is so hard to take a pic of a rainbow.
This one was taken out on the road
on my way to the bus stop with Sheri.
As you can probably tell it was a wet
and miserable day yesterday so
I didn't venture out with the camera.

Today is worse than it was yesterday,
I am heading to work very soon,
and I think extra clothes will be needed today,
either that or I just shut the door and
pretend I am not there, he he.
On a good note, the insurance company
finally came good with our claim,
all it took was a phone call from me asking
what the hell was going on with it,
we were broken into on Easter Sat,
I am sure if I took that long to
pay there bill I would be penalised severely.
I finally got onto the accountant about
being locked out of my accounting system,
seems they changed the operating system on me
and didn't realise, now they have to come
and install their version so I can do some work.
Ok, enough stalling from me, I had better
get my act together and go to work,
have a great day, and I will be back later.