Friday, August 28, 2009

Some Layouts

Hi all, guess what I actually remembered what my

password is, so long since I have graced my blog

it is not funny. I have been taking some photos

but not everyday, I am really slack, lol.

I was getting sick of only seeing sunsets

with the occasional sunrise chucked in.

I think I will start again when there is more

sunlight in the day.

Update on my stupid washing machine, after

a bit over 3 weeks it is sort of working,

Mark is not the best Mr fixit, seems like something

always gets broken while he is fixing the first

problem. Thanks to everyone that let me use

their laundries while mine was out of action.

Enough of that for a minute.

Here are a few of the Lo's I have done

over the past couple of weeks,

first Baby Ellora, Scotts little one.

Her hand is all blurred in the pic,

she was stretching.

Think I have used this pic before,
I was at work the other day and had nothing to use
so scrapped this again. My plan was to use only pink
and green, think I may have got a bit mixed up
seems to be a lot of brown there as well.
This started out as a sketch challenge over at
I had trouble with the sketch so it has been
turned and twisted and changed a lot.
I so don't like using 2 photos.
I don't think I will put it onto the site,
I have messed it up so much.
and here is our Tiffy again,
I decided it would be a good idea to
try and use some of my little bits and pieces
of paper that I seem to lug around all
the time. That upside down heart is not
part of the LO, I didn't notice it until I
re-sized the pic.
That is it for the Lo's.
We have a bushfire burning on Drom at
the moment, it is a bit scary for the
people living close to it. Some have
packed their stuff and moved out until
it is under control, which could be weeks
away. We think they should just water
bomb it, its not like there is no water
around, I am sure the ocean wont miss any.
I am going to try to take a pic of a whale
playing tomorrow, I spotted some
tonight but the light was wrong
and my pics did not work.
Ok enough of my rot, I have been
checking out all of your blogs, just been too slack
to log on to make any comments.
Thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Here I am again, woohoo, 2 nights running.

I had to take Sheri over to Narooma tonight to

her friends place, so I stopped and took

these photos of Narooma at night.

I used 2 different settings so the pics

are the same but different.

They were taken from the car-park at

the boardwalk looking back across the river

towards town. It is lit up like a Christmas tree.

The following LO's were the ones I promised before.

I cant get a decent pic of them, the colours are

not quite right, but you get the general idea.

The photo corner is pretty spastic in the family

one because, lol, that was where is landed when I

dropped it, oops, and because it had glue all

over the back I had to leave it like that, I

am still deciding what to do to disguise it a bit.

Maybe a flower, but not sure.

And this one of our little man.

I have had that song about 'Sweet wonderful you'

hanging around in my head for ages, so

I thought I might as well chuck it on a LO.

Thanks Tegan for the pic, I used one of the ones you

sent us. Shows his sweet cheeky little face beautifully.

And look Tara not a flower in sight, he he he.

I have another LO too, but I am trying to load

it onto the blind scrapping site that Vicky

mentioned in her blog, I just have to wait

for an email first. I will load it here tomorrow or


I was going to scrap all day, but only got the one LO

done after spending a couple of hours at

the next neighbours place doing some

washing, I think she will get sick of us very soon.

Ah well, I think that is about it from me for

the night, catch you all again maybe tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Hi, just a few random pics from the last couple of

days. I am not even going to try to work

out which day I am up to.

These flowers are from my next neighbours yard.

I snapped these while waiting for the washing

to finish. My machine is still not going,

so I have been borrowing her machine.

Thanks heaps for that Mrs P.

Last night the moon was almost full.
Do you know how hard it is to take a pic of the moon?
It was so bright while I was looking through the
viewfinder, so I mistakenly thought it would
fill the whole pic, wrong, wrong, wrong.
So I had a play around with some of the settings,
these following pics are the best I could get.
I tried the Auto setting, then the sunset
setting and finally the Shutter button settings.
The ones with the longer shutter setting just
did not work at all, too much light getting in.

This is the one using the shutter button,

I think it was on about a 3 sec timer,

it was about the best I could do.
And just because you are probably having withdrawals
from not seeing a sunset for awhile,
I took the next two tonight.
Honestly, you would think there was nothing else
to take a photo of around Bermi.

I have a couple of LO's to load too, but I think

I will take a better pic tomorrow, the night

time photography is not the best.

Sheri and I have decided that we should

spend tomorrow scrapping, so we are

going to do the blind scrap that Vicky

mentioned in her blog.

Here is the link:

Why not pop over and have a look.

That is it from me for the evening, hope you

are all having a wonderful Friday night and

are not doing anything too strenuous.

Thanks for stopping by, catch you again

tomorrow when I load some LO's.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I have lost the plot!

I have no idea what day I am up to.

I went back through my photos and they are mostly

sunset shots, and a lot of the kids at the beach.

Quite a few of birds in flight, so I

have decided you just get a few of

the better ones.

This one was the setting sun behind a smoke screen.

I love this bird, I was actually lining up for a
sunset shot when I noticed him/her.
I snapped this pic,
and clicked for the next shot and just captured it
in flight. I have been trying to get close enough
to one of these birds to take a pic for ages.
What have I been up to lately, not a lot.
Work and trying to do this stupid course
that I was encouraged (forced) to do.
I had the Mr-fix-it-man look at my
washing machine today, the good news is
it can be fixed, the bad news is the gearbox
is on its way out, so looks like we start saving for
a new machine.
We had a ram raid in town a week or so ago,
what is the world coming to.
They done so much damage, it is scary, all
for a couple of slabs of UDL's.
They stole a car in Narooma, then another
one here to use as a get away vehicle,
rammed the booze shop, then took off
in the second car, drove back to Narooma
and done burn outs on the golf course,
tens of thousands of $$$$$ worth of damage.
Mark had to pass the damage to get to work,
he held his breath all the way to the shop
wondering what he would find, luckily
they left us alone this time.
Time I was in bed, I tell you I don't know
where the time gets to,
I spend the day at work thinking it will never
end and then the evening flies by.
Did you pop over to Sheri's blog to check out the
photos she took when she went fishing
with her dad.
Night all, be good, and
thanks for stopping by.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

A couple of Layouts from the past few weeks.

This was nearly done before I left for

Batlow, but I had not decided what to do

for the flower centres, so

I carted it up there with me and chucked

the buttons and things on while I

was at the Tuesday Crop.

Then I started this one at the crop,

I didn't finish it because it was just wrong,

and besides I was laughing and having so much

fun the last thing I felt like doing was scrapping.

I changed one piece of paper and it was heaps better.

I had to hand doodle the flourishes on this one,

it is a pain being at work and not having the

things you need to finish a Lo.

Our little man, using the Duchess papers from Kaiser,

and some sass lass paper.

Tara says I have too many flowers for a boy

Lo, I say pfffft.

I think this would have to be the only time

I have pictured something in my head,

and actually made something that looked

the same, and I am totally happy with it.

That is it from me for now, I have another LO
but it is not quite finished, I will take a pic and load
it later. I will also try to do the other photos too.
My camera is chucking a bit of a wobbly at the
moment, I think I have tired it out and it needs a rest.
It is not focusing properly, I might have to
reset the factory settings.
My washing machine finally gave up this morning,
it has been acting up for a few weeks now,
I left my Mr Fix It to have a look the other day,
um, not the best idea, he is not real handy (lol).
My laundry looked like someone had been
massacred in there, I cant believe how much
blood there was, even after I made him
clean it up. Goodness only knows what he
did to himself, I thought it best not to ask.
I rang the real Mr-Fix-It this morn,
he will come have a look on Tues.
Probably cost me and arm and a leg
and he will tell me it is not worth fixing,
it is only 9 years old, not time to get a
new one just yet.
Oops I am raving again, sorry,
I will catch you again later,
thanks for stopping by.