Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas,
I hope you have had a good one!
We have had a very quiet day here,
just the 4 of us, our visitors will
arrive tomorrow (I can hardly wait).
I really didn't feel like having
Christmas at all yesterday,
but now the day is almost over
I am not ready for it to end just yet.
I tried taking Christmas photos, but like
last year they are not the best, a lot
of the tops of heads, while they
were looking at pressies, or just
plain stupid looks on their faces.
I am sure one of these days
I will get a decent pic.
Now that I am feeling the Chrissy
spirit I will add my favourite
Christmas song.
The War is Over by John Lennon.
So this is Christmas,
And what have you done?
Another year over,
A new one just begun.
And so this is Christmas,
I hope you have fun.
The near and the dear ones,
The old and the young.
(Chorus)A very Merry Christmas,
And a Happy New Year.
Let's hope it's a good one,
Without any fear.
And so this is Christmas,
The world is so wrong.
The rich and the poor ones,
Who held on so long.
And so happy Christmas,
For black and for white.
For yellow and red ones,
Let's stop all the fights.
(Chorus)A very Merry Christmas,
And a Happy New Year.
Lets hope it's a good one,
Without any fear.
So this is Christmas,
And what have we done?
Another year over,
A new one just begun.
And so happy Christmas,
We hope you have fun.
The near and the dear ones,
The old and the young.
(Chorus)A very Merry Christmas,
And a Happy New Year.
Let's hope it's a good one,
Without any fear.
War is over,
If you want it.
War is over,
I would add a photo or two but I really
cant be bothered. Maybe I will
do another post later, but please
don't hold your breath while you wait
for me to do it, just in case, LOL.
Stupid blogger, when I don't want double
spacing that is all I can have,
now when I need it, I can't have it.
Even after editing. Grrrrrrrr

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Here I am again, 2 days running. Lol.

Just thought I would come on and tell you

Tiff has chooks, her and Mark have been

building a chook house for ages

(neither of them have any idea),

I would have taken a photo of them but the

man that delivered them seen a snake between

here and the chook house, and it was not

the 8 foot of scary from the other week,

this one was black, ewwww.

Here is the Chrissy photo I have

uploaded to Bonsscraps photo challenge.

Isn't he just the cutest little rock monster???
That is it for me for now, I had better go and make
a start on the scrapping I am supposed
to be doing. Where am I going to find
some summery type photos,
seems like the sun never shines
around here lately.
Ok, I am outta here, be good.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Some scrapping to share...
I have been trying to do some 8.5 x 11 in
pages, Tara thinks they are easy, I
struggle with each and every one.
It still takes me the same amount of
time to do as a big LO.
I think maybe I stress too much about the
whole thing.
This first one is Zayne and James @
Zaynes birthday, way back in Oct.
Next we have Jed and Zayne at the beach
when they came down in Nov. I think
I need to add 'brothers' somewhere
but cant decide just where to put it.
Really like this one.

This is an older pic of Tani.

Sheri, relaxing on the beach, all rugged
up for winter, would you believe the next
day they all went swimming, hard
to pic the weather each day lately.
Tiff with her gorgeous freckles, funny
but you can hardly see them irl.
Really buggered up with the yellow on this one,
I cut it to size and then scolloped the edge, making
it too small, so I had to mount it onto something
and being at work of course I didn't have anything
suitable. Grrrr, I take heaps of stuff with me too.
The only good thing about LO's this size is
how easy they are to scan, but they are a bit
hazy in spots.
I am competing in a CC over at bonsscraps,
come on over and check it out.
I hope to be back on here sometime
over the weekend, so I will chat to you again then.

Oh CRAP...I am so slack

Gee where has the time gone, I have
been so totally slack lately,
I did try to log on once or twice
but ran into a few little problems.
What have I been up to in the last month
or so. Unfortunately not a real lot.
We had 8 foot of scary in the shed a few days ago.
This little beauty was sitting on top of the work
bench, I didnt see him when I pulled into the
shed. Sheri was having a stress attack and
I had no idea why, thought she might have
seen a spider, boy I could not have been further
from the truth.
We watched him for a while and then went inside,
didn't think to see where he actually went.
They tell me it is a diamond Python and
not at all dangerous, unless he desides to
give you a cuddle, but I was not going to
get that close.
We also had a visit from the Young Endeavour again,
I will add a photo of that later.
Tiff has finished primary school, my baby
is going to High School next year,
I am so not ready for that, she is
not big enough I am sure, maybe
she should stay in year 6 for a bit longer, lol.
I will have to pop over here again later, I
have done some scrapping but have
been too slack to take a photo of anything.
I am still trying to get the girls in the same
place at the same time to take a santa
photo, now they are growing up
they have more important things to do
every weekend.
Be good, and if you cant be good,
you better be careful.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

How did you all get on backing those four
legged things yesterday? I think I should
have held onto my TAB tickets to hand
in next year, I think my selections should
be crossing the line by then.
Favourites indeed!!!!!
I did get a third place prize,
I slipped out of the shop at
lunch time and raced over to the club
to put on an extra bet, after finally getting
around to actually looking which
horses were in the race,
lucky I did or I would not have won a cent.
Pauly I could have used your special skills
on Sunday, I had this lovely old gentleman
come in and ask me to make him a cup
of coffee, sorry I said I cant do that for
you, so he says well then how about
a cup of tea, still the answer is sorry
I don't drink tea or coffee so there
is none in the shop and he
certainly would not be able to
drink it if I did make him a cup. So then
he decided I should get him a beer,
we are a fishing tackle shop not a cafe or pub.
Then he tells me it was his 80th birthday
the day before, I wonder was he still
celebrating and didn't know what he
was doing or was he just joking with me.
Guess I will never really know for sure.
He sure brightened my day for me.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Hey Ho.....

I am still around, a little bit confused about this here blog

of mine...I was starting to think that nobody

was updating their blogs, this silly one is not showing any

updates, even after I have been and looked at them.

So I have been slack and not even worrying about

mine. Now I see that life has been going on without

me....Never mind....I will bore you with a couple of

photos and some LO's.

This photo was taken looking back towards

the blue pool on a bright sunny day,

the water was so clear you could see all the

rocks and stuff on the bottom.

Nearly same photo taken this arvo, just at

the end of the storm that blew through.
Looks like a totally different spot.
This is just a random photo of the harbour, Mark
and I went to scab in the fish waste trailer
but there was someone else already there,
so I took this photo so that we didn't have a wasted
trip into town, and so we didn't feel too stupid.

We thought we were seeing a rare bird the other

day, he was sitting in the trees just down the

road, this is a crap photo, but the best I

could do, after a bit of research on google

we think it is a white goshawk, (whatever

one of those is) not so rare after all.

Not sure that too many people see

them though.

I down loaded a free digi set from Kaiser

the other day and had a play, not sure

that I would bother taking that up though,

took me all arvo to do this. The digi set is

called 'Tag This'. I had a play with the

pic of Zayne in the corner, I shifted him

from a pic, took out the background, changed

opacity and flipped it to suit the pic.

Been a bit slack on the scrapping lately.

I think these are the latest ones.

Not sure about this one, a bit thrown together

and all over the place.

Too much time to waste at work, sat and doodled

a border, pretty happy with the way it turned out.

I could not get a decent pic of the LO, the photo

is not really that washed out.

Look what I found on the step the day after Tiff

was all dolled up for Halloween (which I do not

believe in). I was very brave and put

the camera on Macro and got in real

close to take this pic.

I have played with this pic and only left

Tiffs eyes coloured. She so does not have blue eyes.

They are usually gray so I am loving this pic.

Not so in love with the mouth though.

Sheri wants me to submit this LO.
As I said I don't believe in Halloween, so I have
called it 'Fright Night' instead.
I got a bit conned so that she could go
trick or treating (something else I so do not
believe in.....Encouraging kids to go
knock on strangers doors, really).
Tiff and her friend organised the night
with a friend but 'forgot' to tell me about
it until it was too late to call a stop to it.
Lucky I know the family she went with and
was ok with them taking her.
Sheri loves my spiders. I had to make
them, the only thing I had that looked
spooky was the paper, which I have had for
ages and never knew what was on it.

If you have made it this far down the page, thanks

for sticking around this long, thanks for visiting

and if you happen to leave a comment I thank you

again....That is it for me....Seeya

Friday, October 23, 2009

Hi, I am still here. I have been so slack lately,
too much effort to log onto this. Especially
when it is chucking a wobbly and wont let me
sign in. Ah well, never mind I am here now.
I have been whale watching most days
since we got home. The poor things are camera
shy, as soon as my camera is turned on
they dive and forget to come back up
again, so needless to say it has taken
me a few days to get some decent pics.
I have taken some other random shots while
I have been waiting though.
I thought there might be some in front of the
Blue Pool the other day, so I raced
down the steps to take a pic, not until
I turned around to go back up did I
remember how steep it is and how many steps
there are. I think there is ninety something,
lucky I stopped part-way.

I spotted this cute little lizard up the top
near the viewing platform, he was very obliging
and let me take his pic.

A couple of nights ago I thought there might
be a whale jumping off Michael Lerner Lookout.
I am s*#t scared of heights, so it was
quite brave of me to go there.
I took my life in my hands and went out on
the track, sounds good, but....
the track is about 2 foot wide at it's best,
rather steep, with about a 15 foot drop
on either side with not much decent
foliage to break a fall, being sandy
it is a little shifty under the feet too.
I took a deep breath and told myself that
some idiots will do anything to get a
pic of something, it didn't make me feel
any better about what I was doing but I did
see a whale (a long way off).
Here are a couple of the pics I took whilst there.
Looking back towards Bermi.
Looking back up the track.

Looking down the track towards the ocean.
I stopped when I got to this point, way to
scary to even think about tackling.
I held onto a tree for dear life while I took this pic.

A different day, looking back towards town, the water
was so clear and such beautiful colours.
I took my Polaroids off and took a pic through them,
they make the colours so much better.

Today I got to take pics of the whales up close,
but first I had to show you this, it was stunning.

Oh, and this, the camera was sort of pointed in the
wrong direction, the whales were higher up. Lol,
too busy yapping to see what I was doing.

Obviously I have taken these while standing on
the bank. This mother and her baby kindly
came in very close. I wish I could have gotten some
better shots, it was getting dark so these are as
good as it gets for today.
This one was coming right out of the water
until I pointed the camera at her.

The tell-tale splash that shows you where they are.
The sound of them hitting the water is quite loud
when they are this close, and they tell me if you
are snorkeling when they are calling to each other
that it is almost deafening.

This one and his mate were lying on their backs
tale slapping, pity I missed getting them in sync.

I have heaps of photos I would have liked to put here,
but I thought you most definitely must be getting bored
by now, so here are just a couple of faves for now.

Phewww....Marathon post there.
Must not be so slack, yeah right, I keep telling
that, but then I don't listen.
I have other pics from Zaynes birthday,
and the holidays, but I think I have
tortured you enough for now.
Oh, yeah, I finally got a new washing machine.
I convinced the Man of the house that the
other one was past saving. I think the
neighbours were getting sick of the bone
jarring grinding noise that was coming
out of it, I could hear it 60 mtrs away.
Now I have to work on getting a new toaster,
ours is temperamental to say the least,
I decides on a daily basis how it is going
to cook the toast, warm bread or charcoal.
The handle wont stay down unless
I call it a Poofter...any other name
and it pops right back up again.
I tried talking nice to it, but that didn't work at all.
Cripes, look at the length of this post, sorry
peoples, I do get carried away don't I?
Thanks for stopping by,
I have Lo's but will load them another time.
Seeya, be good.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It's Raining, Its Pouring

We Tani and Zayne for the first week of holidays,
and I think it has been raining everyday.
All Tani wants to do is play in the sand,
it is way too wet to even think about taking her.
We have managed a few trips to the park, but
it is so cold and miserable that we didn't stay long.
It is not good for the shop either, nobody
is going fishing so we are not doing much, still have
to have the doors open though, just in case.
I am taking the kids back tomorrow and I think
there will definitely be snow up the top,
I might have to take the long way home, it will make
it interesting. I was hoping to go over the top
and see some brumbies like Sheri did last week.
Maybe on the way back, weather permitting.
I might come back later and add a pic or two.
Thanks for stopping by, hope you are
drier than we are at the moment.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Missing Mojo...

Don't you hate it when you are all set to scrap and nothing is working,

wrong photos, wrong papers and absolutely no idea what to do with

the stuff you have got. That was me yesterday, no matter how hard

I tried I could not put anything together.I trashed a few pieces

of paper after I chucked a tantrum and ripped the crap out of them,

last week the double sided tape would not stick to anything,

yesterday when I tried to dismantle the train wreck I had started

it stuck, ripped holes in the papers and generally got under my skin.

I packed everything away without putting anything together,

I thought this is it, mojo has flown the coup and will never come back.

Today, I kept calm and used this beautiful pic of Tara and Zayne,

I have been wanting to scrap this for ages but it just never seemed to be

right. I started with the pic and this BG paper and the rest just happened,

I was finished the whole thing before lunch, I must say I was

pretty happy about that, I didn't loose my temper once.

I have loaded two pics, this first one shows nearly the proper

colours in the papers and flowers,

then this one shows the finished LO. Or maybe the nearly

finished Lo, I am thinking I might machine stitch around the

edges of the striped paper, my machine is too heave to lug

to work with me so that will be a wait and see if I can be
bothered sort of thing.
Pity the camera made it look so pink.
I also started another page, but got side tracked by customers.
Hopefully I will have a chance to finish it tomorrow
before the troupes get home.
That is enough gibberish from me,
thanks for stopping by, and any comments
you might happen to leave me,
be good, and I will be back again soon.

Monday, September 28, 2009



I have been thinking about this pic all day.

It cant be from the setting sun.

The rays radiant outwards from the sun

when it is behind the clouds,

since the sun was behind me, there is no way they

could have appeared like this.


I don't think it was the moon either,

I have never seen it make any rays like this,

I think i will have to keep thinking about it and
see if I can work what was going on.
Mark thinks I am mad, of course it was the sun.
Me I am not so sure, what do you think?????
Okay, that is my little bit of silliness for the day,
but really what do you think?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

A couple of recent photos...

I have not taken many sunset shots lately,

the sun is in the wrong place all the time.

I did venture down to Cuttagee the other

arvo, this is about the only one of the pics

that has anything going for it.

We had a bit of dust from the storm on Tuesday,

it started out just looking like fog, but as the day

went on it got thicker, we didn't get the red glow like

Sydney did. I took these photos after work,

this is probably as bad as it got.

Looking back up the river you could not see

the mountains across the back,

and looking out across the bay,

Mt Dromedary disappeared. It was

pretty yuk tasting the dust all day,

I think that was the worst thing we

experienced, that and the dirt on everything.

I stopped at the boat ramp to take this pic this

afternoon, the sun was looking pretty good when

I left the shop but by the time I got over there it

was behind the clouds again.

I took the scenic route home and stopped at

Um Ah Point to see if there were any

whales close by, and instead I seen

these amazing sun-beams.

It looks as if the sun was rising instead of

setting. The sun was actually behind me.

And look some Lo's.

This one of Sheri, I love this pic, Sheri

is changing so much lately. She looks so

different in this pic, look at all the curly hair.

I didn't have the right letters in black to make

the word I wanted, so I inked some pink foam

ones with versa ink. First I used pinecone on the whole

letter and then black along the bottom to

represent the change of the title.

I am pretty happy with how it worked.

I was on a roll with the journaling until

Tiff came and talked to me, instantly I could not remember

a word I was going to write, so have ended up

with gibberish.

I love this pic of all the girls, they are all looking in the same

direction and all have their eyes open and a smile

on their faces. Usually someone has a silly face

of some sort. Don't think I cant say I actually like this,

I don't do bright, so it took me a few days to finish,

I simply could not work out what to do.

I have had to use numbers in the title,

again I didn't have the right letters.

I am pretty stoked with the paint job on the letters too.

I don't have a title for this one yet.

I took this photo two weeks ago, Sheri has

been spending lots of time with Darrie cause

she will be moving soon, I think we will all miss her.

Both girls are very girly girls so I have done

my best to make a pretty girly page,

but I really don't know what to write,

everything I came up with sounded too cheesy.

If anyone has any ideas for a title for
me please feel free to tell me.
That is it from me for now.
Mark and the girls are going to Gundagai
for a few days through the week,
it will be Marks Mums Birthday on
Thursday. Pity one of us has to be
in the shop or we could all go.
Never mind I will get up there the next week
for Zaynes Birthday/Naming Day.
That's it, I have no more chatter,
so be good, thanks for stopping by,
and I will catch you again sometime.