Wednesday, November 4, 2009

How did you all get on backing those four
legged things yesterday? I think I should
have held onto my TAB tickets to hand
in next year, I think my selections should
be crossing the line by then.
Favourites indeed!!!!!
I did get a third place prize,
I slipped out of the shop at
lunch time and raced over to the club
to put on an extra bet, after finally getting
around to actually looking which
horses were in the race,
lucky I did or I would not have won a cent.
Pauly I could have used your special skills
on Sunday, I had this lovely old gentleman
come in and ask me to make him a cup
of coffee, sorry I said I cant do that for
you, so he says well then how about
a cup of tea, still the answer is sorry
I don't drink tea or coffee so there
is none in the shop and he
certainly would not be able to
drink it if I did make him a cup. So then
he decided I should get him a beer,
we are a fishing tackle shop not a cafe or pub.
Then he tells me it was his 80th birthday
the day before, I wonder was he still
celebrating and didn't know what he
was doing or was he just joking with me.
Guess I will never really know for sure.
He sure brightened my day for me.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Hey Ho.....

I am still around, a little bit confused about this here blog

of mine...I was starting to think that nobody

was updating their blogs, this silly one is not showing any

updates, even after I have been and looked at them.

So I have been slack and not even worrying about

mine. Now I see that life has been going on without

me....Never mind....I will bore you with a couple of

photos and some LO's.

This photo was taken looking back towards

the blue pool on a bright sunny day,

the water was so clear you could see all the

rocks and stuff on the bottom.

Nearly same photo taken this arvo, just at

the end of the storm that blew through.
Looks like a totally different spot.
This is just a random photo of the harbour, Mark
and I went to scab in the fish waste trailer
but there was someone else already there,
so I took this photo so that we didn't have a wasted
trip into town, and so we didn't feel too stupid.

We thought we were seeing a rare bird the other

day, he was sitting in the trees just down the

road, this is a crap photo, but the best I

could do, after a bit of research on google

we think it is a white goshawk, (whatever

one of those is) not so rare after all.

Not sure that too many people see

them though.

I down loaded a free digi set from Kaiser

the other day and had a play, not sure

that I would bother taking that up though,

took me all arvo to do this. The digi set is

called 'Tag This'. I had a play with the

pic of Zayne in the corner, I shifted him

from a pic, took out the background, changed

opacity and flipped it to suit the pic.

Been a bit slack on the scrapping lately.

I think these are the latest ones.

Not sure about this one, a bit thrown together

and all over the place.

Too much time to waste at work, sat and doodled

a border, pretty happy with the way it turned out.

I could not get a decent pic of the LO, the photo

is not really that washed out.

Look what I found on the step the day after Tiff

was all dolled up for Halloween (which I do not

believe in). I was very brave and put

the camera on Macro and got in real

close to take this pic.

I have played with this pic and only left

Tiffs eyes coloured. She so does not have blue eyes.

They are usually gray so I am loving this pic.

Not so in love with the mouth though.

Sheri wants me to submit this LO.
As I said I don't believe in Halloween, so I have
called it 'Fright Night' instead.
I got a bit conned so that she could go
trick or treating (something else I so do not
believe in.....Encouraging kids to go
knock on strangers doors, really).
Tiff and her friend organised the night
with a friend but 'forgot' to tell me about
it until it was too late to call a stop to it.
Lucky I know the family she went with and
was ok with them taking her.
Sheri loves my spiders. I had to make
them, the only thing I had that looked
spooky was the paper, which I have had for
ages and never knew what was on it.

If you have made it this far down the page, thanks

for sticking around this long, thanks for visiting

and if you happen to leave a comment I thank you

again....That is it for me....Seeya