Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Missing Mojo...

Don't you hate it when you are all set to scrap and nothing is working,

wrong photos, wrong papers and absolutely no idea what to do with

the stuff you have got. That was me yesterday, no matter how hard

I tried I could not put anything together.I trashed a few pieces

of paper after I chucked a tantrum and ripped the crap out of them,

last week the double sided tape would not stick to anything,

yesterday when I tried to dismantle the train wreck I had started

it stuck, ripped holes in the papers and generally got under my skin.

I packed everything away without putting anything together,

I thought this is it, mojo has flown the coup and will never come back.

Today, I kept calm and used this beautiful pic of Tara and Zayne,

I have been wanting to scrap this for ages but it just never seemed to be

right. I started with the pic and this BG paper and the rest just happened,

I was finished the whole thing before lunch, I must say I was

pretty happy about that, I didn't loose my temper once.

I have loaded two pics, this first one shows nearly the proper

colours in the papers and flowers,

then this one shows the finished LO. Or maybe the nearly

finished Lo, I am thinking I might machine stitch around the

edges of the striped paper, my machine is too heave to lug

to work with me so that will be a wait and see if I can be
bothered sort of thing.
Pity the camera made it look so pink.
I also started another page, but got side tracked by customers.
Hopefully I will have a chance to finish it tomorrow
before the troupes get home.
That is enough gibberish from me,
thanks for stopping by, and any comments
you might happen to leave me,
be good, and I will be back again soon.

Monday, September 28, 2009



I have been thinking about this pic all day.

It cant be from the setting sun.

The rays radiant outwards from the sun

when it is behind the clouds,

since the sun was behind me, there is no way they

could have appeared like this.


I don't think it was the moon either,

I have never seen it make any rays like this,

I think i will have to keep thinking about it and
see if I can work what was going on.
Mark thinks I am mad, of course it was the sun.
Me I am not so sure, what do you think?????
Okay, that is my little bit of silliness for the day,
but really what do you think?

Sunday, September 27, 2009

A couple of recent photos...

I have not taken many sunset shots lately,

the sun is in the wrong place all the time.

I did venture down to Cuttagee the other

arvo, this is about the only one of the pics

that has anything going for it.

We had a bit of dust from the storm on Tuesday,

it started out just looking like fog, but as the day

went on it got thicker, we didn't get the red glow like

Sydney did. I took these photos after work,

this is probably as bad as it got.

Looking back up the river you could not see

the mountains across the back,

and looking out across the bay,

Mt Dromedary disappeared. It was

pretty yuk tasting the dust all day,

I think that was the worst thing we

experienced, that and the dirt on everything.

I stopped at the boat ramp to take this pic this

afternoon, the sun was looking pretty good when

I left the shop but by the time I got over there it

was behind the clouds again.

I took the scenic route home and stopped at

Um Ah Point to see if there were any

whales close by, and instead I seen

these amazing sun-beams.

It looks as if the sun was rising instead of

setting. The sun was actually behind me.

And look some Lo's.

This one of Sheri, I love this pic, Sheri

is changing so much lately. She looks so

different in this pic, look at all the curly hair.

I didn't have the right letters in black to make

the word I wanted, so I inked some pink foam

ones with versa ink. First I used pinecone on the whole

letter and then black along the bottom to

represent the change of the title.

I am pretty happy with how it worked.

I was on a roll with the journaling until

Tiff came and talked to me, instantly I could not remember

a word I was going to write, so have ended up

with gibberish.

I love this pic of all the girls, they are all looking in the same

direction and all have their eyes open and a smile

on their faces. Usually someone has a silly face

of some sort. Don't think I cant say I actually like this,

I don't do bright, so it took me a few days to finish,

I simply could not work out what to do.

I have had to use numbers in the title,

again I didn't have the right letters.

I am pretty stoked with the paint job on the letters too.

I don't have a title for this one yet.

I took this photo two weeks ago, Sheri has

been spending lots of time with Darrie cause

she will be moving soon, I think we will all miss her.

Both girls are very girly girls so I have done

my best to make a pretty girly page,

but I really don't know what to write,

everything I came up with sounded too cheesy.

If anyone has any ideas for a title for
me please feel free to tell me.
That is it from me for now.
Mark and the girls are going to Gundagai
for a few days through the week,
it will be Marks Mums Birthday on
Thursday. Pity one of us has to be
in the shop or we could all go.
Never mind I will get up there the next week
for Zaynes Birthday/Naming Day.
That's it, I have no more chatter,
so be good, thanks for stopping by,
and I will catch you again sometime.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Another bird or two, and some random shots of stuff.

This one is a very poor pic of an overstuffed

Eastern Rosella, he was so fat that he was just hopping

along, could hardly lift himself off the ground.

He would not stand still long enough for a

decent pic.

Gallahs are more camera shy than me, you can

nearly walk up to them and pat them and

they don't even blink, put a camera in your

hand and they fly away, so I was pretty

stoked to get this pair on the feeder the other day.

Check this one out, I managed to snap him mid scratch.

Just a quick pic of the girls after the movies the other day,

such a social life these girls have.

A very wild pic of Sheri taken at the beach the other arv.

Look at those curls, her hair was straight until

a couple of months ago, now we can see it getting more

like mine everyday. It looks to be getting darker too.

A very random pic of miss Tiff, I was standing above

her, I like this pic, just a little bit random.

I let Sheri have the camera to take a pic or two of

me, even though I have a severe case of camera phobia,

I must say that she has done a pretty good job,

I mean the subject was not the best but

you know what I mean. Changing the settings to

black and white has eliminated most of the grey from

my wild hair. Cant do much about the wrinkles,

but the way I look at it I earned every single one

of them so they are my badges of honour.

Bloody ringlets, just look at them,

a lady my age should not have ringlets.

The closest I have come to taking a pic of a sunset.

Tiff running along the edge of the sand with the sun

behind her.

Tiff and her friend Sarah have learnt how to do

handstands in sync. part of their gym training at school.

Check this out, remember the sunset pic that was totally red,

when we had to design our new tide guides I gave the pic

and a few others to the fella, he was totally awed by

my pics, so used this one for the guide, with an

old pic of Sheri with a monster Bream that she caught.

Ok, enough of the crap. I am totally not liking the double spacing,
makes my post look enormous.
Thanks for stopping by, thanks for any comments
you may choose to leave.
So until next time be good, if you cant
be good be very careful. Seeya.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Birds....Long post

A few pics of the bird life that came to visit today.
I bet I looked a right clown taking these, I was
laying on the floor inside, while half hanging out the
door snapping away at these colourful birds,
they kept getting startled when I stood up
and would fly away, ha ha, I tricked them.

First a King parrot, I thought he was on top of the

pecking order, boy was I wrong,

then I thought maybe it was Maggie here, but
it sort of sat back and waited it's turn,
these beautiful little Rainbow Lorikeets ruled
the feed box, they would not let anything
else near it.
Love this one, pity about the chain covering his face.
These parrots come by the dozen, granny brain
here, I cant remember what they are.
The ones with all the green are babies,
the bright red ones are adults.
I played with the settings while they were bossing
each other around, I turned onto shutter mode
and got this one in flight.
I had the camera resting on the step and managed
not to shake.
Yesterday while I was at work Mark
noticed a bird we had not seen before, so
I kept an eye out for it this morning,
we thought it must be a pigeon of some sort,
but after a google search we think it is
a Brown Cuckoo Dove.
He has a nice name don't you think?
This is the only decent pic I managed to get
of the white headed pigeon, he is behind
the Brown Dove, they usually
manage to come and chase everything
else away, the other birds are learning to be bossy
and stand their ground now.
And finally 2 Layouts.
I am going to sub them and get rejected for sure,
so I will put them here now,
this one of the Crazy girls fell
together so easily, it was fun to do.
I am really happy with how it looks.
And miss T riding the waves. Not real
sure about this one, its not right but I
am not sure why.
I really need to do some scrap supply shopping,
I am fast running out of stuff to use.
Though I am finding papers I had forgotten about.
I have a sick Sheri at the moment,
she has the sniffles, hope it doesn't
turn into anything serious.
She said one of the boys at school had
swine flu, and his mum is a teacher and
she still came to school, probably spread it
around to everyone.
Did you pop over to Tara's blog and check
out our little man. He is so much like
Craig at the that age it is scary.
Ok, I have written a newsletter that tells
you nothing, so I had better kick myself off here.
If I have not commented on your blog, it
is because I am lazy, not because I have not
been looking. Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Sunsets and Layouts

Just two pics today, I am getting so lazy.

Taken up the river at sunset.

Not a cloud in sight so not a great pic.

This one is better, there were a few

clouds around, it is a pity there was not a drop

of rain in them, we really need a downpour.

One of the LO's I have done recently,

it was supposed to be all white, but it

was too bright (go figure), so I toned it down

with the cream flowers and stuff.

It is a pic of Scott, Jade and Ellora, I set up

a mock studio to do a photo shoot for them.

This one is my Niece Nat's little girl,

she is now 6 months old and looks

like a real girly girl.

I love how this has turned out, so pink

and frilly. I scrap-lifted a LO of mine

that I done not long ago called

'Sweet wonderful you'

I liked the way it all fit together so I

copied it and am equally happy with this one.

This one I finished at work today, it

took me most of the day to do it,

I am so not used the scrapping boy pics.

I tried not to put flowers on it, but it got the

better of me, I really need to go to a

scrap shop, I am using a lot of old stuff

because it is all I have left, which is

great I suppose if I look at the fact that I am

actually using it instead of hording it.

Wonder should I bother to submit any of these.
I have not subbed for ages.
Might just do it, like I keep telling myself
rejection is good for the soul.
Ok enough of the rubbish from me.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend
planned, my only plan is to sleep in tomorrow.
Thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Not much happening in my neck of the woods.
We have finally had some rain, the first
decent lot in something like 3 months.
I have been taking pics but too slack to
do anything with them.
I have a few Lo's to show but need to
get permission to show them first,
they are of family, but I had best ask first.
I think that is about all from me. I cant
think of anything important enough to
share with you all, so goodnight from
me, be good, and I will catch you
all another day.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

A couple of photos

Just a few of the photos I have taken over

the past couple of weeks.

I thought I re-sized more than this,

but it is late and I am not sure what I am doing.

This is one of the King Parrots that

we feed everyday.

Early morning sun over Beares Beach.

Do you have any idea how cold the sand is

when the sun is rising, my toes felt like

they were about to drop off, maybe

I should have worn something on my

feet, but I was in a bit of a hurry.

I had been up since 5.30 cooking bacon and egg

rolls for the crew on the fishing boat,

Mark and I went to all the trouble to make

them and keep them hot and the clowns

didn't eat them til 1 1/2 hours later.


Smoke from Drom, it looked like Bermi was

burning, the smoke was so close.

This one was taken from on the headland,

believe it or not there is a mountain in that smoke

it looked as if it had burned to the ground.

The sun this arvo, I hung out of the car up the main

street this arvo to get this pic, it would have

been truly spectacular if I could have

spared the time to wait for some more colours

to come.

This one was taken closer to home.

Usually I don't see the sun where it was today,

I love the way it is sitting behind the tree.

I have heaps of other photos but am being lazy
and cant be bothered resizing them.
I have run out of stuff to say, my brain is on
strike, must be past my bedtime.
So thanks for stopping, and leaving
me your love.