Monday, March 29, 2010

Oh dear......

You are not going to believe what happened this morning.
I was taking pics across the road from the shop
using Tara's camera, came back to the
shop and said to Mark, I really
wish I had of got the camera the other day,
he asked how much etc, and said I could
use some of the money from the sale
of the boat, until I got the money I am
expecting. The bloody sale ended yesterday.
Typical, now I have to wait until they
come on sale again, I told him I wont
get it until I am sure the money is
there, so I was not too dissappointed.
But gee I wish he had of said it
a couple of days ago, I would
have been there in a shot.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sat and Sun photos....

Looking for a 'Retro' pic. I remembered my

coat from 1978. The girls reaction

'please tell us you didnt actually go outside

wearing that'. Cheeky brats.

Took a couple of weeks to convince Tiff

to be my model, as you can see she was

far from impressed. Honestly the coat

is not that bad.

So then I took a pic of Sheri wearing her
cool blue 'shades'. Pretty 'retro', I could
imagine someone wearing these in the 60's.
I played with the settings in photoshop to
take away all but the blue colour.

Yesterdays prompt was - feeling the cold!
What makes you feel warm.
My interpretation, my lovely, smelly, comfy
uggies and a good book.
Todays prompt - A rainbow of colour!
Sadly my colour pallette was sadly lacking colour.
It was overcast/smoky all day, I am not sure
the sun even came out. I took this
photo at nearly 7pm while I was waiting for
my order of chips. Even the usual colours
of the setting sun were letting me down.
Tomorrows prompt is - the weather today!
I bet it is blowing and miserable, the wind
is supposed to swing nor-east, so it wont
be good.
Thanks for stopping by, and if you have
left some love, thanks, much appreciated.

Friday, March 26, 2010

No photos today...

I went shopping instead.
Sheri is turning 15 on Easter Friday
so it was off to the shops today
to try and find a gift for her.
All I got from my shopping trip is:
I dont like the fashions they have for
this winter, I thought leggins went
out years ago.
And those funny knitted tops/dresses
or what ever they are dont have
much going for them.
She thought she would like a book,
huh right, they dont have that
in the Bay anywhere.
So I came home with very little
towards a gift.
While I was there I checked out
the camera's at Harvey Norman.....
Man I am so spewing that the
Taxation Dept has decided
they dont owe me anything.
The Nikon D90 is on special
for $1770, with a cashback voucher
for $200. You dont know how hard
it was to walk out of that shop
without one of those little babies
tucked securely under my arm.
All the way home I tried to come up
with some way to raise that sort of
money, but I cant see it happening
by the end of the weekend.
I will try to take a pic tomorrow,
I promise. I conned Tiff into
posing in my 'retro' coat
for a pic, but sadly the light
was all wrong and none of the
photoes worked. Not sure I can get
her to put it on again.
Thanks for stopping by,
thanks even more if you have left some love.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Day 2 of the March CC
Think fallen leaves???
I took a couple of pics today, Tiff
picked this one.
This one is sort of like autumn colours,
but just a bit blah.

I like this one, but too much like
yesterdays prompt.

Just took this one cause I liked it.

This is the other one I was going to use.
I like the curly leaves.

Just a quick post today, I worked
so not much to chat about.
So thank you for visiting,
catch you again, maybe tomorrow,
maybe not.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Todays pics and some old fav's

I absolutely love this photo. I took it just
after 8 this morning. Just before I
pulled up to take this pic the sun was
behind the cloud and everything
was a bit orange, by the time I took this
the sun had risen more, I love the
softness of this pic.
So I waited until this arvo, and wandered
over to the neighbours place.
This is the pic I have submitted,
dont know what it is but it is
pretty cool.

I cruised back into my pics to look at
other orange pics from the past year,
we used this one as the cover of our
Tide Guides this year. I was in the right
place at the right time, it was like something
out of the movies with special effects,
everything was orange/red, even the
people walking around.

This one was a random naked tree next to
Wallaga Lake, love the twistie looking branches.

This is my most fav of all, this was a fungus
growing in a tree stump on the side of the road,
it was massive and looked just like a big mouth.
The colours are exactly the same as the real
thing too, I was pretty impressed that I even
seen this.

It has taken me forever to load these tonight,
me and the puter were not getting on real well.
So I think that is enough rubbish from me,
I will try to load tomorrows pic tomorrow
night, I am not sure what the prompt is,
but I will endeavour to do something good.
Thanks for stopping by.

Gee I am slack.....

so long between posts! no excuse other
than being too lazy to do it.
You know it is so long since I uploaded a
Lo that I sort of cant remember which
ones I have done, and really cant be
bothered going back to have a look.
This is the Lo I have done for March
'Write now' over at Bons
Basically you had to ask a Q;
and then answer it somewhere on the page.
This one is a just because one.
I played with this pic of Tiff in photoshop,
so that I could use it for the sketch challenge,
it didnt work on that so I put this together instead.
She was such a little cutie at that age.
The photo of the Lo is not the best, the colour
have not come up very well.
There is another photo challenge happening
during the CC this month, todays prompt
is 'Orange', I am really going to have
to get my thinking cap on for this one.
It is sort of to do with Autumn, but
being on the coast means that
we dont really get all the falling leaves
and wonderful colours like we used to
when I lived inland.
I have all day to think about it, so I
am sure something will jump out
at me sometime during the day.
Now I am on here seems I have found plenty
to prattle on about, so I will step away
from the keypad and go hang the washing.
You all enjoy your day now,
and I will catch you another time.
Thanks for stopping by.

Friday, March 19, 2010

It's CC time at Bon's.
The fun is on again,
Tuesday - March 23rd.
8:45- Sketch Challenge
9:05- bingo
9:15- Scrap Lift challenge
9:30- DT Challenge
3 hours earlier for Perth
1 hour earlier for QLD
30 mins earlier for SA
Come on, give it a go.
You will have fun, promise.

Sunday, March 14, 2010


Sheri helped me to do a collage.
These are some of the fireworks from
last night. Sheri missed out on seeing them
live, she was working (again).

It was an absolutely brilliant night for them,

it was so still, and reasonably warm still.

Ok, that is it from me for now,

I probably have lots more to add, but

I cant seem to think of anything right now.

Thanks for stopping by, and if you have

left a little love, I really appreciate it.
Catch you again next time, be good.

All the fun of the fair....

at night.

This is the shock wave, Tiff and her friend

Sarah were on this when I was taking the photo.

It stops with the chair things straight up in

the air, I could hear the man saying you are now

suspended 64 feet above the ground, upside down,

OK, time to let my girls off already, it was

scaring me and I was on the ground.

I could hear one female voice saying

make it stop now, I have had enough.

This one is the chair o plane
with the shockwave behind it, Tiff
and Sarah were the only two on it,
so the lady let it go for ages. Tiff said
they were starting to feel dizzy
cause they were on there so long.
Nobody was on this, but it looked pretty good
at night.
And what would a fair be without the clowns.
I think they might have been the cheapest thing there.
Mark decided he would like a dagwood dog for lunch,
so I fought my way through the crowds and
put my order in for 3, 2 for Mark 1 for me,
that will be $15, I can tell you I nearly fell over.
I could have got a pack of dogs and made my own
for a lot less than that.
I got a couple of pieces of ric-rac from one stall
and that was the extent of my spending at
the fair. All the kids that came into the shop
said they were not going on anything,
it was all too expensive. $6 for the chair-o-plane,
$8 for the shockwave, you would think
they could work it out for themselves,
by charging prices like that they are doing
themselves out of money. The kids said
if they have to choose which ride to go
on cause they only have enough for one,
then they wont go on any, if they could go on
both for the same money they would,
and probably come back later for another go.

Sculptures on the edge...

Just a few pics of the Sculptures on the edge.
They have been set up on the headland for the
past week. They were all done by local people.

This one was made by my neighbour. The girls
walked past this every arvo and wondered
what is was for.

Love this pendulum thingy. The flowers
on it are amazing, they are like little
crystals or something.

Sheri thinks these next two look like something
her teacher would do.

Mambo man? anyones guess.

There were three of these men. I think they
would have been my favourite of the lot.
The detail in them was really good.

Ah, an update at last.
Not so much of anything, but still ok.
Later I will add the fireworks and the
shockwave that Tiff went on.