Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy 12th Birthday....

to my darling Tiffany.
It hardly seems like 12 years ago that
I was in hospital holding you in my arms.
I can almost remember it like it was
only yesterday. I had to have a
Caeser cause you were a stubborn little
thing and refused to turn so you
could be born. The Dr said
you were sitting on my right hip
with your legs bent and your feet sitting
on my left hip, you had your head tucked
under my left ribcage, you must
have been comfortable like that
because you hadn't moved from that
position for weeks. He said you must have
wanted to stay there cause there
was no part of you that was in a
position to be born.
Guess what was the best present
you got today. I suppose now you
will nag me until I take you shopping.

Your cake, mmmm. Look at all those candles
nearly enough to light up the room. LOL.

Here is take 2 on the Lo that I

didn't like. I am not so sure

I am happy with it now, but it is better

than the other one.

And a scrappy LO. I used scraps or

older product for most of this.

Quite proud of myself for that.
I have joined bits of paper to make

it stretch and everything.

It is a pic of Tiff clowning for the camera,

she wanted me to call it -

hey Ma......kiss this

Ok that is enough from me.
Thanks for stopping by, and
if you have left love, thank you
much, I really appreciate it.
And if I have been too slack to
leave love on your blog I apologise,
I promise I have been looking,
but too lazy to sign in and leave a
nice word here and there.
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Saturday, May 15, 2010

A page or two.....

I am super slack, this is all I have
scrapped for ages.
I think I started this one for something
in last months challenges at Bons.
It was so long ago I cant remember.
I like all the girly colours in this.
It says 'these gorgeous girls
are more than mates'.

This one of Miss Tiff is for the May

sketch challenge at Bons. It is a

really nice sketch, my brain was not

switched on, so I have just pretty much

just copied the sketch. Not sure that I

am liking it, but at least it is done.

And this is the one that didn't make it.

I am not happy with the glimmermist

so I have now dismantled this and started again.

I love wasting Kraft...NOT. It was one of

my last pieces. I have nearly finished remaking this

I will have to post it in a day or two.

Oh, and I am not sure about the title either.

It will be something about my gift to me.

All I wanted for mothers day was a pic

of the girls together, so this was it,

taken the day before but close enough.

Any hints would be good.

Ok, I might load a couple of pics later too,

but then again maybe I wont.

thanks for stopping by.

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Friday, May 14, 2010


Thursday, May 13, 2010

It's on again......

Bon's May CC
is starting on Tuesday 18th,
and as usual there will be lots
to do. Scrapping to be done,
bingo to be played,
photos to be taken,
and of course lots of chatting
with the girls.
The timetable is as follows;
Start 7.30
7.30 Bons Colour challenge
7.35 Free online class with Sandie -
{this is looking absolutely delish so far}
7.45 Sketch challenge
8.05 bingo
8.15 Scrap lift challenge
8.30 DT challenge
And of course the photography challenge
that runs daily.
So come on join in and have a ball
with the rest of us.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers day photo shoot...

All I wanted for Mothers Day was some
nice photos of these two.
Tiff was being a real butt-head
as you can see. She stuffed around
and would not let me take a decent pic.
I dont mind the one top right
but the rest are yuk.
Sheri on the other hand was a good
model, all but one or two photos
were perfect.
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I got a couple of shots of them together,

but the light was gone, so the pics look

pretty grainy. I will try for

another one of them later.

To all the Mum's out there, I hope

you had a lovely day and didn't do

anything too strenuous.

Catch you all again later.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Just a couple of pics of Tiff while I am
playing. She let me take these
before she went to her first high-school
dance. I used the 50mm lens.
Think when I learn to drive it I will
be using it heaps. I like the softness
of the photos.

My baby girl is growning up.

I think I might have to lock her up
and throw away the key, so not ready
for my last baby to be all grown up.

Ok, I have finished playing now.
I am not sure I like loading using picassa,
it is different, that is for sure.
I will leave judgement until another day.
Thanks for stopping by.

Not sure if I should keep this one.

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Sheri's pet spider.....NOT
The girls have to duck under this spider
when they walk home from the bus-stop.
Dont know what it is, other than a 'manging'
(Sheri's word) big one, and it is rather scary.

I told them to knock it down and dont be
whimps, that was before I seen it.
Not sure I would go knocking it down either.
I sure would not like to forget it is there
and end up with it on my face. Ewww.
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Some scrapping.....at last.
So not feeling it at all lately.
Sandies sketch challenge for April at Bons.
Circles, paint {glimmermist}, buttons -
little yellow flowers, and stars - around the 11.

Flis' April Class.
Thanks Flis, took me a while but
I love how this came together in the end.

Sheri Lou on her birthday,
I hardly took any photos at all,
so I had to go with this pensive shot.
I like the background paper, pity
I only got one piece.

One post down, so many more to do, Lol.
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