Saturday, February 28, 2009

Day 41/365
Just a quick one today, I have been at
work all day, it was one of the
longest days ever I reckon.
Thank heavens for customers, I don't
think it would have taken much for me to
fall asleep. Just one pic today,
a very pretty Hibiscus flower.
I am so looking forward to having a sleep-in tomorrow.
I hope nobody expects me to wake up too early.
I will do better with my pic tomorrow, hopefully.
With any luck I might also get to do some scrapping.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Day 40/365
Mark's parents and brother are in town,
we have just arrived home after
sharing a beautiful BBQ with them.
I took the opportunity to take my
daily photo around the garden at the motel.
I took heaps of photos, but I didn't have my
glasses on, so most of the photos are not so good,
bugger getting old and not being able to see straight anymore.
I would love something like this in my paddock,
but as I have said before I am no gardener, and
I would probably kill everything in the first few days.
This is a bit out of focus, but it was the cutest little
flower on this huge tree, the wind was
trying to blow the leaves off the trees, so
it was a bit hard getting anything to stay still
long enough to focus.
Sheri is sick, she came home from school
with a cold, she is sniffly and is talking funny.
Bit hard to tell in this pic but she is really black
under the eyes too. She will have to stay in
bed all weekend, what a hardship, LOL.
She is really going crook, who gets sick on a weekend.

Check out the shirt, it says 'I kissed a Vampire, and
I liked it'. She is so obsessed with the Twilight
series at the moment.
Anyhow I have to work again tomorrow,
and I am about ready to fall asleep,
so I will catch all you nice peoples tomorrow.
Be good!!!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Day 39/365
Today's photos courtesy of the 'next neighbours' garden.
Sheri walks past these plants every arvo,
and suggested that they would make nice
pics for today. We were a little worried
about getting sprung sneaking
through their paddock, we made it all the way
to the other side of the yard without being seen,
and wouldn't you know it, they decided to pick
that time to drive past us, thought we were
going to get yelled at for sure, but after asking
permission to take the photos it was all good.
I think they used to yell at the boys
cause they showed no respect for all the
lovely plants.
I have now discovered that everything
in said garden has points that hurt when you stand
too close. I wish now we went there earlier before we lost
the light. I ended up having to use the flash.
So glad we didn't have to tangle with this one.
This one was tucked in the middle of something
else, so it is not the best shot, but isn't it pretty.
Check these two out being friends.
Got to make the most of moments
like these, they are getting fewer all the time.

Lastly here is a beautiful shot taken by
Sheri, she risked life and limb going into
the middle of all the spikes to take this.
Very well done, chickie.
I am afraid the pics I took of the same flowers
are so out of focus I couldn't use them.
That's it for another night, thanks for all
the feedback.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Day 38/365
Look who came back for a visit this morning.
I have not seen the Wrens for days.
I wish I could get the camera to focus
on him properly.
Look what the parrots have done to the
sunflowers, there is hardly a seed left.

I went to the Bay today to buy a bed.
World's worst shopper. I got one of the first ones
I looked at. The shop had mirrors all
over the place, ewwwww, not fond of
looking at myself everywhere I look.
I checked out the lounges while
I was there, but that will have to wait till
another day.
I went for a wee drive while I was there,
to take my daily photo (I forgot about the bird),
This is one of those bridges that the middle
lifts up to let the tall boats under. I would
tell you what they are called if I actually knew.

I snuck up on this Pelican while I was snapping pics.
I only got 2 pics of him, I think I might have
scared him.

I stopped at the Mogo scrap shop on the way past.
I didn't get much at all, they are a bit
over-priced and have way too much crammed
into the shop, making it hard to see what they
have in stock.
That's it for me tonight, catch you again tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Day 37/365
As promised a photo that is not a sunset.
The boats up the creek.
The powers that be decided the access ramps
used by boat owners were dangerous,
so they removed them.
What they have left is like a cement platform,
with no barrier to stop you stepping
over the edge. The drop to the water
is probably 1-1.5 metres.
I think they have certainly made it a lot
more dangerous than it ever was before.

The few boat owners that have installed their own
ramp have put a drop down gate at the top,
with a strong padlock attached to keep
undesirables away.
Safer for all concerned.
That's it for tonight, unless of course I think
of something to add later.
Off to eat some cheesecake for dessert,
(fattest loser would love me).

Monday, February 23, 2009

Day 36/365
I think I have created a monster.
Tiff and I have started making after
dinner 'photo' time. It seems that all my
photos are sunsets.
I might have to take the time on the way
to work to catch something different.

I would like to take a nice sun shiny day
pic, but it seems that the sun never shines
here anymore. Maybe tomorrow.

These 3 photos were all taken tonight,
within about 1/2 hr of each other.
It is certainly weird how different they
all turned out.
Looking at the last one gives
me plenty of ideas for some more pics though.
If I had of known the sun would do that to the
water I would have checked it out sooner.
And next time I will take the tripod with me,
I rested the camera on a fencepost
to take this pic.
Catch you all again tomorrow night.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Day 35/365
How gorgeous are these flowers.
I noticed one at the gate to the tip on
the way home tonight, then Tiff
and I found a heap of them scattered through
the bush, are they some sort
of wild flower? I have no idea.
Tiff touched the green bit in the middle
and it is full of liquid.
I should have taken a photo of the stem
too, it looks like a lily flower but not so
the stem.
I finished the Lo that I started the other day,
I only got as far as the circle and the strips
along the bottom and then lost the plot.
This morning I painted the flourishes and
thought they looked like splashes of water.
From there everything just fell together.

The little thing in the bottom left corner is not stuck down
(I am original, thing),
do I leave it there or add something else,
or lose it altogether?
I would appreciate your input.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Day 34/365
The girls had some fun with some sparklers tonight,
it was a bit cold outside so I
only got a couple of photos.
This was about the best of them.
Nice quiet day here today, didn't do much at all.
Slept in, did some housework, and spent nearly
2 hours at the beach.
There was a pod of dolphins going
past when we got there,
but I couldn't get my camera out quick enough.
So here are some I snapped last year.
They were just off the beach where the kids
were swimming.
We were going to have pizza for dinner tonight,
but the shop was closed, so we had Chinese
instead. I had a 35 min wait so
I killed some time taking photos of
the harbour.

Night for now, catch you again tomorrow.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Day 33/365
A little wild flower that I noticed on the side of the road.
Sheri thinks I must have a zoom button
on my eyes, she couldn't see what
I was looking at.
The flowers are less than an inch long.
For some reason they are pink in
the photo, but they looked red when I noticed them.

Guess what, I done some scrapping today,
yay, two and a half Lo's in a day.
On a roll there, and guess what I actually like both
of them. Wonder should I waste an email
and submit them.
Don't you just love this gull, I was going to
call it Johnathon, but changed my mind.
Thanks for looking, and I would love a comment or two.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Day 32/365
So many pics to choose from today.
I went to do the shopping
today and stopped to
take this bridge pic on the way home.
I love the look of sepia for
bridgework, makes it look old time.

More animal life.
This is Dennis (the menace).
He lives down the road and is coming to visit to
chew the grass down a bit in the front paddock.
His foster dad says he is an x circus horse and he will
buck if you click your tongue at him.
I will be taking his word for that one.
He is about knee high to a grasshopper.
I could not get a good pic cause he was disappearing
into the grass. He would be lucky to
reach my bellybutton.
See how small he is, that is Ranga (??????)
behind him. Reckon he could walk
under him without hitting his head.
Just to prove that the sun does shine here,
I have done a stupid thing and taken a
photo of it. Probably upset the focus doing this,
might have to get a new-u-beaut camera (hint hint).
Tiff took this photo this arvo. Give the girl
the camera and she puts me to shame. Lol.
Question: - How do you tell the sex of a sunflower.
(why would someone want to know that anyway?)
Answer:- The males are the ones with lots of flowers
on the one stem, a female has only one large flower per stem.
We were wondering if we had some ring ins or something,
but now we know. You wont grow any new ones if
you do not have a male plant to cross germinate.
That is my useless bit of trivia for the day,
are you not glad that I told you that?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Day 31/365

So much for the weather blowing through.
It has rained here all day.
So of course I could not go out to
take a photo, so today
you get something yummy,
fresh from the kitchen of Sue and Tiff.
Hope you enjoy them as much as
we did, LOL.

Don't you just wish that the camera
could pick out smells, and sounds?
For instance; this is a flower on the ginger plant,
it smells beautiful.
Coming home last night from work,
I could smell the ocean,
and the cupcakes smelt awesome.
You will just have to take my word
that these things smell great.
What about sounds,
like the ocean crashing on the shore,
or the loud voice of the butcher bird,
or the conversation the
black cockie had with me last night,
before the nasty magpie scared him away.
Wouldn't it be wonderful if
you could hear these things in the photo.
Fleabag seems to have found himself
a new bed. I have found him cuddled
next to this dog cushion all
day, he was even using its
head for a pillow.

I think we created a monster

when we done the school book covers.

We are now getting requests.

One for Sarah and one for Grace,

Tiff tried her hand at digi and

done the bottom one.

Because of the subject, I didn't
have papers to suit,
so I made my own.
Ok, so I had better stop raving on
and go to bed. Thanks
for spending time with me
again today. Seeya tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Day 30/365
Wouldn't you know it,
we missed the brilliant sky
over Cuttagee again.
I took this photo from out the front.
Imagine what it would have been
like over the water.
Maybe another night.

How spooky is this.
I forgot the change the settings
on the camera, so
this was taken using the
manner/museum setting.
I captured Tipster mid jump.
The settings were as follows:-
iso 160

For Teegs as promised, a new Lo.
I am not happy with it, it feels not finished.
The photo was taken in the morning before the
swimming carnival, I cant remember how
hot it actually was.
The photo of the Lo was taken after work so the light
is not very good, it has
made the colours a bit off,
and the photo looks washed out.
What's the weather doing at your place?
We woke up to heavy rain at 7am,
the sun was shining by 8am,
it was stinking hot 9.30,
it was looking like it was going to storm at 11
and it has been overcast and warm, but
not hot, since then.
We didn't get the storm either.
What will tomorrow bring?

Monday, February 16, 2009

Day 29/365
I have another bird picture to share.
He was eating from the bird
feeder. There was a chain
from the feeder down
the edge, so I have removed
it using PS. It looks pretty dodgy now.

Check out this bloke, I think he was
a bit stunned that I was actually
getting close to him. He only
jumped away when I was
about 5 feet away.
The zoom on the camera
is pretty good sometimes!

The flash has done something strange
to his eyes. They look as if they are glowing.
I didn't finish my Lo,
I will have to make sure
I have everything I need tomorrow.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Don't you just hate it when your best made plans don't work?
The girls and I thought if we went to Cuttagee tonight
we would get some lovely pics
of the red sky, ha, mother nature
got the better of us.
There were too many clouds to get
any decent shots.
So here is today's pic.
Day 28/365
Cuttagee bridge.
Taken in Sepia,
with the monkey girls
climbing all over the place,
this was about the only
shot where they were
not in the way.

I try my best to get a decent shot of
these 2 together as
often as they will let me.
Not often enough.
So I got them to pose
while we were still at the beach.
This pic is about the best of the lot of them.
Tiff is covered with sand cause
Sheri kept tipping her over.
I was taking the photo on
auto, without the flash.
The colour and exposure is ok,
but they look pixely.

Guess what??????
I done some scrapping today.
I cant show you yet, cause I didn't
have my embellies with me at
work, so it is not finished. So I will try my
bestest to finish it tomorrow.
Thanks Tara and Tegan
for all the inspiration for
interesting photo's.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

I finished a Lo, yippee!

Day 27/365
A relatively new addition to our little town.
This is the lifesaving platform
on Horseshoe Beach.
It appears to hang over the edge,
with no visible means of support.
Check this out, I finished a Lo today.
I have had this on the go for weeks.
Tiff didn't like the flowers, so it
sort of threw me, and I found it hard
to finish.
I moved the flowers a little bit,
doodled (badly) around
the edge.
Added some wonky lettering
and there you have it, a
finished Lo.

Remember - 'The way to love
life is to love many things.'
by Vincent Van Gogh

Friday, February 13, 2009

Day 26/365
What funny weather we are having.
Last week we were having
the worst heat wave ever.
Today we woke up
to a chilly, rainy day.
Not quite jumper weather but close.
I risked getting rained on to take this photo.
Using the Auto button, and the macro
setting, I have managed to capture
the raindrops on the petals.
Checking the info for the pic,
f2.8 shutter? 1/160
Natural colour
35mm ISO 80
with no flash.

Check out the texture in
the following photo's.
This is the splash pattern
I make driving into the sandy shed
after it has rained.
Pretty awesome, amazing what you notice

The girls have been digi scrapping to make their
book covers for school.
Tiff left me to do this one for her Japanese Studies,
I am pretty impressed with this,
I used some of the elements
from Shabby Princess,
and added some brushes,
and I even made my own paper (the green piece),
and also the pink bit behind the photo.

Thanks for sharing my boring life.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Lots of chatter today.

Day 25/365
What do you take a photo of when
you have no inspiration?
The wooden floor of
the veranda, of course.

I took this photo this morning.
It is about the only thing
green thing in the
garden that
I planted.
It is some sort of philodendron,
my friend was throwing
it out, so I chucked it in the ground.
11 years later, it is still growing.
It is so big now, the leaves grow
to about 4 or 5 foot long.
Tiff and Mark are trying to
save the seeds from
the sunflowers.
Last night they mixed up
a brew of chopped chili's and water,
then they sprayed the flowers.
Our local garden expert said that would
stop them from eating the seeds.
Ha! As you can see, this cheeky
bird was still enjoying the
young seeds tonight.
I was sitting about 1 metre away
from him and he didn't even flinch when
the flash went off.
Next option is some bird netting.
I personally think they should let
the birds eat the seeds, what
else are they going to do with
Thanks for being a part of my day.
Be good, and stay safe.