Saturday, January 30, 2010

Photo Challenge and Portrait shots...

Guess what????

I won the photo challenge in Jan's CC over at


how awesome is that, I won by just one

point over Tara. Well done Tara.

So now in the Game on 2 comp

I am entering the photography challenge

again, not so easy this time,

we have to do everyday moments.

So anyway here is what I have done so-far.

Day one 28.1.10

Tiff playing the Wii after school.

thought about using this one,

setting sun over the harbour.

Or this one, taken whilst talking cameras

with Sheri's boss, down by the wharf.

Day 2, 29.1.10

Again with Tiff, hand-feeding the sheep.

These things love her so much they

actually climb the fence for a cuddle.

Tempted to use this one instead,

taken just after watering the vegies.

Day 3, 30.1.10

A birds eye view of my washing.

Didn't think anyone would want to see

what was hanging up.

Could have used any of the following ones.

These are just a few of my favourites from

the 179 photos I took today, they were mostly

of Tiff, she is my best model, hates having her

photo taken but will still smile for me everytime.

I love the Black and White portraits.

Just love this one of Tiff, probably the worst

looking one, but it is just real ( iykwim).

I could rave on all day about these wonderful
photos of my beautiful daughters but I think
you sort of get the point, I am biased,
I think they are the best looking kids around.
Thanks for popping in for a visit.
Seeya soon.
I am off to play with the camera.
Hopefully when I return I will have some
nice portrait shots to show you.
I am still waiting for the canon
to play with, but I should get it soon.
Have a nice day.
See you soon.

Friday, January 29, 2010

My baby girl started Year 7 yesterday.

She is growing way too fast.

I am sure it was only yesterday she

started in Kindy.

I hope she handles the transition well,

having to get on the bus 45 mins

earlier might be the biggest

challenge for a while. It

takes a bit to get her moving sometimes.

Random photos using the Nikon 90D.

Fishermans wharf

The great aussie lifeguards

Not to be messed with.
spiny critter

The blue pool taken for the comp
over at Bon's.

Another comp photo,
something fashionable.

Sheri's pic of Tiff clowning around
on the bridge struts.

Sheri. I am still trying to work

out how to take a decent portrait

shot with this camera.

Love this. Gulls coming in to land.

or taking off trying to catch a chip.

The most awesome sunset ever.

Blowing bubbles by the sea.

And my very yummy Pav.
Very australian with green and yellow
as the theme. Pity it was the day
before Australia Day.

Ok, enough from me. I am supposed to
be at work already.
Hopefully today I will get the Canon
to have a play with.
I am getting excited, I think I have
Mark resigned to the fact that I
am getting a camera, he
has stopped trying to talk me out of it.
Ok, catch you later.
Be good, and thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Game on 2, Over at Bons......

It took me a week but I finally finished

two of the Lo's for the CC over at Bons.

The first one is actually Sandies class

which was held in conjunction with the CC.

Very well set out instructions , easy to

follow and pleasing result. Now it

might have been a bit better if I could

actually follow instructions. I only

changed it a little bit, so it is nearly the same.

This one is for the Sketch challenge, there were
a few basic's to follow but again, I cant follow
instructions to the letter.
We were supposed to stamp circles or
something using 3 different paints, and
lids off jars or something, I throw junk
like that so had nothing to work with,
so I ran paint covered marbles over the
CS instead, and then hand drew the flowers/fireworks
or what-ever they are instead.
And I cant stick letters on straight at all.
Hate it when I notice things like that when it
is too late to change them.

There is going to be another week of fun over at
it is called
So far the clues and hints are
sounding rather scary, but
it is supposed to be a challenge, right?
So come on over, and join in the fun.
It all starts tomorrow,
See you there.
Tara, Tani's hair is just adorable.
Cute as a button, and makes her look
so different.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Photo challenge

over at Bons.

Yesterdays pic was summer shoes.

Since I usually live in my thongs

I thought I had better make my pic about them.

They are dirty and smell something attrocious.

I did think about using this photo but changed

my mind at the last minute.

Todays prompt was something YELLOW.
Sheri and I went to the Bay to do some
school shopping (total waste of time, they
must not wear normal school uniforms there).
Sheri thought it would be a good idea to
see the carnival she went to the other night,
and look at all that yellow.
I used this photo below,

thought about using either one of these ones,

which Sheri thought were heaps better,

but it is done now.

This is the marina we passed on the way.
Lots and lots of yachts here.
And just look at this,
Farmville at our place, first it was chooks,
now we have these bloomin things,
they have been hand reared so expect all
sorts of lovin....not gonna get it from me.
So not a farm girl and never will be.
Mark says the ewe's are preggers,
so I guess there will be a photo op
there in a while (that is if they dont stink
or start making noise, they will get the
boot if that happens).
I still have the Nikon Camera, I spose
I should think about giving it back soon.
So in LOVE with it though, it is gonna
be hard to give it up.
That is enough from me, I really should
be scrapping. Oh yeah Tara I checked
out the scrapping place in the Bay,
she has not got anything new in there, so
I didn't spend any money there.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I am thinking a quick trip to the beach is in order,
I NEED to take a photo, lol.
The challenge over at Bons Scraps
calls for a pic with summer shoes,
there should be at least one set on the
beach somewhere.
I am sure I will have something
to show you later.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Snitched this of Tara's blog,
at this time of night I cant think
straight to save myself.
(thanks Tara)
Starting on this tuesday night (19th)
is the January CC at
there will be lots going on,
and lots of fun to have,
so go on over and check it out :D
hope to see you there!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

I think I am in love.....

with this camera...

I have been having fun playing with

the settings, and seeing what it does.

I took these two of Sheridan using

something called Neutral +1,

supposed to make her skin creamy

and soft looking. A bit pixely maybe?

Then I played with the settings for these.

First I think Standard setting.

Next the Landscape setting.

Then this one using the Vivid +3 setting.

Again playing with the different settings.


Vivid. What a difference.

I love the colours and

composition in this one.

Sunset using the Vivid +3 setting, awesome.

I took some using the standard setting

and they look pretty ordinary.

I will have a lend of the Canon tomorrow,

I am looking forward to seeing the difference.

Pssst, I think I have nearly got Mark used

to the idea that I might just get a new camera.

Don't say it too loud, he might just hear, and

veto the idea.

Check you later peoples.

Thanks for stopping by.

I am back from returning the Nikon to
it's rightful owner, and guess what
I have it for another couple of days.
So I will still get to have a play.
I checked a few things on google
about colour etc. and played
with the settings and have got
a couple of beach shots in between the
crap weather. I have shown Theo
some of the settings I have changed
and he didn't know you could do
that, so he is learning things
along with me.
I will load some pics tonight, after I
have a had a bit more playtime. Lol.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

What happens when you get a
U-beaut camera to play with?
It bloody rains all day,
and you have customers that
want to talk so that you
dont get out of the shop til
after six.
Then when you think you might
get a decent night-time pic
and you drive all the way to
town, it starts raining again.
I tell you it had better be
a better day tomorrow.
We need the rain desperately but
couldn't it of held off until tomorrow arv.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Today, I played with the camera a little...

Today I had a bit of a play with Tara's

camera. I spotted one lonely little

dragonfly outside, I used the macro setting

and got up close and personal with

him. Pretty pleased with the result.

This one is way over exposed but I like the

way he is sitting on the stem.

The fence-line leading to our little
patch of heaven.
One sad and sorry excuse for a dandelion.
Looks pretty good though.
The shrub out near the gate, no
idea what it is, but the flowers are
cute, they are about as big as
a thumbnail. I love
this pic, it has a Japanese feel to it.

We had some strange little finches come
to visit today, by the time I grabbed
the camera fleabag (the cat) had scared
them away, I sat patiently and
waited for them to come back only
to have the stupid cat scare them again.
This fella was not so easily scared,
he seemed to be daring me to take
his pic. He was almost posing for me.

I took most of the pics today while the storm was
building all around me. I was doing just
fine until it started spitting rain and
I had to come inside. Wish I
could have played some more.
Tomorrow I am going to get a different
camera to play with, a Nikon D90.
Maybe even a Canon 450D.
I was talking camera's with a friend and
he is going to lend me his one to play
with for the day, so that I might have
a better idea of what to buy when I
get a few dollars together.
By using both cameras I will have a
better comparison. Hope the weather
tomorrow is as good as they are predicting
otherwise it might be a waste of time.
We went for a drive to Cuttagee
after Sheri finished work today, people have
been telling us all week that it is empty,
we didn't believe them until today.
This was Cuttagee in April, not a lot
of water but it still looked ok.

This was Cuttagee today, the puddles no

longer meet. It is supposed to be ocean

fed, but the water has not passed

under the bridge for a year or two.

Things are looking pretty bleak.

So that is me for another day,
be good. Hopefully I will
have a photo or two to show.
I am kinda excited, getting to
play with the real camera's.
What a treat. Hope I don't
stuff up. Lol.