Friday, January 30, 2009

More photos.....

Another photo for the challenge, pity I don't know what day
I am up to.
I had a pretty quiet day at work today,
so I tormented the seagulls.
I teased them up with the chippies
left over from lunch,
the silly things thought they were
onto a good thing, so they hung around looking for more.
They were only about a metre away from me
so I was able to get some pretty good pics.
This auto setting on the camera is fantastic,
I could not get depth of field like this
on the other settings,
trust me I tried.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Six weeks is not enough!

Six weeks is not enough, I want more. I promised myself this holiday I would do so much more with the girls. Seems like only a day or two has gone since Christmas, and now they are back at school. We didn't go to the zoo, we didn't see any fireworks, I didn't take Tiff to the movies, only 1 of them got to go over the mountain, we didn't go for a picnic, so many things I wanted to do. Maybe we can do more next Christmas.

My baby girl started yr 6 this year, before I know it she will be off to high school.

Yay, I got a first day photo of Sheri. She is in yr 9 this year. We usually miss the early morning photo on day one, she catches the bus a bit before 8am, so it is usually the last thing we are thinking of.

I have discovered the Auto button on my camera, I have been getting acquainted with it over the last week or two. I have a Kodak camera with the worst range of settings I have ever seen, but much to my delight it has so much more by using the auto setting.

Other than Tiff's Sunflowers I don't have much in my paddock that looks like a flower, so I climbed through the fence and took some up close and personal photos of my neighbours natives (they probably thought I was a bit strange).
This thing looks like some sort of mad animal, little beaks sticking out all over the place.

The top view of a bottle brush.

I think this is some sort of bottle brush too, but being the worlds worst gardener I really am not sure. Tara how did you get to be so good with flowers when I have no idea, everything looks like a weed to me.

One of Tiffs sunflowers with a hovering bee. I am glad the bees were busy gathering honey, I put the camera lens right on top of a few of them. The flowers were looking absolutely beautiful until we got a mother of a hailstorm. It shredded leaves and done major damage to most of the flowers. Tiff has a green thumb and grew these using the seeds out of the bird feed, unlike me she can grow anything.

We had this totally awesome boat come into the harbour through the hols. It is called Earthrace, I googled it and found a little bit of info on it. It runs on bio-fuel, went around the world in little more than 60 days, it cuts through waves instead of going over them and some other stuff that I cant recall right now.

I finally got to spend some time with Tara and her family, it was 15 weeks since I had seen them all. How beautiful is this little man, I thought he would be crawling before I got a chance to know him.
I have so many photos that I would like to share with you, but I think I have bored you enough for one day, I might find the time to add more later. I have decided to try the 365 photo challenge, I have been trying to take a photo each day of something that I would not normally notice, or a close up of something that we see each day but never really notice. I hope that I can remember to actually take a photo each day.
Oh, I almost forgot to mention the fact that I have not done any scrapping since before the holidays. I will try to get some done now that the silly season is finished. Thanks for putting up with my ramblings.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Oops forgot to load some stuff on the other post. I have received a few blog awards and will pass them on when Sheri helps me do it, she is working on it now. I have no idea what I should be doing with them.
I got a nice surprise in the mail today, I won the treasure hunt for Dec from Scraploot. Woohoo, some nice Scenic Route Papers and tags and matching ribbons, in greens and blues.
I have some more photos to share too.

I took this one from the window of the car while I was sitting outside the pub last night waiting for Mark. I had a bit of a play with photoshop and added borders etc.

Check out this stupid cat, Tiff and her friend Sarah made this platypus/dog out of some old socks. Fleabag looks like he has taken a liking to it, he didn't move for ages.

The girls have both gone in separate directions for a holiday, thank heavens, I was ready to trade them in, they were both driving me crazy. So I thought I had better get a nice Sisters photo before they left, what did I get? Attitude. Sheri was being really co-operative and Tiff was being a Butthead. I thought the last photo was actually going to be ok, until I looked at it on the big screen, grrrr. Grumpy Butt. Talk about Naughty and Nice.

blog award

hey.. its Sheri... I'm just doing this for mum, so she'll probably fix it later :P

Thanks to Alyssa who gave me this award :D

With this award I have to do 3 things
1.You have to pass it on to 5 other fabulous blogs.
2.You have to list 5 of your fabulous addictions.
3.On your post of receiving this award, make sure you include the person that gave you the award and link back to their blog.

The five people I choose are:
Alyssa: Love all her photos of her supercute little man, and her scrapping is just brilliant.
Ruby: Rubes you are a special ray of sunshine. You have a way of making everything seem so much brighter.
Vicki: Hey Vic, you are a real inspiration. You get so much done each day, makes a person think they should make time to do more.
Nic: Love your scrapping style, and so cant believe you were not picked to be a master, what were the judges thinking.
Tara: Not biased or anything, but I love everything you do, and cant imagine where you got your creativity from. Must be in the genes, (from Aunts not me). And I so totally love all your brilliant photography.

and my 5 obsessions:
buying scrap stuff
takeing photos
talking on phone
and using photoshop

I have finally gotten around to looking through the couple of Chrissy Day shots I got. Next year I am not answering the phone while presents are being unwrapped. I missed most of the fun, and ended up throwing out the money Tiff was given, simply because I didn't know she got any and it was in a Pandora box that I thought was garbage. We realised after the garbage truck had already been.
Christmas tradition, a new ornament from one of the Aunts.

All Tiff has been asking for since about Aug, was the boxing Kangaroo from LPS. Thank heavens it was in the set that she received. There were not many sets left by the time I got to go shopping. Tara lay-buyed this set months ago. The look on her face pretty much says 'yes' it is the one I wanted.

There it is, near the top of the box, near the mouse wheel. She has more than 100 pets, and knows each and everyone by name and sex. I get into lots of trouble for not knowing the difference, like it is so obvious - not.

I have no idea what Sheri was looking at here, but I love the combination of both photos, I think I might have to do a LO using both of them.

These two don't get to visit the ocean very often, and really wanted to check out the rock pools. I dragged them over the edge of the headland and found a couple of good pools for them, which was fine until it was time to climb back up the top again. This old chick ain't as young as she used
to be.

I don't really know what these things are but they were really bright. Sort of look like some sort of cungi, but it is usually in a hard shell thing.

This funny little tube thing near the bottom of the pic was a lovely sort of anemone thing, until Tiff poked it and it pulled back into itself and would not come back out for a photo.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Well Christmas has come and gone, and all of a sudden it is the New Year. Where did that week go. I hope you have all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year, and may your year be better than the one just gone.
I have been extremely slack and have not done any scrapping or taken any photos of note. I only took a few pics on Christmas day, the phone seemed to be plastered to my ear most of the morning, and I find it pretty hard to take pics one handed. Oh, well the girls didn't mind not having the camera shoved in their faces for hours.
We had a great Christmas Day. Mum and Dad arrived the day before, and one of my four brothers and his fiance arrived in time to have Chrissy lunch with us, seems like all we did was eat all day. We did manage to fit in a swim for the girls and a climb over the rocks on the headland. We found some great things in some of the rock-pools.
Stephen and Sharon stayed Chrissy night, and left the next day, then one of my other brothers turned up on the Sat with more family. We had tent city out in the paddock for a couple of days. There were 12 of us here for awhile. It sure is great seeing family, we sure don't see enough of any of them. Tent city was packed away yesterday, and we lost some of our visitors, Mum and Dad will still be here for another couple of days.
We tried to stay awake for the coming of the New Year last night, not as young as we used to be I am afraid, we could not make it past 11pm. The fireworks in town woke us up at midnight though. The trees across the road blocked most of the action though so I didn't even drag myself out of bed. That is about 3 or 4 years in a row that we have slept the New Year in.
That is enough rambling for me for the night, I will try to do something more constructive in the next few days. We have been a bit busier at the shop, so I don't get to take my scrapping with me anymore. I will just have to find the time to do some at home. With so many visitors I have not been able to bury my kitchen table like I usually do, and the computer desk has been covered with all sorts of stuff, it seems to be the place for miscellaneous junk at the moment.