Sunday, November 30, 2008

Wow, have you been over to visit Sheri's blog. She has been taking photos again, some pretty nice ones from today and some from yesterday, before she left for her friends party. She cleans up pretty good hey.

I got 100% rejected. Lol. I sent a few Lo's off to SM and the whole shebang got the boot. Not to worry, I will just whip up a few more and see how we go. I have managed to get one published so far, so I will keep on trying, a few rejections never hurt anyone right.

Here are a couple that I have done over the past week or two.
Oh boy! were the girls having fun the day I took these photos. All I wanted was a nice pic to scrap, and I got cheek, so natural though, no posing at all. Mind you I had to duck the odd hand full of sand and a bucket full of water to get them.

Note to self, next time I decide to experiment with ink and thickers just leave it at that. I wasn't satisfied so added DM on the top. Um, not a real success, it sort of gets sucked into the foam, and does not set hard. Just a bit different. Pretty yuk photo of the Lo, I couldn't find a better one.

Tiff had a party to attend this weekend too. I made this card out of scraps. The photo has made it wonky and the ribbon was not that colour.

I got some glitter mist. I like it. Lol. Warped the CS a bit but I got the effect I was after. I sprayed the lace and flowers with it as well. I could get addicted to this stuff, pity it is a bit expensive.
I spent the best part of the week doing a mini album for Sheri's friend and didn't even get a photo of it. I am hoping that we can borrow it back for a bit so that I can snap a few piccies.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

I have some photos to share. I have been looking for them for a few weeks, I finally stumbled across them while I was looking for something else.
Is it a cow, is it a buffalo, or is it just the strangest looking animal you have ever seen?
They are some sort of cow, we think. We quite often see them in the paddock when we are going down to Cuttagee Beach. Maddest looking things I have ever seen, its like they cant decide what they want to be when they grow up.

Front view

Side on in Shadow

What is the weather doing in your neck of the woods today?
The wind is blowing so hard here that the clouds are being blown away and we actually have some sunshine. It is reasonably warm, first day this week that the girls have not worn their jumpers to school. It is nearly Christmas for heavens sake, it should be warmer than this.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Even though it was blowing a gale on the weekend, we still managed to find a quiet place to take some photos. What would I do without my camera, I would truly be lost. Anyway Sheri wrote on her blog that I would load them here, these are a few of my favourites.

Loving sisters.

Just to prove that I exist here is one Sheri took of me. I am a behind the camera sort of person and not usually happy with any photos of me, but I think she did pretty good.

Wonder what you are thinking about.

Not getting wet just checking the water temperature. Poor Tiff had a bad cold and her eyes are red and swollen, and she didnt look well at all.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Reality Bites

The day after. A bit sore and stiff, but still joking about the stabbing incident. Was a bit weary from blood loss, and still insists that it was really only a scratch. I am a whimp and refused to change the dressing for him, so he got his mate to do it for him (his friend thought it was horrific, the whole sorry story). He counted 5 stitches on the outside, and still dont know how many on the inside, I think one continuous one. I am not much help, I crack up just looking at him, how can someone stabb themselves in the back, and not hurt anything, honestly. He truly is talented. Lol!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Gotta see the funny side of life!

Mark stabbed himself today. I know not really funny, but you need to know Mark to understand, he really doesn't take much seriously. He really cracks me up sometimes.

Anyway, he and a rep were looking at knives this arvo, when he accidentally stabbed himself in the back.

The knives were on the counter and somehow he managed to catch a knife with his jumper, which slid along the counter a bit before lodging against a wooden upright thing, causing the knife to imbed itself in his back. The rep says 'oh did that get you', 'Nah only a nick' says mark, as he is feeling around behind him to feel what really happened. The knife was sticking out of his back near his hip. What does he do with it, pull it out of course, what else would you do with it, right. The rep takes a look and says 'well you probably want to put something over that', packs his stuff and hightails it out of the shop.

Mark being the boyscout that he is thinks well I have bandaids in the drawer, but cant see the nick myself, will get the boys working next door to stick one on for me. Long story short they wouldn't touch it, no way, you have to go to the doc for that one.

So he rings me at home. 'Um can you come into the shop for a bit, you might need to take me to the doctor, I have done something really silly' and hangs up. No worries, knowing Mark as I do I straight away think its ok he has only cut himself, must be worse than usual. Grab a towel just in case, not really knowing what had happened.

In the shop he is walking around with his hand behind his back, 'where have you cut yourself this time I ask', and get a really stupid look. 'Um, I stabbed myself in the back' he says and turns around to show me the blood all over his clothes. 'Not a problem' he says, just take me to the Doc so he can chuck a stitch in it.

At the shop I have found the offending weapon, a lovely knife with blood half way up the blade. Oh my, that really cant be good.

The Doc has had to do internal and external stitches to hold him together.

In true form of the converted he says to me, 'get out the camera and take a photo of the knife', complete with blood still on it (hope he doesn't expect me to scrap it too).

We take the shot with a ruler near the knife, the blade had gone in nearly 13cm, without hitting anything vital.

All he can say is ' just imagine what the Doc is writing in his records'. Then he proceeded to come up with the silliest things, really, he has just had a knife sticking out of him and he is still joking around. Everytime I look at him I start laughing, honestly, only Mark could manage to do what he did and still find the funny side of it.

The offending weapon.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A few rejects from SM

These are just a few of the LO's that have been rejected from SM, I guess it is alright to show them here now, as I know they wont be shown anywhere else. They are just a few of my favourites from the past couple of months.

Most of these LO's are challenges set within the family, Tegan, Tara, Sheri and myself set a challenge that has to be completed by the end of the week. It is a great way to get motivated, and also gets us doing things we would not normally do.

This is a photo of my Grandmother on my Dad's side, I think the challenge was to use an old photo and journal something about the person in the photo. My journalling is under the photo and tells all the things I can remember about my Nan, which I must say was not much.

I love this LO, it show cases Tiff over the past year. She has changed but not a lot. The challenge was to use more than one photo, and use the title 'I love the way...'. I used a page from an old calendar as my PP.

This one was easy. The challenge was; dont use any PP, use a rubon and a black and white photo. I doodled the flowers and coloured them in using Sheri's water colour pencils. And the rubon is the journalling tag. I cut around it and slipped the photo in behind.

For this challenge we had to do a boy LO and use pink on it somewhere. Not sure if there were any other requirements on this one. I love this photo of my bro, he is like me, totally camera shy, so we dont have many pics of him. I think he might just be a tad mad with me when he discovers I have done this. What are sisters for if it isn't to totally embarrass us whenever we can.

Not really sure what the challenge was for this one, but it sure looks like I went a little mad with the flowers. Looks like someones garden has gone feral.

Use 2 colours, and a photo that is not really about a person? Not sure but Tara took this photo of Jed at the Zoo in Canberra, I just love the look on his face, it is priceless, you can almost hear him saying 'awesome'.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

more Layouts

As promised here are a couple of Lo's I have done over the past couple of weeks.
After the mass rejection from SM (Sheri and I submitted 20 Lo's between us, and all got rejected), I had a bit of a mojo loss, it sure messes with your head. But thankfully its back.
I must say that having a beautiful new grandson certainly helped, nothing like a few baby pics to get me motivated.

Sheri went crook at me cause this one is pink, she said but Zayne is a boy, but if you read the title I was doing the LO of Tani, loving being a big sister.

I love this one of Tiff paddling in the ocean, so simple but came together well.

Tipster was born on a Monday and the verse that is written (in white, so it is not overpowering the rest of the LO) sums her up perfectly. Mondays child is fair of face, you know the one.

I love the little monkey on this one. He was plain chipboard, I painted him then got out the stippling brush and then done a mock stitching around the edges, in real life he actually looks as if he has fur.

One more before I go to bed and that will be it for Oct, I will add some from Nov another time.

Thanks for putting up with my newsletters, I tend to ramble a bit.
I guess now I have a blog I should at least make an effort to keep it updated on a semi-regular basis.

On Thursday night we had a quick science lesson from Sheri, it meant going to the beach to look at the moon rising. Something about the way the earth moon and sun were aligned was supposed to make the moon appear red. We only got a small glimpse of the moon when it peaked out from behind the clouds, it made the clouds red not sure about the moon. I took Rudolph along for a photo shoot, but the wind was blowing about 90 miles an hour and the poor fella kept falling over, this was about the best of the pics.

The girls had the Spring Fair yesterday, the p&c started running them 3 years ago in an effort to raise much needed funds for the school. They have worked out that you can get more people there by limiting the cost of the kids entry tickets. They pay a set amount as an entry fee and then they can go on the rides as many times as they like. Much better for the parents pockets, and ensures they get a good roll up of attendees.

I had a bit of a play with this pic and added a retro vintage look to it, it was pretty bright before. Sheri loaded a lot of the pics from the fair to her blog so I wont add them again here.

I will make another post in a little bit and load a few of the lo's that I have completed in the last few weeks.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Welcome to my blog....

Thanks to Sheri I now have a Blog. So totally scared that I am going to make a mess of the whole thing, lucky I have a 13 y/o to talk me through things, it means Tara gets a break from my constant stupid questions on how to do things. It really is hard to teach this old bird new tricks. Anyway I will do my best to keep up with regular posts with a look at my LO's and life.

I will add a LO just to see if I can actually do it by myself, Sheri is at her friends place studying tonight, so I might just surprise myself by getting it right first time.