Wednesday, November 4, 2009

How did you all get on backing those four
legged things yesterday? I think I should
have held onto my TAB tickets to hand
in next year, I think my selections should
be crossing the line by then.
Favourites indeed!!!!!
I did get a third place prize,
I slipped out of the shop at
lunch time and raced over to the club
to put on an extra bet, after finally getting
around to actually looking which
horses were in the race,
lucky I did or I would not have won a cent.
Pauly I could have used your special skills
on Sunday, I had this lovely old gentleman
come in and ask me to make him a cup
of coffee, sorry I said I cant do that for
you, so he says well then how about
a cup of tea, still the answer is sorry
I don't drink tea or coffee so there
is none in the shop and he
certainly would not be able to
drink it if I did make him a cup. So then
he decided I should get him a beer,
we are a fishing tackle shop not a cafe or pub.
Then he tells me it was his 80th birthday
the day before, I wonder was he still
celebrating and didn't know what he
was doing or was he just joking with me.
Guess I will never really know for sure.
He sure brightened my day for me.


Pauly said...

PML, thats cute! And well done on your wins at Uproar. Loved your layouts!!!

CreativeMe68 said...

ROFL...Ohhh I am so glad you brightened his day NOT! But he obviously left a smile on your face.
Thanks for the comments about my win!!! I am so happy with myself
Luv Shaz xoxo

CreativeMe68 said...

Hey when you going to upload some new photos woman...I miss checking out your blog??? I miss chatting to you too???
Hope everything is ok? Did you get my parcel yet??? Luv Shaz xoxo