Monday, January 5, 2009

Oops forgot to load some stuff on the other post. I have received a few blog awards and will pass them on when Sheri helps me do it, she is working on it now. I have no idea what I should be doing with them.
I got a nice surprise in the mail today, I won the treasure hunt for Dec from Scraploot. Woohoo, some nice Scenic Route Papers and tags and matching ribbons, in greens and blues.
I have some more photos to share too.

I took this one from the window of the car while I was sitting outside the pub last night waiting for Mark. I had a bit of a play with photoshop and added borders etc.

Check out this stupid cat, Tiff and her friend Sarah made this platypus/dog out of some old socks. Fleabag looks like he has taken a liking to it, he didn't move for ages.

The girls have both gone in separate directions for a holiday, thank heavens, I was ready to trade them in, they were both driving me crazy. So I thought I had better get a nice Sisters photo before they left, what did I get? Attitude. Sheri was being really co-operative and Tiff was being a Butthead. I thought the last photo was actually going to be ok, until I looked at it on the big screen, grrrr. Grumpy Butt. Talk about Naughty and Nice.


Ruby Claire said...

I love all of your photography Sue! Can't wait to see them all on layouts!! :D

Tara said...

Can't even believe you chucked out Tiff's xmas money.. I would have been pissed!!

Love that top pic of the trees..

SkyeMJ said...

these are such gorgeous photos suzie q! i love the kitty cat one! soooo cute!

vicmbee said...

Hey Susan, Thanks for the photo discs got them yesterday only had a look at 1 so far.....
Yeh!!miss nan and pop b wish they were still here too. Phillip would of turned 17 this year..born in oct 92... They grow up too quick Jess will be 18 in 4 months.... she is doing her HSC this year..