Monday, January 5, 2009

I have finally gotten around to looking through the couple of Chrissy Day shots I got. Next year I am not answering the phone while presents are being unwrapped. I missed most of the fun, and ended up throwing out the money Tiff was given, simply because I didn't know she got any and it was in a Pandora box that I thought was garbage. We realised after the garbage truck had already been.
Christmas tradition, a new ornament from one of the Aunts.

All Tiff has been asking for since about Aug, was the boxing Kangaroo from LPS. Thank heavens it was in the set that she received. There were not many sets left by the time I got to go shopping. Tara lay-buyed this set months ago. The look on her face pretty much says 'yes' it is the one I wanted.

There it is, near the top of the box, near the mouse wheel. She has more than 100 pets, and knows each and everyone by name and sex. I get into lots of trouble for not knowing the difference, like it is so obvious - not.

I have no idea what Sheri was looking at here, but I love the combination of both photos, I think I might have to do a LO using both of them.

These two don't get to visit the ocean very often, and really wanted to check out the rock pools. I dragged them over the edge of the headland and found a couple of good pools for them, which was fine until it was time to climb back up the top again. This old chick ain't as young as she used
to be.

I don't really know what these things are but they were really bright. Sort of look like some sort of cungi, but it is usually in a hard shell thing.

This funny little tube thing near the bottom of the pic was a lovely sort of anemone thing, until Tiff poked it and it pulled back into itself and would not come back out for a photo.

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