Friday, December 18, 2009

Oh CRAP...I am so slack

Gee where has the time gone, I have
been so totally slack lately,
I did try to log on once or twice
but ran into a few little problems.
What have I been up to in the last month
or so. Unfortunately not a real lot.
We had 8 foot of scary in the shed a few days ago.
This little beauty was sitting on top of the work
bench, I didnt see him when I pulled into the
shed. Sheri was having a stress attack and
I had no idea why, thought she might have
seen a spider, boy I could not have been further
from the truth.
We watched him for a while and then went inside,
didn't think to see where he actually went.
They tell me it is a diamond Python and
not at all dangerous, unless he desides to
give you a cuddle, but I was not going to
get that close.
We also had a visit from the Young Endeavour again,
I will add a photo of that later.
Tiff has finished primary school, my baby
is going to High School next year,
I am so not ready for that, she is
not big enough I am sure, maybe
she should stay in year 6 for a bit longer, lol.
I will have to pop over here again later, I
have done some scrapping but have
been too slack to take a photo of anything.
I am still trying to get the girls in the same
place at the same time to take a santa
photo, now they are growing up
they have more important things to do
every weekend.
Be good, and if you cant be good,
you better be careful.


Marelle said...

Hi Sue
I am visiting your blog from BONS!
So pleased you are coming to the party tonight
i adore your pics of the snake
yes a diamond python it is

CreativeMe68 said...

Yay! Your back.... I am so glad! Thought I had lost you to FB! Great photo of you slippery lil friend.
Luv Shaz xoxo

Pauly said...

BOUT TIME!!! WHERE YOU BEEN SLACKER!!!!! Facebook sucks....get back to bloggin...been missin ya!!