Tuesday, June 29, 2010

June CC Layouts..

Yay, I scrapped!!!
And I am happy with all of them.
First is Bons colour challenge -
use black and white, light blue,
green and cream, 2 or more
knots, different spots and this saying -
This story means the world to me.

Flis' sketch challenge.
I was not sure about the background,
but now it is finished I dont mind it
at all, not sure about the stamping
using glimmermist, but everything
else is good.

Skye's scraplift, this month she
chose a Lo of mine to lift.
I didn't know how hard it would
be to copy something of my own.
I love how this has turned out,
the pic does not do it justice.
Love the piccy of Tani too,
she is one gorgeous kid.
{even with the blue lips}

and this is my photo for today,
the prompt was comfort food.
I went to the supermarket on my
way home from work and snapped this,
I was so embarrassed that I nearly
ran out of the shop, and no
I didn't buy anything while I was there.

The optical illusion is doing my head in,
I promise the pic is straight and in proportion.
Thanks for stopping by and
checking out my stuff.

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