Saturday, June 26, 2010

June CC photos...

A couple of pics from the past few days...
I have only a couple to show you,
not having a great time with the camera
at the moment, I forgot to centre
the focus, and all my pics are crap.
So anyway, this is Tiff eating a
Caramello Koala so that I
could take a photo on Thurs, for the
crop, the prompt was guilty indulgence.

Frid was a quote, something to do with
winter and bare trees, and woolen
jumpers, so I sort of went with bare
trees, and these amazing red flowers
trying to do their best to make the tree
look warm. Lol.

Just a random pic of a dismembered tree
at the bottom of Tilba hill, the council
or someone was trying to do something with
it, other than savage it I am not sure
what it was supposed to achieve.

I was just playing with picasa to see if I could
load these pics, I could not even sign into
blogger yesterday, I will do a proper
post some other time.
Thanks for visiting.
Oh, and I hope it is warmer at your
place than it is here, very very cold today.
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