Sunday, July 11, 2010

6 Sleeps.........

until PEANUT makes his/her grand debute
I cant believe that it is 9 months
already, seems like only
a month or two since Craig and Tegan
told us the great news.
I am a wee bit jealous at the moment,
Sheri is already in Tumut,
we managed to find a ride for her
with a friend today, so she
will be johnny on the spot if things
move fast up there.
Tiff and I will be waiting for the phone
to ring with the message to get
in the car and drive, it is going
to be the longest trip I have ever made,
I am sure it is going to feel as if we will
never get there. Craig was yanking my
chain today and saying that he would
let us know in the morning if Peanut
decides to come in the middle of the night.
At least I hope he was only joking.
There is snow predicted for Tues and Wed,
that is a bit of news I was hoping not to hear.
So little Peanut, anytime you are ready,
you know we all cant wait to meet you.


xoxAlyssaxox said...

Aww Sue how exciting!! I hope all goes well with the birth :) xx

Teegs said...

nawwww talk about make me cry!!! of course he will be ringing as soon as anything starts, so hopefully you get here in time! 5 SLEEPS now!!!

Tara said...

lol it NEVER snows when it's predicted..

CreativeMe68 said...

Woo Hoo how exciting....I am sure Craig will ring you asap so that you are there to share in the joy of this lil 'peanut' joining your family
Luv Shaz xoxo