Saturday, July 17, 2010

Not such a good idea after all....

I was reading on google
last night about using the shadow button,
it was supposed to make the pics more
natural looking. Everything is red,
not so good after all. Looked
lovely on the camera. Not so
good on the puter.

I took out all the colour on this one
just to see if it looked any better.
Not sure I like it in B/W.

This is a self portrait. Using the Nikon,

brilliant shot.

She didn't like the way I put

on her eye shadow, but I think it looks

ok in the pics.

And this crinkly old bat allowed

Tiff to take a pic or two, most have

been deleted, a bit hard to focus on

eyes when you are not sure what you are doing.

I must say I really like this one though.

I have used it for my AV over at

Bons and also on FB.

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Tara said...

awesome pics! love the second one of tiff..

CreativeMe68 said...

WOW I love the photos of you!!! Tiff did an awesome job Luv Shaz xoxo

kerry said...

Wow Sue the pics are awesome i love them all.TAke care Kerry xx

Teegs said...

oh woow!!!!!

finally i comment

craig said thats not mum when i showed him the other day