Monday, December 8, 2008

Here is the Lo I started at work yesterday, I almost had it finished but I had a few late customers (which is a good thing, we really need lots of customers), all I had left to do was adhere the sisters and add the centres to the flowers.
I have been waiting to do a lo like this for ages, but I never had a pic that would suit.
I am not sure whether everything is too low in the corner but I am happy with it anyway.
The girls are not sisters, but do everything together as often as possible, and get on so well together, next best thing to a sister in anyones book.
Check out the stitching, I pulled out my rusty sewing skills and done chain stitch around the

Think I best shush up now, I think I am raving, must mean I really like it.


Tara said...

groovy lo!!! love it :-)

dunno where we got the tree, maybe woollies... we have had it a few years now.

SkyeMJ said...

Hey Susie Q! That is such a pretty layout!
I dont think it's too low at all! Perfectly placed in my humble opinion!