Thursday, December 4, 2008

Oops, I tried to delete a picture of one Lo, and it seems the whole post has been deleted.
I followed instructions too. I cant post again, because I cant remember what was in the post.
Oh the joys of getting old and forgetful, lol.
I am still working on the Lo using the photo of myself that Sheri took. I am finding it a real challenge. It has red and gold on it, yuk, to two worst colours ever created.
Lots of fun in Bermagui last night, we live just outside of town so didn't hear all the news till this morning. There were nine shops and things broken into through the night. They cut phone lines all over town and went in through the roof of most places.
Thank heavens they left our shop alone. We are in front of a motel with the best security in town, any little movement and the place lights up like Christmas, I would say they were not game to even try.
Touch wood they dont come back tonight to hit the places they missed last night. The hassles it would cause would be more than we need this close to Christmas.

I will try to remember which pics were deleted.

This is a photo that I took of the Young Endeavour when it was anchored at the mouth of the harbour in early Oct. It was blowing so hard I had to lean on a rock to take the photos, I couldnt hold the camera still. I love this photo, I must have fluked a shot between wind gusts or something.
I have had one accepted for publication, and I cant remember if there should be another one or not.


xoxAlyssaxox said...

hahaha.. what a great idea you have given me with putting a play pen around the tree LOL.. I love you're pages.. I really love the doodling for the border on the second one. The photo looks unreal babe xx

Ruby Claire. said...

Your work is ROCKING! I am SO glad you have a blog!
Of COURSE you can put up the GORGEOUS LO you made me.. it is on my wall- and all of my friends admire it every time they come over :)
Thanks Sue!