Monday, December 15, 2008

I finally convinced the girls to let me take some chrissy pics this arvo, they only agreed because they are going to Tumut tomorrow, and I might not get the chance to take any later. We ARE going to get busy in the shop soon.
How do you get two people to look in the same direction at the same time. I took so many where one was looking and smiling and the other was squinting, or talking or just making a face.
I couldn't help setting up the baubles on the rocks, should have thought to take non shiny ones though, I kept getting my reflection in them. Lol.
This one is the best of the two of them. Can you tell that Sheri has spiky plants sticking in her back, I am a mean mumma and would not let her move.
I love the photo above. I wish I could have highlighted her like in the one below. If I knew how to drive photoshop properly I might be able to fix it. The light is heaps better in the next photo.

How totally awesome is this photo. It is a colour photo. I have not altered it in anyway other than resizing. Wonder what it will look like printed. My printer does not do photos justice.


vicmbee said...

Thanks susie, love your photo's...and getting published again well done....does your ma get to see all the mags that you and yours are in.. You must be proud of your DD for getting honourable mentions, loved her owl calendar and LO.

vicmbee said...

There is a little surprise for you on my blog and one for sheri too.

Tara said...

OMG LOVE LOVE LOVE that bottom pic of Tiff....

It is friggen awesome!!! LOVE IT :D

LOL oh and the rest are nice too.... :-)

Get it printed in-store and it will look great I think!!