Saturday, December 20, 2008

Thank heavens, I have my computer back, I had to send it to the doctor to be fixed. It got so bad I could not even get it to turn on. I thought I would loose all photos and everything, but didn't loose a thing. Lucky.
I finally got around to producing a Chrissy Lo. Yay the first one for the year. It will probably be the only one. I kept it pretty simple. A bit of scribble, some rubons, a bit of bling and thickers letters, a Chrissy shape thing and not much else.

Speaking of Christmas, my baby is not sure she believes in Santa anymore. She came home from school the other day and said 'Mum, do you still believe in Santa'. I said - yeah of course I do, why, don't you. She said - well last year some of the presents had your hand writing on them (wondered how long before she would pick up on that). I told her they were the ones Santa couldn't get himself and had asked me to pick up for him. She was still not sure, so I told her - you realise that as soon as you stop believing in him, he stops coming. We are still deciding whether we should put the Christmas stocking up or not. She is not sure, I told her if she does not believe then it might be empty in the morning. The jury is still out, awaiting the final word.
She is my baby, she cant not believe, not yet, I am not ready.

Here are a couple of Lo's I did using the blind crop instructions for SC mag. The first one was the example one. Poor Tiff was not feeling well the day I took the pic, and it was blowing a gale, so her eyes were red and puffy and she was not her usual bubbly self.

This one is the other one, I think I might email it in and see if they like it. I used the same paper range for both Lo's and they look totally different. Anyhow that is about it on the scrapping front for me. Will get something more done before silly season begins, I wont be able to take my stuff to work with me for much longer.


vicmbee said...

I'll help ya put the award up... to get the picture on you right click and save as - put in a folder (picture or whatever) then upload like a photo... than to add the links you highlight(copy and paste) on the links you have or go find some( I used what was on the side of mine). My puta had a visit to the doc about 2 weeks ago cost me $245 to fix they had to put a new motherboard(whateva that is).

Sue said...

Thanks for that, I will do my best... Mine cost $198 pretty good I thought. I was starting to think I would be up for a new computer. Did you loose any of your photos or anything... I am really slack and dont burn my photos to disc very often.

Tara said...

please don't, that photo is horrible and my face looks fat and yuck... Nice LO and all though :D

vicmbee said...

no didn't lose anything and I must start burning my photo's too... I'd hate to lose them all... you look okay to me Tara..