Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Brand New Year...

A selection of photos taken

this year.

The fireworks over Bermi....

didn't look like this! LOL.

They were pretty dismal this year,

if it wasn't for the tourists bringing

their own we would not have had any.

I have photoshopped this one, a selection

of single bursts dragged onto the one picture,

makes it look more interesting.

The new Co-op building (eyesore) at night.

This is where Sheri is working now,

on the lower deck on the right hand side.

I sat the camera on a rock to take this photo

of the bridge, I like how it turned out.

A blue ass Dragonfly, how awesome is this..

someone spotted a few of them out near

the water heater, they were so tiny it was

hard to get a pic of them. Tara has some real

nice ones, heaps better than mine.

And a few of the kidlets, love this little profile.

Whickers out of the bonbon. How funny

is this boy. He sure had fun twitching them.

Sheri loves this little man and misses

him so much.

And that will do me for now.
Again I cant work out why I am
getting the double spacing,
if it is trying to annoy me
it is working...
I hope you are all having a
wonderful January, we are
so far, we have had family to
stay, been all over the place,
work is good, plenty of people
around, weather is warm to hot.
Got a bit of rain today, need heaps
more though.
Tiff is enjoying an extra long
holiday without us, she is
in Qld with her friend Sarah.
Sounds like she is having a wonderful
time without us.
Ok, enough of the gibberish,
catch you again sometime.


Teegs said...

Yay your BACK!

Awesome pics love them all, that bridge one looks heaps good and the dragon fly is awesome, love that pic of it:)Love what you did with all the fireworks:)

CreativeMe68 said...

YAY!!!! Your back I will second that motion!!! Love all the pics girl!!! Yeh those Dragonflies are so quick too and WOW that bridge photo is so awesomely wicked!!! So happy to see you posting again!! Missed your photos, and have a guess what I did a post last night!!! Keep inspiring me girl! You have an awesome eye and I love your photos!

Got a new site for you to visit...
Shutter is a place that you are given a category and you can upload your photo. You have until the 17th to do Luminate....I reckon the one of the Bridge and the river would fit this theme! I will send you an invitation to join. Anyone can join....there is a link on my photography blog!
Luv Shaz xoxo