Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Game on 2, Over at Bons......

It took me a week but I finally finished

two of the Lo's for the CC over at Bons.

The first one is actually Sandies class

which was held in conjunction with the CC.

Very well set out instructions , easy to

follow and pleasing result. Now it

might have been a bit better if I could

actually follow instructions. I only

changed it a little bit, so it is nearly the same.

This one is for the Sketch challenge, there were
a few basic's to follow but again, I cant follow
instructions to the letter.
We were supposed to stamp circles or
something using 3 different paints, and
lids off jars or something, I throw junk
like that so had nothing to work with,
so I ran paint covered marbles over the
CS instead, and then hand drew the flowers/fireworks
or what-ever they are instead.
And I cant stick letters on straight at all.
Hate it when I notice things like that when it
is too late to change them.

There is going to be another week of fun over at
it is called
So far the clues and hints are
sounding rather scary, but
it is supposed to be a challenge, right?
So come on over, and join in the fun.
It all starts tomorrow,
See you there.
Tara, Tani's hair is just adorable.
Cute as a button, and makes her look
so different.


CreativeMe68 said...

Beautiful LO's girl...they may have taken you a while but they are so worth it!!! I love your scrapping style!

I have been waiting for your Canon photos...did you not get to use the camera afterall???

Sounds like you are having fun at Bons Luv Shaz xoxo

Charmane said...

Wow Sue your photos are just STUNNING!!! Loving looking at them :)
Congrats on your win over at Bons!!!

You are next on Bon's GAME ON Blog-Train and the next word is....


I wonder who we'll visit next???

Love Charmane

Sam said...

Your photography is absolutely stunning Sue .. love it all

Teegs said...

hi, just leaving you some love:)

Linda said...

Love your photography Sue - stunning photos!

Jane said...

WOW Sue, some of the most gorgeous photos - just love the sunset one just fabbo.

Marelle said...

wow love your photography Sue!!!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous blog Sue!!! Your photos are truly wonderful, thanks for sharing ♥

Leonie said...

Awesome photos Sue, love the green and gold pav great idea, Leonie

Kristy said...

Hi Sue, Love the green blog. You take some gorgeous photos. :)

Natalie said...

great photos, and some wonderful layouts. Well done on your win

Rachel said...

Love your blog Sue - I agree your photos are all fantastic!

Catie said...

Loving your blog Sue; will come back and become a follower! Love your photos - you're so clever. And your LOs are gorgeous!

kerry said...

Great oics here love your blog too.Take care Kerry xx

Nicole said...

Hi Sue. LOVING your piccies girl..... told you that you are awesome with the camera :D

just jumping off the train for the next word


Sue said...

Wow, this blog train must be enormous. I have just started on my journey and look at it already.

Tara said...

great pics Ma,

love the one of tiff 2nd from the bottom in your top post!

Mel said...

WOW you have some stunning photos on your blog

Mal said...

your photos are so good sue! Love love love looking at them!

Melinda said...

Your photography is just stunning!!
Love seeing your work at bons!