Thursday, January 21, 2010

Photo challenge

over at Bons.

Yesterdays pic was summer shoes.

Since I usually live in my thongs

I thought I had better make my pic about them.

They are dirty and smell something attrocious.

I did think about using this photo but changed

my mind at the last minute.

Todays prompt was something YELLOW.
Sheri and I went to the Bay to do some
school shopping (total waste of time, they
must not wear normal school uniforms there).
Sheri thought it would be a good idea to
see the carnival she went to the other night,
and look at all that yellow.
I used this photo below,

thought about using either one of these ones,

which Sheri thought were heaps better,

but it is done now.

This is the marina we passed on the way.
Lots and lots of yachts here.
And just look at this,
Farmville at our place, first it was chooks,
now we have these bloomin things,
they have been hand reared so expect all
sorts of lovin....not gonna get it from me.
So not a farm girl and never will be.
Mark says the ewe's are preggers,
so I guess there will be a photo op
there in a while (that is if they dont stink
or start making noise, they will get the
boot if that happens).
I still have the Nikon Camera, I spose
I should think about giving it back soon.
So in LOVE with it though, it is gonna
be hard to give it up.
That is enough from me, I really should
be scrapping. Oh yeah Tara I checked
out the scrapping place in the Bay,
she has not got anything new in there, so
I didn't spend any money there.


Tara said...

ew smelly sheep and thongs lol...

really like the top pic of the ferris wheel thingo, looks cool as!! left a little post on my blog about jed's "hat" for ya LOL, ya better go check it out!!

Sue said...

That was the one I liked the best too.
Been for a look and left a comment.