Saturday, January 16, 2010

Today, I played with the camera a little...

Today I had a bit of a play with Tara's

camera. I spotted one lonely little

dragonfly outside, I used the macro setting

and got up close and personal with

him. Pretty pleased with the result.

This one is way over exposed but I like the

way he is sitting on the stem.

The fence-line leading to our little
patch of heaven.
One sad and sorry excuse for a dandelion.
Looks pretty good though.
The shrub out near the gate, no
idea what it is, but the flowers are
cute, they are about as big as
a thumbnail. I love
this pic, it has a Japanese feel to it.

We had some strange little finches come
to visit today, by the time I grabbed
the camera fleabag (the cat) had scared
them away, I sat patiently and
waited for them to come back only
to have the stupid cat scare them again.
This fella was not so easily scared,
he seemed to be daring me to take
his pic. He was almost posing for me.

I took most of the pics today while the storm was
building all around me. I was doing just
fine until it started spitting rain and
I had to come inside. Wish I
could have played some more.
Tomorrow I am going to get a different
camera to play with, a Nikon D90.
Maybe even a Canon 450D.
I was talking camera's with a friend and
he is going to lend me his one to play
with for the day, so that I might have
a better idea of what to buy when I
get a few dollars together.
By using both cameras I will have a
better comparison. Hope the weather
tomorrow is as good as they are predicting
otherwise it might be a waste of time.
We went for a drive to Cuttagee
after Sheri finished work today, people have
been telling us all week that it is empty,
we didn't believe them until today.
This was Cuttagee in April, not a lot
of water but it still looked ok.

This was Cuttagee today, the puddles no

longer meet. It is supposed to be ocean

fed, but the water has not passed

under the bridge for a year or two.

Things are looking pretty bleak.

So that is me for another day,
be good. Hopefully I will
have a photo or two to show.
I am kinda excited, getting to
play with the real camera's.
What a treat. Hope I don't
stuff up. Lol.


CreativeMe68 said...

WOW Stunning photos...So glad your back...Have fun playing with the new camera today....Love your photography

Don't forget to join the new camera forum that I asked you to join please....Shutter

Teegs said...

Man the Dragon fly is heaps cool:) Great shot of him. Looks like you had fun playing with the camera. Great pics:)