Monday, April 26, 2010

Tell me what day it is, I am so lost....

having a long weekend,

is screwing with my head.

So is this double spacing on blogger.

Anyway, prompt was B/W,

numbers or sequence, I went

with B/W, and being Anzac Day

decided this little eternal light

thing from the epitath (sp?)

would be good.

Todays prompt was way different,
it was surrealism, had an apple,
some bugs and cutlery and some
other bits and bobs.
So I have gone with fruit and something
close to a bug. This is a little shrimp
in my friends fish tank this arvo.
These couple of photos are from
yesterday too, check out the brilliant sky.

Love this one, you can see the moon,

a bit of a rainbow, clouds, rain,

blue sky, seems to have it all.

This one was looking out the other way,
at last after a week of no sunset, I got this.


Pauly said...

Bloody awesome photos!!!! I'd tell you what day it is, but too hard workin it out myself!!

CreativeMe68 said...

Hey Sue these photos are awesome!!!
Bet you are loving your new camera, sure looks like it takes awesome pics.
BTW Today is Tuesday 27th April hehe
Luv Shaz xoxo

Jenny's Ramblings said...

what can I say "STUNNING" bet you are loving your new camera

Linda said...

Awesome photos Sue!
Psssst it's