Thursday, April 22, 2010

No Scrapping.....

actually I have scrapped, just have not taken a pic.
At least I dont think I have, hmmm
not sure now.
And I have not taken a lot of photos
either, my littlest model is being
very unco-operative, too busy
being hard to get on with to have
a photo taken.
So I will bore you with the photos I
have taken for the photography comp
at Bons. First prompt was bright colours.
Last minute job this one, threw some
icing on arrowroot biccies and
added 100's & 1000's.
Second prompt was a pic of an awesome
sunset, take something from that, the colour,
the sunset itself, a silhouette, or group of people
(they were in the photo).
We are not getting great sunsets at the
moment, so I borrowed a flower
from the motel, Graham gave me permission,
and scooted over to Bruce Steer Pool
to take this pic, pretty rapt with
the way it turned out.
This was my second choice,
feeble looking sunset in the background.
A practice shot with the 50mm lens.
Gotta love the effect. This is a tiny
little weed from out the side, it was about
as big as a little fingernail, but you get
the gist of what the lens can do.
Same lens, and a picture of my
reluctant model. She yawned, sneezed,
shivered, turned away, you name it
anything so I could not take a pic.
This was the best i could come up with.
Thanks for stopping by,
please come back another day,
and see if I have got my lazy self
on her and done another post.
Catch ya on the flip side.


Tara said...

ha ha, nice one tiff lol..
I got a nice pic of her the day we left your place actually!!

Love the little thingo you were testing the lens with, looks cool. And the orange flower too :)

Linda said...

Fabulous pics Sue!

Teegs said...

think u should sack these unco-op models lol go steal bella and lara. nice pic of Tif though and love that little weed thing:) and the orange flower.