Friday, April 16, 2010

New Camera....Nikon D90

Ok, in all my excitement the other night

I forgot to actually tell you what I got.

Silly me.

I got a Nikon D90 with 18-105mm lens.

I looked at the twin lens kit, but

decided to get something a little better,

figured if I was spending that sort of money

I should get quality to start with, I am sure

it will save me money in the long run.

Somewhere down the track I will look

at getting a longer zoom but that can wait

for the time being.

So I have charged the battery and

am ready to go, and wouldn't you know

it the girls have both gone awol for

a few nights, who can I practice on now.

I did snap a few flower pics when

I went to feed a friends chooks.

I love this little bee, he looks so busy.

I am no gardener so I will say

this is a red flower,

and this is an orange one, hehehe,

I know I am hopeless.

So today I thought the sun is out,

should be a nice sunset, bah, stupid

clouds rolled in at 5 o'clock, so

I just got a couple of the beach and walkway.

Hope the girls realise I am going to drive
them crazy when they get home tomorrow.
I cant wait to have a real play.
While I am here chewing your ear, how
about popping over to Bons Scraps
on Tuesday April 20th @ 7.30
for this months CyberCrop.
There will be the usual fun and games
and lots of chatter in chatzy.
Come and play Bingo,
have a go at the
Sketch, Colour and Scraplift challenges.
Flis will be running this months
free online class on the night.
Her sneak is looking pretty good too.
So come on, why not join in the fun.
Thanks for stopping by,
be good and I will catch you again
another time (hopefully tomorrow)
with some scrapping (if my mojo shows up)
and photos.


CreativeMe68 said...

Woo Hoo...Congrats!!! OMG the photos look awesome! Can't wait to see photo of the girls! He he about the Dahlia's loooove the vibrancy of the colours in them!

Ohhh talking about mojo mine is missing in action too! Nothing happening here....not even photography! There is no doubt you will have your mojo back in no time with all the new photos that you are going to be taking! Looking forward to seeing the next lot of photos Luv Shaz xoxo

karen e said...

Good on ya for getting a Nikon they are the photo of the bee. And the flowers are dahlias.

bronnyk said...

The photos are awesome!!!!!!!!!! Wish I had a camera like that...:-( day (sigh)...

vicmbee said...

awesome photo's have you seen the last couple of cards I made with photo's of roses from my garden would love to make some with some of your pics... here is one of them