Sunday, April 25, 2010

Here is an update for Tegan {slave driver}.
Not much to report, been really slack
and not doing much at all.
Weather has been crap for days,
hardly any blue sky at all.
I have been taking photos for
the daily comp, the prompts
really are great this time around.
Fridays prompt was a Black and White
pic with red highlights.
I thought about adding this random
bike that was near the park,
but then spotted this little doll in the
Village Store, so I played with photoshop
and edited like mad. Pretty cool hey.
Yesterdays prompt you could use
wood, striped socks, feet, shoes
or something else?
I went with the wood.
I used this pic that I took early in the day,

Really wish I had of used this one
that I took when I picked Sheri up
from work, heaps better pic.
I have done some scrapping but
didn't have the right photo
to put on it, so just finished printing
one now to take to work
with me. I am not
doing much for Anzac Day, being
Sunday it is my work day :(
I put the orange flower and some
others onto thumb drive to show
the lady at the Motel and she
was so impressed she wants me to
come and {try} take some pics
of the rooms to use in her web thingy
and on brochures advertising
the place. Not sure I am up to
that sort of thing, but I am willing to
give it my best shot, I have seen
what the other fella done, so
the bar is not set to high to start with.
That sounded nasty, just the pics
he took were washed out and didn't
look inviting.
Look at the time, 10.30 already
I better think about getting
ready for work, I have to hang
around and wait until Sheri
gets a call about work at lunch,
I should already be in there.
LOL, means more time to waste for me, Yay.
So have a great day, hope your
weather is good, and I will
catch you later.

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Jenny's Ramblings said...

ou should blitz photos for the motel your magic with a camera