Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers day photo shoot...

All I wanted for Mothers Day was some
nice photos of these two.
Tiff was being a real butt-head
as you can see. She stuffed around
and would not let me take a decent pic.
I dont mind the one top right
but the rest are yuk.
Sheri on the other hand was a good
model, all but one or two photos
were perfect.
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I got a couple of shots of them together,

but the light was gone, so the pics look

pretty grainy. I will try for

another one of them later.

To all the Mum's out there, I hope

you had a lovely day and didn't do

anything too strenuous.

Catch you all again later.


Tara said...

Tiff you are a dork lol...

L.O.V.E those pics of Sheri, man she is growing up way too fast, makes me feel a little old :(

ha ha my word verification is wortup

Teegs said...

OMG why is she being a pain lol she takes such good pics when she trys. not even nice to you on mothers day. Big meany she is:) gorgeous pics none the less:)

Happy Mumsy day, love ya to the moon and back. Miss you all lots 3.5 weeks till we see you:)

Sue said...

what a funny word, I have been getting some really good ones lately.

Pauly said...

Gorgeous girls we have hey!! The bottom middle one of Sheri is a spitting image of you in your younger days I reckon!

Catie said...

Great pics Sue! And even the ones of Tiff being difficult will make for a fab LO!

(my verification word: flogical