Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Happy 12th Birthday....

to my darling Tiffany.
It hardly seems like 12 years ago that
I was in hospital holding you in my arms.
I can almost remember it like it was
only yesterday. I had to have a
Caeser cause you were a stubborn little
thing and refused to turn so you
could be born. The Dr said
you were sitting on my right hip
with your legs bent and your feet sitting
on my left hip, you had your head tucked
under my left ribcage, you must
have been comfortable like that
because you hadn't moved from that
position for weeks. He said you must have
wanted to stay there cause there
was no part of you that was in a
position to be born.
Guess what was the best present
you got today. I suppose now you
will nag me until I take you shopping.

Your cake, mmmm. Look at all those candles
nearly enough to light up the room. LOL.

Here is take 2 on the Lo that I

didn't like. I am not so sure

I am happy with it now, but it is better

than the other one.

And a scrappy LO. I used scraps or

older product for most of this.

Quite proud of myself for that.
I have joined bits of paper to make

it stretch and everything.

It is a pic of Tiff clowning for the camera,

she wanted me to call it -

hey Ma......kiss this

Ok that is enough from me.
Thanks for stopping by, and
if you have left love, thank you
much, I really appreciate it.
And if I have been too slack to
leave love on your blog I apologise,
I promise I have been looking,
but too lazy to sign in and leave a
nice word here and there.
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Teegs said...

lucky girl:) love your lo's. I felt like scrapping today but got as far as thinking about it lol, was a little busy anyhow. not enough hours in the day

CreativeMe68 said...

Loving your latest LO's Sue....they all look so brilliant!!! wish my mojo would come back and stay forever!! I am missing scrapping, not missing the mess at home though!
Luv Shaz xoxo