Sunday, November 30, 2008

Wow, have you been over to visit Sheri's blog. She has been taking photos again, some pretty nice ones from today and some from yesterday, before she left for her friends party. She cleans up pretty good hey.

I got 100% rejected. Lol. I sent a few Lo's off to SM and the whole shebang got the boot. Not to worry, I will just whip up a few more and see how we go. I have managed to get one published so far, so I will keep on trying, a few rejections never hurt anyone right.

Here are a couple that I have done over the past week or two.
Oh boy! were the girls having fun the day I took these photos. All I wanted was a nice pic to scrap, and I got cheek, so natural though, no posing at all. Mind you I had to duck the odd hand full of sand and a bucket full of water to get them.

Note to self, next time I decide to experiment with ink and thickers just leave it at that. I wasn't satisfied so added DM on the top. Um, not a real success, it sort of gets sucked into the foam, and does not set hard. Just a bit different. Pretty yuk photo of the Lo, I couldn't find a better one.

Tiff had a party to attend this weekend too. I made this card out of scraps. The photo has made it wonky and the ribbon was not that colour.

I got some glitter mist. I like it. Lol. Warped the CS a bit but I got the effect I was after. I sprayed the lace and flowers with it as well. I could get addicted to this stuff, pity it is a bit expensive.
I spent the best part of the week doing a mini album for Sheri's friend and didn't even get a photo of it. I am hoping that we can borrow it back for a bit so that I can snap a few piccies.


vicmbee said...

Great LO's I only got 1 bottle of mist but not impressed I got the pearl one. I have a collection of 4 cutters next time your this neck of the woods you could come try one out. Do you own any?

Sue said...

No I dont own any, I am thinking of getting something though.
I dont know when I will get up that way again.
You could always come visit here you know. Pitch a tent in the paddock over the hols. Plenty of room.
Dennis and Linda camp every year.

vicmbee said...

Love too don't know when but, as long as that bull thing isn't in the paddock LOL!! We got a caravan off ebay earlier this year but we can't even go over the dam at the moment the toyota is broken down so we won't be going anywhere for a while...... I think.

Sue said...

Nah, that animal thing is in a paddock down the road, on the way to Cuttagee.
We only have wallabies, maybe a roo or two, rabbits, the odd neighbours dog, sometimes a borrowed horse to chew the long grass and the birds that come to eat from the feeder.
Oh and one annoying cat.

Sheri said...

you no i love the LO's mum :P

i nominated you over on my blog...

SkyeMJ said...

These look great Susie Q (Can I call you that?! I just decided I will!)

I don't know why they'd reject them! Bloody SM! (isn't it funny how much we love them when we DO get accepted though?! haha!)

I bought glimmer mist and loved it so muych I used it all up very quickly! Should probably invest in some more!


Sue said...

Skye you are a crack up. Like they say you can call me anything as long as its not late for dinner.
Anything except Suzanne, ewww really dont like that.
I am working on the Lo using the me photo. I decided to use red on the Lo. Yuk I hate that colour.
Loving your blog too by the way, I pop in and read it most days.