Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I have lost the plot!

I have no idea what day I am up to.

I went back through my photos and they are mostly

sunset shots, and a lot of the kids at the beach.

Quite a few of birds in flight, so I

have decided you just get a few of

the better ones.

This one was the setting sun behind a smoke screen.

I love this bird, I was actually lining up for a
sunset shot when I noticed him/her.
I snapped this pic,
and clicked for the next shot and just captured it
in flight. I have been trying to get close enough
to one of these birds to take a pic for ages.
What have I been up to lately, not a lot.
Work and trying to do this stupid course
that I was encouraged (forced) to do.
I had the Mr-fix-it-man look at my
washing machine today, the good news is
it can be fixed, the bad news is the gearbox
is on its way out, so looks like we start saving for
a new machine.
We had a ram raid in town a week or so ago,
what is the world coming to.
They done so much damage, it is scary, all
for a couple of slabs of UDL's.
They stole a car in Narooma, then another
one here to use as a get away vehicle,
rammed the booze shop, then took off
in the second car, drove back to Narooma
and done burn outs on the golf course,
tens of thousands of $$$$$ worth of damage.
Mark had to pass the damage to get to work,
he held his breath all the way to the shop
wondering what he would find, luckily
they left us alone this time.
Time I was in bed, I tell you I don't know
where the time gets to,
I spend the day at work thinking it will never
end and then the evening flies by.
Did you pop over to Sheri's blog to check out the
photos she took when she went fishing
with her dad.
Night all, be good, and
thanks for stopping by.


Tara said...

that bird is friggen awesome!!

someone should ram raid them bastards hey, would be a different story for them if it was their shit getting ruined all the time.

Dalena said...

Amazing photographs... very lovely.

CreativeMe68 said...

WOW That bird looks so cool!!! I love that you got him in flight!!!

OMG when are these people going to realise they are wrecking people's livelihoods!! Hope they got caught!

Not good news about the washing machine though!!! If I lived closer you could use my machine. Hope it doesn't cost too much to get repaired! Luv Shaz xoxo