Saturday, August 1, 2009

A couple of Layouts from the past few weeks.

This was nearly done before I left for

Batlow, but I had not decided what to do

for the flower centres, so

I carted it up there with me and chucked

the buttons and things on while I

was at the Tuesday Crop.

Then I started this one at the crop,

I didn't finish it because it was just wrong,

and besides I was laughing and having so much

fun the last thing I felt like doing was scrapping.

I changed one piece of paper and it was heaps better.

I had to hand doodle the flourishes on this one,

it is a pain being at work and not having the

things you need to finish a Lo.

Our little man, using the Duchess papers from Kaiser,

and some sass lass paper.

Tara says I have too many flowers for a boy

Lo, I say pfffft.

I think this would have to be the only time

I have pictured something in my head,

and actually made something that looked

the same, and I am totally happy with it.

That is it from me for now, I have another LO
but it is not quite finished, I will take a pic and load
it later. I will also try to do the other photos too.
My camera is chucking a bit of a wobbly at the
moment, I think I have tired it out and it needs a rest.
It is not focusing properly, I might have to
reset the factory settings.
My washing machine finally gave up this morning,
it has been acting up for a few weeks now,
I left my Mr Fix It to have a look the other day,
um, not the best idea, he is not real handy (lol).
My laundry looked like someone had been
massacred in there, I cant believe how much
blood there was, even after I made him
clean it up. Goodness only knows what he
did to himself, I thought it best not to ask.
I rang the real Mr-Fix-It this morn,
he will come have a look on Tues.
Probably cost me and arm and a leg
and he will tell me it is not worth fixing,
it is only 9 years old, not time to get a
new one just yet.
Oops I am raving again, sorry,
I will catch you again later,
thanks for stopping by.


Pauly said...

Awesome layouts, love them all!! Love ya flowers on ya boy page too!

CreativeMe68 said...

WOW I love these LO's you have been whipping up a storm with your paper and embellies LOVE LOVE them all! Luv Shaz xoxo