Friday, August 28, 2009

Some Layouts

Hi all, guess what I actually remembered what my

password is, so long since I have graced my blog

it is not funny. I have been taking some photos

but not everyday, I am really slack, lol.

I was getting sick of only seeing sunsets

with the occasional sunrise chucked in.

I think I will start again when there is more

sunlight in the day.

Update on my stupid washing machine, after

a bit over 3 weeks it is sort of working,

Mark is not the best Mr fixit, seems like something

always gets broken while he is fixing the first

problem. Thanks to everyone that let me use

their laundries while mine was out of action.

Enough of that for a minute.

Here are a few of the Lo's I have done

over the past couple of weeks,

first Baby Ellora, Scotts little one.

Her hand is all blurred in the pic,

she was stretching.

Think I have used this pic before,
I was at work the other day and had nothing to use
so scrapped this again. My plan was to use only pink
and green, think I may have got a bit mixed up
seems to be a lot of brown there as well.
This started out as a sketch challenge over at
I had trouble with the sketch so it has been
turned and twisted and changed a lot.
I so don't like using 2 photos.
I don't think I will put it onto the site,
I have messed it up so much.
and here is our Tiffy again,
I decided it would be a good idea to
try and use some of my little bits and pieces
of paper that I seem to lug around all
the time. That upside down heart is not
part of the LO, I didn't notice it until I
re-sized the pic.
That is it for the Lo's.
We have a bushfire burning on Drom at
the moment, it is a bit scary for the
people living close to it. Some have
packed their stuff and moved out until
it is under control, which could be weeks
away. We think they should just water
bomb it, its not like there is no water
around, I am sure the ocean wont miss any.
I am going to try to take a pic of a whale
playing tomorrow, I spotted some
tonight but the light was wrong
and my pics did not work.
Ok enough of my rot, I have been
checking out all of your blogs, just been too slack
to log on to make any comments.
Thanks for stopping by.


SkyeMJ said...

WOW Suzie Q!
these are some stunning layouts! Did you enter masters this year? your style blows me away!

vicmbee said...

beautiful LO's.. cute bubba up the top.. passwords I registered in facebook and don't remember the password or it just wouldn't let me in.. so I gave up on FB.

CreativeMe68 said...

WOW!!! Sue these LO's are Awesome!! You have such a talent and I love just looking at all the elements you add on your LO's!! Can't wait to see if you capture a pic of the whales. And I love your photography too!!! I don't care if it is only sunsets/rises cause they are perfect!
I agree with Skye...did you enter the masters this year??? I met the beautiful Skye in Rocky while I was at the Challenge Chic Retreat!
It was great catching up last night, talk to you again really soon Luv Shaz xoxo

Teegs said...

havent you been busy, good to see:) loving the lo's:)


Sue said...

Thanks for the feedback ladies. No I didn't enter the Masters, rejection hurts, so didn't set myself up for the letdown. I took a lovely shot of the sun this arvo, I will load it up after dinner.

Pauly said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! I been wondering where you got too of late??? I used to check your blog daily....and then you stopped!! Your LO's are gorgeous!!! Love them all. Answer to your question...We called Anthony Ank for most his life (from Shazz when she was little...couldn't get her lips around his name)Then four years ago when he started at the butchers they nicknamed him 'Long Tack' cos he is so tall and built like Storky and it has just stuck! Everyone knows him as Tack. And hey, I was lovin the sunsets too!! Keep bloggin' slacker!!