Friday, August 7, 2009

Hi, just a few random pics from the last couple of

days. I am not even going to try to work

out which day I am up to.

These flowers are from my next neighbours yard.

I snapped these while waiting for the washing

to finish. My machine is still not going,

so I have been borrowing her machine.

Thanks heaps for that Mrs P.

Last night the moon was almost full.
Do you know how hard it is to take a pic of the moon?
It was so bright while I was looking through the
viewfinder, so I mistakenly thought it would
fill the whole pic, wrong, wrong, wrong.
So I had a play around with some of the settings,
these following pics are the best I could get.
I tried the Auto setting, then the sunset
setting and finally the Shutter button settings.
The ones with the longer shutter setting just
did not work at all, too much light getting in.

This is the one using the shutter button,

I think it was on about a 3 sec timer,

it was about the best I could do.
And just because you are probably having withdrawals
from not seeing a sunset for awhile,
I took the next two tonight.
Honestly, you would think there was nothing else
to take a photo of around Bermi.

I have a couple of LO's to load too, but I think

I will take a better pic tomorrow, the night

time photography is not the best.

Sheri and I have decided that we should

spend tomorrow scrapping, so we are

going to do the blind scrap that Vicky

mentioned in her blog.

Here is the link:

Why not pop over and have a look.

That is it from me for the evening, hope you

are all having a wonderful Friday night and

are not doing anything too strenuous.

Thanks for stopping by, catch you again

tomorrow when I load some LO's.

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vicmbee said...

Missed the sunset but tried very hard to get photo's of a full rainbow that is just as hard as the moon... your moon ones look awesome love the colouring in them..