Sunday, September 27, 2009

A couple of recent photos...

I have not taken many sunset shots lately,

the sun is in the wrong place all the time.

I did venture down to Cuttagee the other

arvo, this is about the only one of the pics

that has anything going for it.

We had a bit of dust from the storm on Tuesday,

it started out just looking like fog, but as the day

went on it got thicker, we didn't get the red glow like

Sydney did. I took these photos after work,

this is probably as bad as it got.

Looking back up the river you could not see

the mountains across the back,

and looking out across the bay,

Mt Dromedary disappeared. It was

pretty yuk tasting the dust all day,

I think that was the worst thing we

experienced, that and the dirt on everything.

I stopped at the boat ramp to take this pic this

afternoon, the sun was looking pretty good when

I left the shop but by the time I got over there it

was behind the clouds again.

I took the scenic route home and stopped at

Um Ah Point to see if there were any

whales close by, and instead I seen

these amazing sun-beams.

It looks as if the sun was rising instead of

setting. The sun was actually behind me.

And look some Lo's.

This one of Sheri, I love this pic, Sheri

is changing so much lately. She looks so

different in this pic, look at all the curly hair.

I didn't have the right letters in black to make

the word I wanted, so I inked some pink foam

ones with versa ink. First I used pinecone on the whole

letter and then black along the bottom to

represent the change of the title.

I am pretty happy with how it worked.

I was on a roll with the journaling until

Tiff came and talked to me, instantly I could not remember

a word I was going to write, so have ended up

with gibberish.

I love this pic of all the girls, they are all looking in the same

direction and all have their eyes open and a smile

on their faces. Usually someone has a silly face

of some sort. Don't think I cant say I actually like this,

I don't do bright, so it took me a few days to finish,

I simply could not work out what to do.

I have had to use numbers in the title,

again I didn't have the right letters.

I am pretty stoked with the paint job on the letters too.

I don't have a title for this one yet.

I took this photo two weeks ago, Sheri has

been spending lots of time with Darrie cause

she will be moving soon, I think we will all miss her.

Both girls are very girly girls so I have done

my best to make a pretty girly page,

but I really don't know what to write,

everything I came up with sounded too cheesy.

If anyone has any ideas for a title for
me please feel free to tell me.
That is it from me for now.
Mark and the girls are going to Gundagai
for a few days through the week,
it will be Marks Mums Birthday on
Thursday. Pity one of us has to be
in the shop or we could all go.
Never mind I will get up there the next week
for Zaynes Birthday/Naming Day.
That's it, I have no more chatter,
so be good, thanks for stopping by,
and I will catch you again sometime.


CreativeMe68 said...

OMG I love your LO's...I love the one of Darrie & Sheri...I think you nailed it looking girly and all!! What about BFF...Best Friends Forever for the title!!!

Love looking to see if you are in my update list when I open my blog in the mornings.And that photo
of the sun beams is just AMAZING!!!
Thanks for sharing with us all!

Have fun with your family this weekend...hopefully I will be making a surprise visit to my Mum on her 60th birthday!

I really must get over to my photo blog and add some shots I have been taking lately!!! Bye for now Luv Shaz xoxo

Pauly said...

I agree, great photos and love the layouts too!!! Like Shazzas BFF title too, or just friends or friends forever.....

Sue said...

I have sort of worked out something, it is a song, just not sure of the words. Something like
'Never wanna say goodbye'.
I tried to find it on the net but didnt find it