Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Birds....Long post

A few pics of the bird life that came to visit today.
I bet I looked a right clown taking these, I was
laying on the floor inside, while half hanging out the
door snapping away at these colourful birds,
they kept getting startled when I stood up
and would fly away, ha ha, I tricked them.

First a King parrot, I thought he was on top of the

pecking order, boy was I wrong,

then I thought maybe it was Maggie here, but
it sort of sat back and waited it's turn,
these beautiful little Rainbow Lorikeets ruled
the feed box, they would not let anything
else near it.
Love this one, pity about the chain covering his face.
These parrots come by the dozen, granny brain
here, I cant remember what they are.
The ones with all the green are babies,
the bright red ones are adults.
I played with the settings while they were bossing
each other around, I turned onto shutter mode
and got this one in flight.
I had the camera resting on the step and managed
not to shake.
Yesterday while I was at work Mark
noticed a bird we had not seen before, so
I kept an eye out for it this morning,
we thought it must be a pigeon of some sort,
but after a google search we think it is
a Brown Cuckoo Dove.
He has a nice name don't you think?
This is the only decent pic I managed to get
of the white headed pigeon, he is behind
the Brown Dove, they usually
manage to come and chase everything
else away, the other birds are learning to be bossy
and stand their ground now.
And finally 2 Layouts.
I am going to sub them and get rejected for sure,
so I will put them here now,
this one of the Crazy girls fell
together so easily, it was fun to do.
I am really happy with how it looks.
And miss T riding the waves. Not real
sure about this one, its not right but I
am not sure why.
I really need to do some scrap supply shopping,
I am fast running out of stuff to use.
Though I am finding papers I had forgotten about.
I have a sick Sheri at the moment,
she has the sniffles, hope it doesn't
turn into anything serious.
She said one of the boys at school had
swine flu, and his mum is a teacher and
she still came to school, probably spread it
around to everyone.
Did you pop over to Tara's blog and check
out our little man. He is so much like
Craig at the that age it is scary.
Ok, I have written a newsletter that tells
you nothing, so I had better kick myself off here.
If I have not commented on your blog, it
is because I am lazy, not because I have not
been looking. Thanks for stopping by.


vicmbee said...

Hey what's this granny brain thing..LOL love the bird photo's and LO's.. Me and Pauly get the same message as you so don't know what has happened to it and the forum shut yesty the gallery is still there but I can't get into it..

Sue said...

Oh, so it is not just me then, I tried the forum too when I signed up and never could get into it. Funny.

Sue said...

Granny brain is the same as CRAFT brain, but you get the extra excuse of grandkids as a reason for forgetting. Same as Granny belly, until you get grandkids you are just fat, then with grandies you get an extra excuse, I like being a Grandmother. Lol.

Teegs said...

WOW cant believe how many dif birds visit you in one day heheh good piccies:) cute LO's. Good to see you are blogging a bit more frequently

Tara said...

it was the top one i really like of the girlies!! love the scallops around the blue paper and i love the pink dotty paper too :)