Monday, September 21, 2009

Another bird or two, and some random shots of stuff.

This one is a very poor pic of an overstuffed

Eastern Rosella, he was so fat that he was just hopping

along, could hardly lift himself off the ground.

He would not stand still long enough for a

decent pic.

Gallahs are more camera shy than me, you can

nearly walk up to them and pat them and

they don't even blink, put a camera in your

hand and they fly away, so I was pretty

stoked to get this pair on the feeder the other day.

Check this one out, I managed to snap him mid scratch.

Just a quick pic of the girls after the movies the other day,

such a social life these girls have.

A very wild pic of Sheri taken at the beach the other arv.

Look at those curls, her hair was straight until

a couple of months ago, now we can see it getting more

like mine everyday. It looks to be getting darker too.

A very random pic of miss Tiff, I was standing above

her, I like this pic, just a little bit random.

I let Sheri have the camera to take a pic or two of

me, even though I have a severe case of camera phobia,

I must say that she has done a pretty good job,

I mean the subject was not the best but

you know what I mean. Changing the settings to

black and white has eliminated most of the grey from

my wild hair. Cant do much about the wrinkles,

but the way I look at it I earned every single one

of them so they are my badges of honour.

Bloody ringlets, just look at them,

a lady my age should not have ringlets.

The closest I have come to taking a pic of a sunset.

Tiff running along the edge of the sand with the sun

behind her.

Tiff and her friend Sarah have learnt how to do

handstands in sync. part of their gym training at school.

Check this out, remember the sunset pic that was totally red,

when we had to design our new tide guides I gave the pic

and a few others to the fella, he was totally awed by

my pics, so used this one for the guide, with an

old pic of Sheri with a monster Bream that she caught.

Ok, enough of the crap. I am totally not liking the double spacing,
makes my post look enormous.
Thanks for stopping by, thanks for any comments
you may choose to leave.
So until next time be good, if you cant
be good be very careful. Seeya.

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CreativeMe68 said...

WOW I am loving your photos of the girls...they looks so awesome and Thank you for letting Sheri take some photos of you!!! Love the new tide times guide...Sheri looks so lil there.Luv Shaz xoxo

PS Did you see my kingfisher photos?