Friday, September 11, 2009

Sunsets and Layouts

Just two pics today, I am getting so lazy.

Taken up the river at sunset.

Not a cloud in sight so not a great pic.

This one is better, there were a few

clouds around, it is a pity there was not a drop

of rain in them, we really need a downpour.

One of the LO's I have done recently,

it was supposed to be all white, but it

was too bright (go figure), so I toned it down

with the cream flowers and stuff.

It is a pic of Scott, Jade and Ellora, I set up

a mock studio to do a photo shoot for them.

This one is my Niece Nat's little girl,

she is now 6 months old and looks

like a real girly girl.

I love how this has turned out, so pink

and frilly. I scrap-lifted a LO of mine

that I done not long ago called

'Sweet wonderful you'

I liked the way it all fit together so I

copied it and am equally happy with this one.

This one I finished at work today, it

took me most of the day to do it,

I am so not used the scrapping boy pics.

I tried not to put flowers on it, but it got the

better of me, I really need to go to a

scrap shop, I am using a lot of old stuff

because it is all I have left, which is

great I suppose if I look at the fact that I am

actually using it instead of hording it.

Wonder should I bother to submit any of these.
I have not subbed for ages.
Might just do it, like I keep telling myself
rejection is good for the soul.
Ok enough of the rubbish from me.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend
planned, my only plan is to sleep in tomorrow.
Thanks for stopping by.


vicmbee said...

great work on the LO's and photo's.. loved them all..

Jennifer said...

love your layouts have taken better sunsets

Teegs said...

Loving those LO's! def sub them:) Great pics and Yay spring is here, gonna capture some beautiful piccies now:)