Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Hi, school is back so now maybe I will get a chance to
load some pics. If the whacked out computer
will let me, between in and the stupid
washing machine I am beginning
to think that everything electrical
has it out to get me.
These are just a few random pics of the
crew that I took whilst in Batlow.
The 5 kids all together.
The 3 Scobies
Oh, boy, nearly the lot of us,
Tegan and Mark are missing,
they were manning the cameras.
We have, Mum and Dad, Me,
Tara, Craig, Mark, Sheri, Tiff,
Jaiden, Tanika and Zayne.
What out, this boy is pretty accurate throwing
this rocket thing, he could hit you from a fair distance.
Tani looks like she is playing
a mean game of footie.
Chook face, he has started saying 'book book'
which sounds like a chook noise.
I love this photo, dribbly chin and all.
The 3 grandkids.
Nanny's model.
Jed being co-operative, he is not
loving having his photo taken.
Mark and Zayne.
Our official photographer, Tegan,
with her U-Beaut camera.
Super cool Jed wearing his glasses.
He wasn't too happy about me taking his pic,
I think he looks pretty cute though.
His glasses are nearly the same as mine,
which worked out pretty handy, I used
them a couple of times.
Ok, that is it for now, I don't think I will
ever catch up with the photos, might
have to skip a few.
Thanks for stopping by,
catch you all later.


Teegs said...

Love the pics8) OMG Zayne is making THAT face in the group shot SOoooo Funny

CreativeMe68 said...

Love the family it was nice to be home with everyone!!!
Your grandchildren are all so very cute! Hopefully we can catch up soon Luv Shaz xoxo

Jennifer said...

Hi Sue love the photos how long since you have had all the kidlets together, seeing them so grown up makes me feel very old. How cute is Zaynes chook face